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As a final test I set the CMA Twelve MASTER to high gain and standard bias and while I don’t own a pair of headphones that would require such massive amounts of power I do know they exist, so it was important to verify that owners of said headphones would not be making fatal sacrifices. The noise floor remained ridiculously low (although to listen to music I had to lower the volume to a little over ¼ ). Harry Nilsson’s “The Lottery Song” (Son of Schmilsson – 16/44.1 kHz) was exceptionally musical despite being 16/44.1 kHz and running Class A/AB. Nicky Hopkin’s piano was full and rich and Harry’s voice was intimate and silky amidst a completely enveloping soundstage. I will admit though that the same track was a bit more honeyed in pure Class A.”


Audio-gd Master 9

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“Dr. Cavalli has also included a protection circuit on the Platinum just to help ensure against damage. I accidentally triggered it a couple of times trying to plug in headphones with the volume up and bassy music playing. Oops. Triggering the protection circuit will cause the light on the front to turn red and music will stop playing for about 30 seconds while the amp takes a little siesta.While I wouldn’t go so far as to say, “It’s built like a tank”, it is a solid feeling component and nothing was loose, wonky or made me feel like it was destined to break. The Monolith Liquid Platinum has a good spread of features that make it useful in a lot of situations.But enough of all this build quality stuff! Let’s move on to the fun part… the sound.”

Big Sound 2015 Tylls Take on the Amps

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Woo Audio WA33 Balanced Headphone Amplifier Review

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The WA33 could very well be the best sounding headphone amplifier ever to make its way into the lab, but its also the most expensive. Could it sound better? Maybe. I do recall hearing Woo’s own pinnacle monoblocks ($16k) at an audio show complete reset my thinking for what can be achieved in person audio with proper support, but lets keep things (somewhat) practical for this exercise. The dual chassis case will fit on a desktop and despite its high society price tag is manageable and fully balanced for an end-to-end experience that can both wow and whisper. The bonus preamp callabilities make some sense for near field or desktop listening and all other qualifiers as a top tier headphone amplifier are firmly checked.”


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“There’s so much to like here; from the five-year warranty to the way the detents on the volume control feel under your hand. This is a very well realised headphone amplifier/DAC that shows just how professional Burson Audio has become, and the last round showed the company wasn’t exactly goofing around. The Conductor V2+ is beautifully made, can drive practically everything, sounds powerful and full of bass while staying lithe and detailed, and the only real fault I can find is those damn blue volume settings. The original was a real star; this one’s a supernova! ”

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Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier – Premiere Review $3800 Review

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“Just when you think the personal listening world cannot come up with anything new, the Manley Absolute Headphone Amplifier brings a mountain of new features and improvements to the party. Not only is the Absolute the most beautiful headphone amp in the room, but it is also chock-full of useful adjustments you really need to achieve the unfailing musicality you crave. With extremely quiet operation, just as quiet as solid state, you will love the satisfaction of owning this masterpiece, regardless of your headphones or musical tastes.”

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