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PS Audio P20 and P15 AC Regenerators $7499 Review

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“The effect of all this effort to deliver clean AC power was not subtle. Every aspect of the sound is touched, elevated, and refined. Everything we seek in great sound, dimension, depth and space, color, dynamics, transparency, and detail are boosted in seeming equal parts. Without the P series in the chain, the sound I have lived with, while enjoyable, now can be characterized as “you don’t know what you are missing until you know what you’ve been missing.” Like moving from an adequate camera to a professional caliber camera in the hands of a great photographer, the sound-picture really pops, where before laid a bit flat in retrospect. I’m wracking my brain trying to pick one aspect of the sound that benefited most, but since AC power is the life blood of all aspects of reproduced sound, it makes sense as to why it is so difficult to pick just one, or even two qualities that jump out. It really depended greatly on what ever recording I was listening to as to what the dominant strengths or characteristics of the recordings were. Some recordings such as Stanley Clark’s East Riverside Drive, with its pounding bass on “I’m home Africa,” a track played through every component I have ever reviewed, the low end gained definition and greater focus, becoming a more discrete part of the sound. Mid range heavy recordings, such as those by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane, reveals subtle inflections and denser color of both Hartman’s honey toned baritone and Coltrane’s flying, lyrical alto runs.”


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“When I switched the big ATC P2 power amp from the wall to the high power output on the Niagara, I got a very worthwhile increase in soundstage depth and width, with increased separation between instruments and no sense of dynamic compression; the former was expected, the latter a relief. It also seemed worthwhile to contrast the NRG Y3 with the Isotek EVO3 Premier I usually use on the amp. This did something very similar to the Niagara by calming and adding weight without undermining timing, a perceived reduction in volume level suggesting that distortion and noise had dropped.

The Innuos Zenith SE server should benefit from this sort of power conditioning and the Niagara did not disappoint. A veil was lifted from low level detail which opened up the room and further enhanced musicality, turning a good piece of music into an inspiring one. As a vinyl lover, it was necessary to see if the AudioQuest would improve the sound of my Rega RP8 turntable and Tom Evans Microgroove phono stage. Here the change was more subtle, and it mainly consisted of a slight darkening of the balance alongside a slight calming with quieter backgrounds. There was an improvement but not one that matched the price. ”

B&W Zeppelin Wireless review

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“The Zeppelin Wireless keeps the range’s legacy alive, combining a highly accomplished sound with greater functionality and a seamless design.

Pricier speakers might have more to offer when it comes to timing, drive and overall authority, but at £500, the Zeppelin Wireless remains a fine performer.”

Travel – Stereo Heaven – Adelphi Singapore

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“As the days and weeks progressed, X-Series had a secret up its sleeve. It gave the already intelligible midrange a lift. Not an increase at a given frequency, but an overall increase in clarity and articulation in that all important section. This was a mild improvement, but an improvement all the same. I suspect this came down to the distrbution block, which seems to take some time to take effect.

A good component works to make the music sound harmonious. A good cable family strives to make the whole audio system work in harmony. That is the case with X-Series. It’s more about bringing a consistency to the sound, so that your system has fewer ‘off’ days, so that everything just sings a little bit closer in tune, and makes all the components seem that bit closer. Starting with the power and distribution, X-Series draws your system together. ”

Who killed the headphone jack: 2018 Year in Review

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