Stromtank S2500 Battery Power Supply $19,500 Review

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“It operated better than advertised, actually, because I’ve never experienced sound like this from my system, other than during those occasional midnight listening sessions. Admittedly, what I consider “excessive volume” might be a bit too loud for many listeners. That being said, I think that only a few listeners might have problems using the S2500 for their high wattage power amplifiers. Those with large systems and especially those with large home theater setups would most likely be better off using the Stromtank S5000. If I had a choice, I would, too, so I didn’t have to worry about the unit shutting down. This is a first world problem if I’ve ever heard one.”


ISE 2018: Artnovion Exhibits Eiger Sub Trap Panel for 40Hz and Up

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SOtM tx-USBultra USB conditioner/reclocker – video

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IsoAcoustics Orea Audio Equipment Isolators

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“Oreas are available in two versions, depending on the weight of the component supported: the standard model, suitable for most amps, and a heavy-duty version for massive monoblocks. Morrison brought me eight Oreas intended for the M700’s weight class.

10 Record Player Mistakes – video

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How To Make A Vinyl Storage Frame – video

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“”The decoupling materials have been sourced from AcoustiGuard via their Toronto, Ontario, Canada distributor – Wilrep Ltd. I’m using their Iso-Sep PM as the under lay on the floor and high quality vinyl roll flooring on top of the underlay. Sound Channel Acoustic Wall Fabric is glued to the side walls for diffusion and the Art Diffusor Model D that it will be used on the rear wall. Those are sourced through Acoustics Their site provides 2D and 3D plots showing the dispersion characteristics of all of their diffusion panels – the only company site I know of that does this.”

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