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“I am a tech person, so I did it all myself and thought it was kind of fun to figure it all out and troubleshoot issues. If you’re a Luddite or even a person for whom that sort of tech adventure sounds less than fun, maybe the Poly isn’t for you. As apps and their features change, you’ll need to adapt. The only thing that worked without any third party setup was Airplay streaming from the Apple music player on the phone. If the Poly is on the network (either hotspot or normal), Airplay just works. MPD using Rigelian was also straightforward unless the app decides it needs you to renew the purchase of the full version without the internet being available. This happened once to me on a plane and I had to make do with the limitations of the free version of Rigelian until I got to my destination. And with any complicated system, stuff breaks. The Poly relies on a Wi-Fi connection working and properly set up. This is your problem and requires some knowledge of Wi-Fi setup to get right. I could not imagine someone like, say, my father having any hope of successfully using the Poly. I thought it was great, though.”

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt USB DAC/Headphone Amp Review

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“The latest arrival in the DragonFly range is a huge step up from the already impressive Black and Red models, being capable of levels of performance that are nothing short of stellar. Fast, weighty, dramatic and super-clean, the sound is superb with portable devices, and more than impressive enough for ‘main system’ use, too – at which point it will be embarrassing many a larger, and pricier, rival.”

Hifiman R2R2000 $2,500 Review

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“I can hear why the Black and its PCM1704K chipset is so highly regarded and it does have a bit more dynamic range and complexity to its sound than the Red. However, for vocal lovers, the Red has a lot of charm and a stunning harmonic balance.

If you can put up with the OS limitations and can find an HWA capable transmitter smartphone we may just have the best sounding sources reviewed to date. It will be a very interesting main review so stay tuned!”



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“Using my two reference earphones with the N5iiS, I listened carefully to ‘For Turiya’ from Charlie Haden and Antonio Forcione’s Heartplay [Naim, 16/44.1] and just drank in the timbres of the instruments at play. Several things stood out for me. First, the deep sonorous ‘woodiness’ of Haden’s bass sounded spot on, while the sweet yet also highly articulate voice of Forcione’s guitar sounded positively luminous and three dimensional. Next, the attack and decay characteristics of both the bass and guitar were deftly rendered with precision, finesse, and a high degree of musical sensitivity. The Cayin invited me to become caught up in the launches of individual notes and then to follow them as they bloomed and gradually faded back into silence. Finally, the N5iiS enabled my high-res earphones to dig way down deep into the recording to reproduce subtle interactions between the instruments voices and the acoustics of the recording space. Put all these factors together and you have a DAP that not only sounds powerful, articulate, and refined, but also helps to bring the music alive.”

Woo Audio WA11 Topaz Portable Amp/DAC $1399 Review

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“Similarly, on “Gibraltar” from Weather Report’s Black Market [Columbia, DSD64], the Woo shows how the brilliant keyboardist Josef Zawinul has used multiple synthesizers to lovingly shape individual imaginary instruments to fit the needs of the song. Through the WA11, Zawinul’s brilliance is on full display. But even more of the track’s emotional content is expressed through the highly interactive “conversational” interplay between Zawinul, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, bassist Alphonso Johnson, and percussionists Chester Thompson and Alex Acuña. Again, the Topaz shows the meanings and intentions underlying the notes.”

AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt Headphone Amplifier/DAC $299 Review

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“The Cobalt perhaps lacks the last iota of dynamic ceiling as compared to some megabuck, big-component outboard headphone amp/DACs, but then again, maybe not. Either way, I was very impressed with just how “high-end” the best hi-res music sounded via AudioQuest’s pocket wonder. Price no object, can you buy better DAC-based headphone sound? Probably. Can you do so for less than two or three times the Cobalt’s $299 price? Doubtful. Very doubtful.

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt Review

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“A little piece of trivia: Mama Cass Elliot and Keith Moon both died in the same room in Harry Nilsson’s London flat. Four years apart. Now on with the show. Harry Nilsson’s A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night is one of my favorite albums. I listen to it in spurts as I do Taylor Swift’s 1989 album (gilty pleasure). I have this album on my laptop and my iPhone for my offline listening pleasure. I press play and don’t stop listening until the final note of track twelve. The album’s opener, Lazy Moon begins with a smooth Nilsson vocal and Gordon Jenkins conducted orchestra sending the listener floating through the air via violins and strings similar to when an Academy Award is presented and the winner walks up to the stage. My Etymotic and Cobalt combo reproduce this sonic delight pretty well and about as good as I’d expect from a portable system. Nilsson’s voice doesn’t quite have the enveloping full range that I’m used to with my full-sized audio system, but that’s to be expected. Above all, this track, and entire album, has a beautiful bloom to it through the Cobalt.”

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