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The bass with the K3s is very very impressive. It’s very tidy, controlled, and rumbling with good body and slam. The resolution of the bass is very good as well as the attack. Its decay is also quite impressive as it doesn’t spread the bass around. Of course, that’s only the case when you don’t open the bass switch.

I’m not quite a sound effects guy so I really don’t like these types of additions. Sure, some people would benefit from the lifted bass response but I think in this device that only makes the bass worse. Much worse, if I have to be precise. All of those qualities I mentioned above disappear, and you’re left with a boomy, dispersed, and disjointed bass response. Would I use that just for the sake of more bass quantity? I would definitely say, no. The switch is a bit better when you use the device with full-size headphones, but still, I would prefer not to use the switch.

THX Onyx review

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THX Onyx review

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iFi Headphone Amp & DAC Lineup

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First of all, the brand changed the AK4490 for the AK4493, a better chip with an improved Signal to Noise Ratio. Above this chip, xDuoo put an Altera-EPM240T, an FPGA chip to ensure native PCM/DSD decoding of high-resolution streams. But, more importantly, the DX-05 Plus is two times more powerful than the first generation, delivering 1000mW@32ohms versus 500mW@32ohms.

iFi Audio iDSD Diablo $900 Review

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Either way, for $299, this DAC isn’t going back.

And if it’s good enough for my reference rig costing tens of thousands of US$,It’s also a huge gateway for someone starting out on their very own high-end audio journey.Got phone, tablet, or laptop — will travel.Or start with a pair of active speakers and evolve as far and as loud as you want to rock.

iFi Micro iDSD Signature

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iFi Audio Hip DAC Headphone Amplifier

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SMSL M200 Review

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“Sadly, the M200 doesn’t have a headphone out, it is a pure DAC only and that makes it difficult to judge exactly what presentation the product actually offers. I have to rely on knowing my amps to connect it to, and how they differ in sound setup connected to this M200 vs other DAC’s I have experience with”.

I’ve found the M200 to be light on the low end, but moderately responsive to EQ and boosting if need be. You can drop in +5dB, or maybe even a bit more, and yield a more potent low end.

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