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” Last, and in many respects best, comes the headphone amplifier section. This was uniformly excellent, with seemingly endless power in reserve and retaining that detailed, musical, ‘lovely’ vibe. Sounds were well placed in a soundstage as open as the headphones would permit, nothing taxed the amplifier (even ‘beast’ loads passed off uneventfully), and the overall balance of accurate and enjoyable made the DAC215 a great one-box solution. Interestingly, the move away from rock experienced in using only the DAC section of the 215 evaporated, and I was back to playing everything, and spending many hours doing so.”

Essence Audio Hdacc Review

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“In a day and age where even a portable DAC / Preamp & headphone system can sound quite amazing in it’s own right while taking up less space than ever (even in the breast pocket of a suit—see my upcoming review of the ifi iMicro iDSD DAC from AMR Co.), I find this HDACC DAC / Preamp control center (with headphone amp output) just as miniature (produced by Bob Rapoport’s Essence For Hi Res Audio) a welcome change from the typical large scale monstrosities of the Big Box stores and decorating the interior of the internet en-mass. ”

iFi Pro iCAN Headphone Amplifier Review


“I know many probably think the tone enhancers are unnecessary but I found them to be quite handy and allowed for more listening pleasure. There’s a sound for everyone at any point in time and I welcome the ability to adjust on the fly. There’s huge variations in the quality and approach in the mastering of a recording so it only makes sense to allow the listener to “post-master” for their own ears.”


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“Similar good things happened when I tried the CMA600i with Focal’s revealing flagship Utopia headphone. Listening through the Focal/Questyle pair is like experiencing the sonic equivalent of Superman’s famous X-Ray vision; suddenly, subtle details and nuances in recordings that might ordinarily be lost are instead drawn to the surface and made plain as day. As a result, each listening experience brings new discoveries. For instance, on multi-mic’d studio recordings the Questyle/Focal pair lets you know that, even in well-made recordings, certain instrumental or vocal tracks may be of distinctly higher quality than others. In fact, there’s so much resolution on tap that the Questyle not only helps you hear qualitative differences, but also to understand exactly how and why one track sounds better than another.”


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“The Copland DAC215 is the gateway between the worlds of personal and traditional audio. Traditionalists who remain slightly dismissive of the personal audio world will see this device as a lovely sounding DAC that can also do ‘that headphone thing’ very well, and personal audio enthusiasts will see a lovely sounding headphone amplifier and DAC that can speak to traditionalists and their audio equipment. If you want a satisfying and musical sound that you can listen to for hours on end (and let’s face it, isn’t that the point?), the Copland DAC215 is an ideal travelling companion in your trek through your musical canon. Recommended.”



“The sound of the rHead is almost immediately impressive. The first time you power it up, it might take a few minutes before coming on song, but after that putting it into standby leaves it thermally active, and it sounds great almost the moment you move into the green. In fairness to Arcam, this review was conducted during a wintery cold snap in the UK, and it came out of the box like it had come out of a freezer, so maybe that had an influence on that first half hour or so. In use, the rHead runs warm to the touch (a potential benefit during that wintery cold snap is it’s a desktop hand warmer”

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