ELAC DS-S101-G Discovery Music Server Review

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” One feature I found especially useful was the pair of analog outputs that can be used in parallel (where they will send the identical signal to both) or as separate individual music streams. For those prospective buyers who would like to have three identical synchronized streams by using both analog and digital outputs, the digital stream will not be exactly synched with the analog. I used the second analog feed to supply a headphone amplifier, which increased my listening options. ”



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“More meaty and more orchestral works show why the Borderland was the company’s first model, its original flagship, and why it remains German Physiks most popular design. The subtlety and force of the orchestra are beautifully rendered, with an accurate sense of scale that moves with the size of the piece. If you want to know the difference between a symphonic and a chamber orchestra, this loudspeaker lays out the differences clearly and precisely, all the while retaining the subtle dynamic cues that give you more of a sense of live musicians at work. Similarly, play something driving from the rock or electronica end of the spectrum, and the big, powerful bass lines kick in. In fact, unless you are needing the abrupt, extremely fast, and super-deep bass lines of some electronic dance music (where the bass lines very slightly flow into one another), the Borderland will play anything and give it that sense of a live concert taking place.”


Totem SKY Bookshelf Speaker $1,850 Review

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” For less than 2k the SKY’s offer tonal balance, a warm presentation while still being punchy and dynamic, and are of exceptional build quality. If the attributes you are looking for in a speaker are easy placement, long term listening sessions and the usual exceptional Totem build quality, look no further than the SKY’s. They really should be on your audition and want list.”


Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth Headphones Review

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“Unfortunately, in fully passive mode (completely powered off and using the supplied analog cable to connect to the source), the sound was abysmal; muddy and muffled with a thudding bass that left the overall profile sounding heavily veiled. Of course, you’re not buying the MDR-1000X for primarily corded and powered-down use, so this drawback is only important if the battery dies. According to Sony, this shouldn’t happen often, as with ANC activated the MDR-1000X have a claimed max use time of 20 hours.”


Technics SL-1200G Review


” As with a great sports car, much is to be said for balance. Those rare cars with an equal amount of stop, go, handling and feel are often much more fun on a curvy road than a high horsepower car that is a monster beyond your capabilities. The Technics SL-1200G is like the new generation Miata. It offers up such a balanced amount of analog performance, that you’ll never notice you aren’t listening to a $30,000 turntable.”


McIntosh C2600 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier With DAC, Phono Stage And Headphone Amplifier $7000 – REVIEW


” I could only imagine the performance of McIntosh’s MP1100 phono preamplifier! The internal phono stage of the C2600 matches its linestage perfectly – it has a beautiful sounding midrange that brings out the best in vocals and string sounds, and although the very lowest bass and highest treble frequencies seemed a bit attenuated, with good system matching this might not come into play that much. The internal DAC of the C2600 is that it is as transparent as one could ask for.”


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