THX Onyx review

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THX Onyx review

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iFi Headphone Amp & DAC Lineup

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First of all, the brand changed the AK4490 for the AK4493, a better chip with an improved Signal to Noise Ratio. Above this chip, xDuoo put an Altera-EPM240T, an FPGA chip to ensure native PCM/DSD decoding of high-resolution streams. But, more importantly, the DX-05 Plus is two times more powerful than the first generation, delivering 1000mW@32ohms versus 500mW@32ohms.

iFi Audio iDSD Diablo $900 Review

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Either way, for $299, this DAC isn’t going back.

And if it’s good enough for my reference rig costing tens of thousands of US$,It’s also a huge gateway for someone starting out on their very own high-end audio journey.Got phone, tablet, or laptop — will travel.Or start with a pair of active speakers and evolve as far and as loud as you want to rock.

iFi Micro iDSD Signature

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iFi Audio Hip DAC Headphone Amplifier

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SMSL M200 Review

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“Sadly, the M200 doesn’t have a headphone out, it is a pure DAC only and that makes it difficult to judge exactly what presentation the product actually offers. I have to rely on knowing my amps to connect it to, and how they differ in sound setup connected to this M200 vs other DAC’s I have experience with”.

I’ve found the M200 to be light on the low end, but moderately responsive to EQ and boosting if need be. You can drop in +5dB, or maybe even a bit more, and yield a more potent low end.


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“Fortunately, it’s a good thing as both devices impressed me by their performances. The sound signature is flat, dynamic range excellent and all the good things I said about the previous version, remains true to this day : “The sound is sharp, with tight lows and clean highs”.

Switching from the AK4490 DAC to the newer AK4493 was a sweet move from the brand. Highs are more refined, voices softer and most of all, the dynamic range extends a bit more, so you can now discern subtler micro-details.”

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