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“More meaty and more orchestral works show why the Borderland was the company’s first model, its original flagship, and why it remains German Physiks most popular design. The subtlety and force of the orchestra are beautifully rendered, with an accurate sense of scale that moves with the size of the piece. If you want to know the difference between a symphonic and a chamber orchestra, this loudspeaker lays out the differences clearly and precisely, all the while retaining the subtle dynamic cues that give you more of a sense of live musicians at work. Similarly, play something driving from the rock or electronica end of the spectrum, and the big, powerful bass lines kick in. In fact, unless you are needing the abrupt, extremely fast, and super-deep bass lines of some electronic dance music (where the bass lines very slightly flow into one another), the Borderland will play anything and give it that sense of a live concert taking place.”



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