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Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse – Review

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” The beauty of the WA8 lies in its simplicity, but since it offers an analog input which bypasses the onboard DAC, I decided to try it as an amp. With the Codex configured as DAC and connected to the WA8 with Wireworld Pulse 2xRCA-to-minijack interconnect, I heard most of the advantages of both units: a large, holographic headstage combined with the burnished tone of the tube amplifier. ”

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“This is an IEM that needs good current to get the best out of its dynamic driver and produce some seriously excellent sub-bass performances and the PB3 delivers. If anything balanced it just a bit more “in your face” compared to the unbalanced output which has a slightly more neutral “standoff” staging across the board.”


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“The second tweak for me is a slightly lower emphasis on vocal performance on the A5 over the E12a. The more elevated and planted low end of the A5 and slightly more forward treble will take a little away from the neutral vocal performance whereas the E12a has less low-end and treble emphasis allowing the vocals to come to the fore a bit more.”

Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2.0 headphone amp $799 Review

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“That said, the Liquid Carbon 2.0 is best appreciated with great recordings, like mandolinist-singer Chris Thile and pianist Brad Mehldau’s brilliant self-titled new album. The sheer clarity of their music, Mehldau’s touch on the keys, and the texture of Thile’s strings are fully revealed over the Liquid Carbon 2.0.”