How digital clocks affect sound quality

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Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler Review

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Moreover, you could get a much better tone and timbre when you power a Chromecast Audio (now discontinued) via a battery and connect it to the Hugo M Scaler. There’s something so beautiful about saying “Hey Google, play Spotify on M Scaler.”Using the Chromecast Audio on the Hugo M Scaler made me realize the importance of having a higher quality streamer and server such as the Innuos ZENith Mk.II. That’s where you’ll lower noise floor, bring out the details, and mold out the music in a more convincing way.”

Pangea Audio Vulcan X Brace Four Shelf Audio Rack

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R2R Dreams!

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Metaxas and Sins Worldwide premiere of T-REX

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A Measured Approach to Room Acoustics

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“I also chose a couple of inexpensive off-the-shelf products for the new room. In the front corners I installed two Auralex SonoLite bass traps (24”W x 24”H x 3”D), which have a noise-reduction coefficient (NCR) rating of 1.15. I know I’ll likely need larger bass traps for lower frequencies, but this pair of SonoLites would give me a start — and anyway, from there I’d want measurements to guide my choices of any additional bass treatments. For the shallow sidewalls, I bought four RoomSonic wall panels, each 48”H x 24”W x 1”D, faced with fabric and comprised of mineral wool. This type of product is a classic choice for broadband absorption, and looks great to boot.”

The world’s finest 300B tubes $1,695 per matched pair

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An equal level of excitement is had on the upper register as well. Stringed instruments take on a more three-dimensional quality, with more texture. Pick your favorite acoustic guitar piece that you know well, and you will be surprised at how much more real the strings sound while being played, as well as the overtones that hang in the air after the strings have been struck. This is the stuff we all love 300B amplifiers for in the first place and the EAT tubes give you more of it.”

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