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“The Chord Mojo is already one of the strongest contenders in the portable audio arena. The addition of the Poly supercharges the Mojo and what was already a hugely versatile piece of equipment.I’m told there are a few tweaks in the software roadmap that I am personally looking forward to, but overall this is a worthy and essential upgrade for your Mojo.


iFi Nano iDSD Black Label portable DAC Review – Video

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“The D10’s ESS ES9018 DAC is no slouch. It uses TI OPA1642 ultra-low distortion op amp to get that delicate bit stream to where it wants to go without a hint of loss.
Stax has also given the D10 an impeccable high voltage amplifier, so you get perfect high frequencies and consistent top-shelf sound. Internally the D10 sports audiophile grade components in every nook and cranny of its sleek aluminium housing.”

iFi xDSD Review

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Fiio Q5 Review

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“The Bluetooth feature is undoubtedly a highlight of the Q5, one of the first devices I’ve seen to implement this method of connectivity and easily the best sounding. Once powered on, holding the play/pause button on the left side enters BT mode, signified by a blue pulsar light. The Q5 pairs just like any BT device and delivered impressive range similar to an over-ear headphone and hugely improved over Fiio’s BTR1. I experienced no cut-outs at all, phone in hand, Q5 pocketed, even within the city at peak hour. What surprises most is the quality of that audio. Where I had previously assumed Bluetooth to be the most limiting factor of wireless gear, the Q5 disproves a lot of my beliefs, demonstrating that there is hope after all.”

Chord Poly Review

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“Can you see where we’re headed? The Chord Mojo-Poly is battery powered. It can play music from a microSD card. Instead of playback control coming from a touch screen, our wifi-direct-connected smartphone does the talking. iPhone users wanting to dig into offline Spotify or Tidal content get the bonus benefit of Airplay. In other words, Mojo-Poly is a DAP without a screen or customised (read: functionally hamstrung) operating system, its control revolving around the smartphone, no USB cable required.”

CanJam SoCal 2018 Preview and Sneak Peeks

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