AURALIC TAURUS MK.II Headphone Amp $1900 REVIEW Read Here

” Another nit to pick with the Taurus is that I somehow found myself preferring the sound of the single-ended outputs over the balanced with my headphones. I am not savvy enough to know the technical reasoning behind these findings. I just know that the single-ended output seemed to offer left-to-right imaging that, while a touch narrower in width, seemed a bit more relaxed and natural to my ears.


Xiaomi Mi Headphones Review Read Here

” The over-ear pads provide a less bassy sound, reducing both impact and depth compared to the on-ear configuration. Bass bloat is also diminished slightly. Perhaps the over-ear option was tuned for less bass on purpose, in order to compete with more balanced, higher-end full-size headphones.”


Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier Review Read Here

“I was told that the chassis of the units were B-stock but that the internal build parts were A-stock. They were running low on stock and wanted to get review samples into my hands. I appreciated this effort! Having units with a B-stock chassis explained why the cosmetics weren’t 100% perfect.”



” he P5’s balance is attractive, especially if you value a clear midrange. Its treble is also better than most. Instruments and voices are conveyed with a smoothness and level of detail reminiscent of the way things sound in life. Seductive-sounding, comfortable, easy to drive, and relatively portable.


V12 Integrated Amplifier $9795 Review Read Here

” The V12 does a truly special job with voices, particularly female voices. There is a focus to vocals, with a secure wholeness that is superb. The envelope of air around vocals is very convincing, bringing to mind the real thing. I noted an absence of stray phase distortion that yields ambiance where ambiance does not exist.”


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