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” The first thing you notice is the drop in noise floor, this not only makes for inky black spaces when the music has paused creating a much more realistic presentation allowing you to suspend disbelief and feel that the musicians are in the room with you, but opens a whole new world of micro-detail that was previously obscured by the previous noise floor. As you listen further, you start to hear the subtle increases in dynamic range that come from not only the lowered noise floor but the increased current storage in your power supply.

Pulling up Qobuz I selected “Who Killed Smiley Culture?” by Emily Capell. This piece is a single picked note acoustic guitar and vocal, with large spaces between notes. The abyssal silence lets you hear the reflections of the walls creating a greater sense of space. The quiet noises, like the buzz at the back of her throat, the squeak of her fingers on the strings, the click of the pick on the string and soundboard of the guitar all stand out in bas-relief. The sound is intimate and alive with a huge soundstage.”


The Rise And Fall Of The Headphone Jack

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Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio Review

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For a hair under $700, Bowers & Wilkins will give you the ability to connect your beloved legacy components to their newly released Formation line of wireless loudspeakers, and do so in an easy-to-use, stylish way. While the Formation Audio may be little more than a hub or transmitter, there is no denying it’s a stellar piece of product design, one that is easy to setup and live with day-to-day. While I may think it’s overpriced (it is), there’s no getting around the fact that should you want to listen to anything on your Formation loudspeakers not streaming through your phone, the Formation Audio is the only option you have”

High-Resolution Audio MQA DSD Cassettes!?

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Nagra Audio , YG Acousitcs

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How to audition multiple products from a dealer

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Woodstock tapes, revealed

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