SPL Phonitor X Headphone Amplifier $2799 Review

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“With a $2800 budget you have a plethora of headphone amplifier/preamplifier options. Of course, I have not heard them all, but among those I have heard the Phonitor X offers a unique set of features coupled with outstanding performance. I still consider the Audeze Deckard headphone/preamplifier ($699) a superb value, but if you need a balanced line and headphone connection it isn’t going to work for you. When I compared the Deckard’s single-ended headphone output with the Phonitor X’s using the Focal Utopia headphones with their stock, single-ended cable, I was impressed by how similar the two headphone amps sounded, both in tonal balance and in soundstaging. But when I compared the Deckard’s single-ended output with the Phonitor X’s balanced output (using a balanced Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable), the balanced connection bettered the single-ended one with a slightly larger soundstage and better micro-dynamics.”


Violectric V281 (Fully balanced German powerhouse) Review

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“Conclusion: This is one of those products that gets out of the way and lets you enjoy the music, it doesn’t throw details at you, and yet it doesn’t veil them either. It is superbly transparent, with a smooth and natural delivery. This amp can power any headphone you throw at it and bring out the best in them without the hassle of having to try and find synergistic tube combinations.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tubes for tuning the sound, however the V281 just works and is natural and neutral allowing you to hear the tone of your headphones and not the amp.”



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“I very much enjoyed my time with the Model One electrostatic system. The folks at Sonoma Acoustics really hit the nail on the head with their first offering! While I would have preferred a tad more bass presence and the ability to use these headphones on another electrostatic amplifier (like my Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning 2), the overall performance to price ratio was still very much justified. ”


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“The Hugo 2’s decoding capability has been widened and enhanced over the Hugo 1. Previously the Hugo 1 had an admirable but now dated maximum decoding and sample rates of 32/384kHz and DSD128. Even the Mojo raced ahead of it when launched with better decoding and sampling ranges of up to 768kHz/32-bit.”

Massdrop Woo Audio WA7d Fireflies $649.99

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Massdrop Woo Audio WA7d Fireflies from 999 to $649


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“The dynamics and speed of this system is unlike anything else I have auditioned. The cost of this product reflects the years of research and development that went into designing one of the best personal audio systems in the world. If your looking for ultimate dynamics with musicality and a product that is truly one of a kind this is the system that makes dreams come true. Live performers in your listening room comes at a steep price but for the fortunate who could afford to buy this system it will provide years of ultimate enjoyment. ”

Chord Hugo 2 Review – Video

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