Stillpoints Aperture II Acoustic Panels Review

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The PS Audio DirectStream P15 Power Plant Review $7,495

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Because the Power Plant is providing you with fresh AC, that six feet of power cord now makes an even bigger difference. The P15 and P20 make it much easier to discern the improvement that a premium power cable provides. You need look no further than the touch panel scope on the front panel of the P15 to see it in action. In my office/studio which features recent cabling and more attention to the Earth ground, the AC power only had an input distortion of 2%, coming from a 20 amp dedicated line and new breaker panel. In my house, with older wiring and a breaker box from the early 70s, that distortion rises to 3.5%. Interesting. Both Power Plants reduced output distortion to around .1%, a major increase in clarity.”

Hands On: Roon Music Playback, Management System

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“What is Roon, you ask? Roon is a music playback and library management system for usage with digital devices not unlike, say, iTunes, but — spoiler alert — the depth of Roon’s all-encompassing library-based reach and top-shelf sound quality preferences are what makes it the most superior interface currently on the market. Here’s why.

Roon supports output to a myriad of gear and gadgets either individually or through your home network, including Roon-certified network players and DACs, computers and tablets, as well as to any Sonos, Chromecast, or AirPlay device. You can earmark playback in multiple listening zones, enable family/multi-listener access, and choose to default to hi-res audio output. Roon accesses information about your locally stored digital music library, as well as your personal library and playlists on services like Tidal and iTunes, in addition to harvesting as much related metadata that’s available.

Pangea Vulcan Turntable Stand Review

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“When it comes to a turntable rack, function is as important as form, and the Vulcan has both of them going for it. It feels and sits rock solid, its aesthetics easily pass the spouse acceptance factor and it’s bargain priced to boot. In less than half an hour my living room was transformed, and the storage shelves give me plenty of space for future LP purchases.

Turntables are back. So are spin-cleaners, stylus gauges and carbon fiber brushes, among other doodads and tweaks. Consider the turntable stand as one of the most important among these. And consider the Vulcan TT as an easy, attractive, effective and economical option that delivers everything you’d hope for from it. Enthusiastically recommended and HRAC-approved.”


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“Back to the comparison between Okki Nokki and Consonance record cleaning machines – they differ in size, they have a different visual appeal, are similarly priced, but one is much louder than the other. Ultimately, they do the same job.With the quality included accessories, a full range of replacement parts readily available online, comprehensive instruction manuals, and potentially higher quality internal components, there’s a good reason why Okki Nokki has become a popular choice.Greg Osborn has informed me that spare parts are also readily available from Consonance too, which is good news.”

Audiophile IKEA Hack, Sound Diffuser Under $20

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AudioQuest Niagara 1000 Low-Z Power Conditioner $995 Review

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“The 1000 model is smaller in dimension and form factor than the Niagara 5000 and 7000 priced above it. Unsurprisingly, it lacks some of their heavier parts, so it also weighs far less: just a featherweight 5.5 pounds. Placement is easy; it’s been designed to sit on a rack or on the floor, even behind your system. AudioQuest also provided an AC power cable (sold separately), its NRG-10 ($779/6-ft.), which will be replaced soon. A more affordable option for the Niagara 1000 is AudioQuest’s new NRG-Z cord ($249.95/6ft.). I’m told that the design advancements in the company’s entry-level NRG line mean t”

hat the new NRG-Z will outperform the NRG-10, while costing far less. (Of course customers can select from other AQ power cords too.)

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