Time Out: How Dave Brubeck Changed Jazz

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Clarus Duet Power Conditioner Review

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The electrical code for house wiring requires a certain wire size for specific types of circuits. The most common 15 amp circuit requires 14 gauge wires. Higher current circuits require heavier gauges. It’s acceptable to wire a circuit with a heavier gauge than code requires. It is against code to start at the power source with one size wire and then at some point in the circuit increase the wire size. The larger wire will handle more current and could overload the smaller wire resulting in a potential fire hazard. The reverse is, however, acceptable. In other words going from a larger to a smaller gauge is acceptable as long as the smaller gauge meets code. And yet, how many audiophiles use standard 15 amp / 14 gauge circuits and then connect heavy gauge aftermarket power cords. To address this in my own system I installed five dedicated circuits, three with 6 gauge, and two with 10 gauge wire, as well as using high quality duplex outlets. My understanding is that larger wire gauges better reject EMI / RFI interference. I also use two ground rods dedicated to my sound equipment and isolated from house ground.

Audiophilia Recordings of the Year 2020

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The finest recordings/performances we listened to this year. We discussed some of the recordings on our social media channels, used them in equipment reviews, reviewed them on YouTube or they received full reviews at Audiophilia. For the latter and YouTube, clicking on the image will take you to the review.

Format and initials of nominating reviewer appear under the selection. The CDs and LPs are available at many online or artist sites (recordings must be released or rereleased in 2020), or, as streamed on Qobuz or Tidal HiFi (available presently in their libraries).

AVR2 ELITE20 Isolation Transformer $6,999 Review

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Taking nothing away from the performance of superb high end components like the Pass Labs X250.8 plugged directly into wall receptacles, the benefits of the Torus Power AVR2 ELITE20 Isolation Transformer are too apparent to ignore. Besides protecting them from potentially damaging AC power incidents and providing excellent remote Web monitoring and controlling options, with its extraordinary toroidal isolation, it delivers the ultimate in clean and instantaneous current, allowing them to achieve their full potential. And, for that, I give it a hearty

McIntosh RS200 wireless speaker system

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Degritter record cleaner $2990 Review

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There are two buttons; either will turn the machine on. The left-front button adjusts drying time, which you can set to whatever time you find necessary to get your records dry. The right button rotates to navigate the sophisticated menu system; push it to choose a setting. There are three cleaning-time presets: quick (2:15), medium (3:45), and heavy (6:45). (Dirtier records need longer cleaning; drying time is set separately.) The right button also allows you to adjust fan power and water level as well as certain “housekeeping” functions I won’t go into here.

The machine comes with a bottle of surfactant; you can use your own fluid, which is strongly discouraged by Audiodesksysteme. Proceed with caution and avoid highly acidic and highly alkaline solutions. Also avoid solutions that foam, or you might end up in an I Love Lucy sketch. Should a malfunction occur, the right-hand button alerts you with a code that identifies the problem. Some problems are user-fixable.

To prevent excess cavitation-produced heat from damaging records, the OS automatically adds 3 minutes of cooling time when a sensor detects temperatures above 95°. The ultrasonic generator stops working, too.

Seperate Power Plants or long power cables?

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Naim Mu-so 2nd Gen Review

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The best soundbars you can buy in 2020

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