PS Audio DirectStream P20 Power Plant Review

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hi-fi display furniture

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Stromtank S 5000 Independent Power

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MrSpeakers Factory Tour

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Shunyata Research Hydra Typhon QR Power Distributor $9000 Review

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“Noise Isolation Chamber (NIC): A passive copper circuit developed and patented by Shunyata that provides the Typhon QR with much of its passive filtering abilities. It contains ZrCa-2000, a proprietary, nonreactive, ferroelectric crystalline material that is the subject of a patent separate from the one granted for NIC. According to Samuelsen, this material absorbs high-frequency power-line noise without the frequency-response anomalies often associated with transformer, choke, coil, or other ferrite-based power conditioners.

Typhon QR/BB Noise Reduction: A passive copper circuit, developed and patented by CIS, that allows the Typhon QR to provide components with instantaneous access to an AC reserve or coulomb charge. By eliminating the inductive reactance inherent in standard AC power conditioners without the use of low-pass filters or inductive devices, this circuit is said to enhance dynamics.”

PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 20 AC regenerator $9999 Review

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“I’ve used my PerfectWave P10 Power Plant continuously ever since I reviewed it for the May 2016 issue. I noted then that, with the P10 feeding all my equipment, “the aural images reproduced from digital sources” were “fleshier, more corporeal, and better located in space.” I also wrote that with the P10, the sound “seemed more natural and less electronic—almost suggesting a physical rather than electronic playback medium ”

UHA Ultima 4 Reel to Reel Tape Deck

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