Cowon Plenue P1 review

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” Sonically, it adds a touch of bite compared to the less processed-sounding Normal option, and that works well with some material. If all that adjustability isn’t enough, there are four users presets that allow almost unlimited opportunities to manipulate the signal for those with the time and inclination.”



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” Low-frequency extension plummeted forcefully into the 30-cycle range in my room. During Copland’s Fanfare percussion, timpani, and bass drum cues were extended and well defined. Dynamic energy in these octaves was also impressive, and never failed to shore up the initial transient impact of those big drums with a solid, trailing punch. The bass bloom factor—the sense of low-frequency air being launched into the soundspace—was very good for this combination of speaker volume and driver size. And port noise was all but “invisible” to the ear. Only as the D7 reached its lower bass limits did it suggest some editorializing. In such instances, the bass drum impacts or electric bass energy would loosen slightly, with the ultimate slam softening and dispersing into the soundspace without decisive focus. On balance, however, and to the D7’s credit,”


PureAudioProject Trio 15TB speaker Review

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” One of my biggest reservations about high efficiency speakers is their paltry bass performance. Some of these designs cannot even achieve 40Hz extension to the downside, which is completely unacceptable for me when it comes to HiFi sound. I am unwilling to accept for my personal systems a voluntary limitation of such an important and easily audible segment of the audio band. Time and again I trade off coherence for frequency extension, because to limit such is to move toward a table radio as a source.”


Audio Note UK Ongaku Integrated Amplifier $95,000 Review

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” As a side note, the Audio Note AN-J./SPx speaker also use a generous amount of silver wire in the crossover, wiring and voice coils. Have always preferred silk soft domes to titanium, ceramic and other types or tweeters. There is something within the initial attack and harmonics they seem to get more right than others. Yes those supertweeters may be an exception and wish i had one here to be able to achieve frequencies above 20 kHz within my listening room. In some ways i am left wondering if the system is really producing everything the Audio Note UK Ongaku is capable of. Yes, a reviewer actually admitting his system might not be able to do a unit the full justice it deserves. The Ongaku is that good folks.”


Amazon Prime Music review

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” Prime Music is just one part of a whole, and people are unlikely to sign up to Prime for the music streaming alone. With just one million tracks, its catalogue is much smaller than the likes of Spotify at 30 million.


Marantz M-CR611 Network CD Receiver Review


“After being very satisfied with the performance of the M-CR611 via wired Ethernet, I switched over to WiFi for the second half of the review. Hard pressed to hear any difference in sound quality, the only thing I noticed some large, high-resolution files, mostly 192 kHz, stuttered. This was during times of particularly heavy network traffic, and only happened a few times, but it should be mentioned. There were no issues with CD quality streaming. Other than that I found the WiFi connection to be robust and reliable.”ss

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