The ABCs of ASC’s TubeTraps

January 31, 2022 § Leave a comment

Founded in 1984 by Art Noxon, ASC supplies acoustical products to studios, auditoriums, churches, and a multitude of other venues, from their headquarters in Eugene Oregon (Mr. Noxon has also generously devoted precious research time to developing high articulation speech rooms for the hearing impaired). Noxon’s research led him to the sealed cylinder as a device for absorbing excess low frequency energy. While high and midrange frequencies can be absorbed by small devices, relatively large devices like the Tube Trap are necessary to effectively tame frequencies below 100Hz. ASC manufacturers traps with diameters of 9, 11, 16, and 20 inches, successively larger tubes having the ability to absorb successively lower frequencies.

In my experience, it is quite common for audiophiles to treat their rooms unevenly, resulting in short decay times in the middle and high frequencies, and much longer decay times in the bass. Such uneven treatment is almost as bad as no treatment at all! As with any acoustical treatment, including ASC’s Tube Trap, a balanced approach is best.

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