Cyrus One HD Integrated Amplifier / DAC Review

January 31, 2022 Comments Off on Cyrus One HD Integrated Amplifier / DAC Review

The Cyrus One HD Integrated Amplifier has to be looked at holistically to be fully appreciated. The amp alone is quite good, but not quite as good as some at the $1500 price point. Likewise, the phono stage is good, but can be bettered by other stand alone pre-amps. The headphone amp is impressive but again not as good as a dedicated headphone amplifier.

It is the overall performance of the entire package that makes the Cyrus One HD so intriguing. $1500 is not an insignificant amount of money for a single component if you’re building a $3000 stereo system.


The ABCs of ASC’s TubeTraps

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Founded in 1984 by Art Noxon, ASC supplies acoustical products to studios, auditoriums, churches, and a multitude of other venues, from their headquarters in Eugene Oregon (Mr. Noxon has also generously devoted precious research time to developing high articulation speech rooms for the hearing impaired). Noxon’s research led him to the sealed cylinder as a device for absorbing excess low frequency energy. While high and midrange frequencies can be absorbed by small devices, relatively large devices like the Tube Trap are necessary to effectively tame frequencies below 100Hz. ASC manufacturers traps with diameters of 9, 11, 16, and 20 inches, successively larger tubes having the ability to absorb successively lower frequencies.

In my experience, it is quite common for audiophiles to treat their rooms unevenly, resulting in short decay times in the middle and high frequencies, and much longer decay times in the bass. Such uneven treatment is almost as bad as no treatment at all! As with any acoustical treatment, including ASC’s Tube Trap, a balanced approach is best.

Chord Mojo 2 Portable DAC Review

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Cayin Introduces new Tube Amplifier CS-805A

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Besides the two 805A output tubes, Cayin’s new CS-805A also features WE6SN7 tubes in the voltage amplification stage and 300B tubes in the driver stage for the output tubes. With an integrated bias indicator, bias adjustment for the 805A tubes is said to be straightforward; in addition, the 300B tubes can be levelled via a hum balance control. The negative feedback can also be switched between 0 and -3db via the included remote control.

Roksan Attessa Turntable Package Review

January 30, 2022 Comments Off on Roksan Attessa Turntable Package Review

Don Henley’s vocals on the title track from The Eagles’ Long Road Out Of Eden [Universal 0602517546950] have seldom sounded more vivid and securely placed centre stage, with a level of projection out into the room that was quite uncanny. I’ve heard decks many times the cost of the Attessa make a far worse job of this and I was hugely impressed. Despite its apparent simplicity and relatively budget nature, the arm here clearly follows in the estimable footsteps of its more expensive Roksan stablemates.

The same album also hinted at the deck’s good speed stability – there are some fine keyboard effects throughout the track and it doesn’t take too much to give them a subtle tremor. But through the Attessa they sounded solid, suggesting its drive system is more than capable. This also paid dividends at the low end with a detailed bass, and individual notes easy to pick up on and follow.

Wilson Audio 와 Mcintosh 

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VPI Aries Turntable Review

January 29, 2022 Comments Off on VPI Aries Turntable Review

The VPI Aries lends much credence to the belief that it is the turntable, not the tonearm or cartridge, that is of supreme importance when it comes to the faithful extraction of an LP’s embedded analogue signal. While the Audioquest PT-6 tonearm and Benz-Micro MC Gold phono cartridge used for this evaluation are both budget overachievers, they are more likely to find their way into a relatively modest analogue front end than one with state-of-the-art aspirations. Yet under the expert guidance of the Aries, the performance of both the PT-6 and MC Gold was elevated to a level which was quite unexpected – leaps and bounds, in fact, ahead of their performance when partnered with lesser turntables. Little wonder that VPI highly recommends the budget Audioquest arm for use on both the Aries and TNT if VPI’s own JMW proves financially prohibitive.

CH Precision • L1 Preamplifier and A1.5 Stereo Amplifier $39,500 REVIEW

January 29, 2022 Comments Off on CH Precision • L1 Preamplifier and A1.5 Stereo Amplifier $39,500 REVIEW

The L1 and A1.5 are expensive. They might be the entry point as far as CH Precision separates are concerned, but they are still genuinely aspirational components, ones that will likely require some effort and expense to hear in a showroom or system. But they are innately musical in a way that is incredibly hard to find elsewhere. Are they 10 Series beaters? Of course not. To carry the food analogy a step further, the M10 provides a world tour, embracing a seemingly endless procession of equally impressive culinary opportunities. However, the CH Precision A1.5 shares the M10’s DNA and shares its fundamental magic. While you can label the L1 and A1.5 as “entry level” in CH Precision terms, perhaps it’s more accurate to think of the pair as entry-level ultra-high-end audio, marking, as they do, a step up in musical expectation.


JBL Rhodes Speakers in Hostess bar

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Sonus faber Olympica Nova II $10,000/pair REVIEW

January 28, 2022 Comments Off on Sonus faber Olympica Nova II $10,000/pair REVIEW

That finish is perfect, a slightly textured satin-wood with real grain, and trim without visible screws or attachment points. Visually, the entire speaker seems to float and does so with all the style of a high-end piece of Italian furniture. This is thoroughly modern Sonus faber and I can’t really argue with anything in the design, as it also feels both appealing and classic in a way very few speakers do. The folks over in Arcugnano really know how to do it right.

For those familiar with Sonus faber, this is where they usually excel. But they’ve taken their pedigree to another level with the long thin bass port hidden into a back side feature of the curved cabinet, an para-aperiodic vented box design known as Stealth Ultraflex. The stringed grille, a long-time standard, is back as well. Once set up with feet and grilles, these speakers have gotten more compliments than any I’ve had before. “Can we keep them?” was a phrase uttered more than once during the review period.

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