Record Doctor V LP Cleaning Machine $199 Review

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“How does the Record Doctor work? First, you place the LP on the platter (on the unit’s spindle) and put the record-turner on top of the record’s label. Next you apply a thin line of cleaning fluid from the LP’s outer edge to its central label. With one hand you hold the brush (shifting as needed) as you slowly turn the record three or four rotations to distribute the fluid and prepare the surface, a process that co-mingles the debris and fluid, making the extraction process more effective. Then you flip the record over (on the platter) so the clean/damp side is on the bottom, and put the record turner back on top. Flip the toggle switch to start the vacuum, then rotate the record a few more times to dry it. Repeat the process for the other side—and voilà! Clean, shiny vinyl.”



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Besides all these shortcomings, not many people are able to pay over $250.00 for an unknown artist. John Q Public is looking for his favorite group and not for an equipment demonstration costly tape. At least the music recorded by Analogy Records is more contemporary and has not been castigated by the same “strange” music selections, without any animadversion, of other similar companies. If you want this saga to be successful among new public, you better change the idea and concept. It’s hard to sit a young guy in front of a system and induce him to listen exotic music from drums and mallets which are more suitable for audio demonstration than for real listening! The music I heard from these masters are not only meritorious of demonstrate the virtues of any system, but it’s also the kind of music anyone can listen to. Compared to those copies made from production tape masters, these from Analogy are a kind of lean and with less body on the lower regions but not by far. They are clean, fast and with a lot of impact. The recording level is not shy and as far as your machine is well aligned, prepare yourself for a paean experience! Robbo Vigo and Analogy Records are on the right track for sure.

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