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“certainly high praise for a $499 amplifier! The dead flat frequency response of the GS-X Mk2 was all there; as was a holographic soundstage. Now if you’re looking for the absolute best in these characteristics, then the GS-X Mk2 would be at the top of my list to procure. But if you’re on a tighter budget and want to hear what your headphones are truly all about, you need to try the Gilmore Lite Mk2!”



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“An exclusive look at the all-new upcoming Trafomatic Audio Primavera flagship headphone amplifier. This single ended, reference headamp will use Svetlana 811-10 output tubes and Saša Čokić’s favorite little triode driving tube; the 6S45P. Rated output 10W/50ohms. World premiere at the CanJam 2018 in New York (17/18 February).”

Schiit Magni 3 Affordable Headphone Amp and Preamp $100 Review

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“I remember falling for the Objective 2 amplifier hype several years ago. My world turned upside down the day I A/Bed an amp that measured similarly but sounded better. I’ve come a long way since then. It’s funny to see not only how the Magni 3 is priced lower today than a new O2 amp, and meets or exceeds its specs (much more power on tap), but sounds like an amplifier in a completely different tier of performance and overall refinement in comparison. The last time I felt this good about a solid state amp, from a holistic standpoint, was with the Eddie Current Black Widow, which are hard to find these days. That sort of pleasing gut feeling is telling.

Feliks Audio Espressivo MKII OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier Review

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I could go on and on about this amp, but to me what sums it up is my willingness to just listen out of it for hours on end, with nothing but pure joy. So is it worth the money? Well at €799 it is not cheap, but it is an investment, and also a work of art. It is expertly hand crafted, and built to bring you years of service. So if you have some higher impedance full size headphones that you will be holding on to for a few years, then the Espressivo MKII should be on your list of amps to pair with them.”

Woo Audio WA33 Fully Balanced Headphone and Pre Amplifier $7,999 Review

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“With the power hungry Abyss Phi (some were using speaker amps to power the Abyss, for good reason), I preferred the WA33 with 100% of my listening. There’s an application of palpable textures and visceral impact to all genres of music and I’ve found it sounds great with poor/harsh recordings. Guitars have more crunch, drums have more smack, and violins are tactile. The WA33 provides a more dimensional and weighted sound which complements the DAVE’s DAC beautifully. Separation and smoothness are also better presented. Surprisingly enough, I felt some of the micro-details were brought forth in natural fashion while female vocals and cymbals had improved timbre. From direct DAVE, the detail was there but it quite a bit leaner and thinner. I also felt the image was larger and more forward with the WA33. There’s also more sonic extension and headroom with the WA33.”

Questyle Audio CMA400i DAC with Headphone AMP Review

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“The Questyle Audio CMA400i is a modestly priced powerhouse of a device that will take you far with your headphone dreams. It will also play well with others in your system as a standalone DAC—playing all types of digital files—and as a preamplifier. I’ve heard other superb headphone amplifiers (tube and solid state) costing more from Woo Audio [WA7 Firefly] and costing far more, the Cypher Labs Prautes, and while the Questyle can’t quite match the Prautes for luxurious musical delivery, it’s pretty damn close. And it comes with other tricks, too. Highly recommended. ”

Sonoma Model One Headphone System $4,995 Review

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“The result is a fairly massive looking set of headphones that doesn’t feel it. Design geeks in the crowd will flip over the careful attention to fine detail, right down to the high level of fit and finish present thanks to high precision stainless fasteners. Finally, Sonoma collaborated with Straight Wire to design a custom cable from the ground up to transmit the maximum amount of audio information. The cable alone looks like something you’d buy in the aftermarket for $500 – $1,000. Who wants to buy a $5,000 pair of phones, only to have to upgrade the cable?”

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