GIK Acoustics 2A Alpha Diffusor/Absorber Acoustic Panel

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“Flipping the 2A Alphas back to their Absorptive sides while leaving them at the back of the sidewalls decreased spaciousness but improved clarity, and removed a thin layer of distortion from the sound. This was likely due to a decrease in flutter echo and/or the reverberation and pinging of soundwaves between the sidewalls. Although I could hear these improvements somewhat when the panels’ Diffusive/Absorptive sides faced outward, they were more audible when the Absorptive sides were exposed.

Lastly, I positioned the 2A Alphas along my room’s rear wall — not easy to do, as that wall is obstructed by a large table on the right, and interrupted by the hallway on the left. Doing so blocked part of the wall and most of the hallway’s entrance. With their Diffusive/Absorptive sides again turned outward, the 2As again increased spaciousness. They also caused the rear wall to seem a bit farther away.


True-Fi Sound Enhancement App Now Supports 200+ Headphones

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“The app supports Mac (macOS 10.9 or later) and PC (Windows 7 or later), and new models are added to the list of supported headphones every month at no extra cost, according to Sonarworks. Once activated, the desktop app can be used on up to three devices simultaneously. The company said a mobile app for Android and iOS devices is coming soon.

The addition of 15 new headphone profiles brings the number of True-Fi-supported headphone models to 232. New models include Apple Airpods, the Behringer HPM1000 and HPS3000, Creative Aurvana Live!, HyperX Cloud Alpha, the Meze 99 Classic and 99 Neo, Monoprice Monolith M1060, Panasonic’s RP-HJE125, the Razer Kraken Pro, and five Pioneer models, including the HDJ-X5 and HRM-7.

Amazon Echo Sub, Echo Link Amp and Echo Link – Hands On

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“Even stereo image, which almost everyone seems to screw up is good. It’s not got the most nuanced rendering of stereo texture, but it sure as hell nails details. There’s no frequency that stuffs up even under load. In fact, it may be the best-testing device I’ve ever had on the bench- again, as it comes to loaded/unloaded ratio testing. But even with that proviso in place, it handles load so damn well I wonder if it’s magic. Jitter is mild to invalid. And by and large, no harmonic or phase artifact jumps testably under load. ”


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“I’m often quizzed about the usefulness and impact of the high-end audio accessories. There’s no general-right respond to these queries. These add-on devices are ordinarily the last to be introduced to a thoroughly fine-tuned audio system. Not always, but in most instances, the benefits will be marked in an already established and balanced setup. The alternative way around would put in the preference making all right from the beginning. This approach is perhaps a painfully more complex and nonetheless more costly, but for some purists, this is the only legitimate way of matching the assembly of the high-end audio components into a balanced system.”

How Michael Jackson Made A Song

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Naim Uniti Nova Review

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“Audiophiles who gravitate toward tube-based electronics often complain about the electronic grain and artificial texture they hear from solid-state electronics. While I would never accuse the Uniti Nova of having a “lush liquid midrange” I did find it to be grain-free and lacking in anything that could be interpreted as artificial electronic texture. Compared to the tube front-end of the AVM 8.2 the Uniti Nova was not quite as “forgiving” of peakier razor-edge pop recordings. They weren’t rendered unlistenable, merely a bit harder and more in-your-face. Rather than “everything is beautiful” the Uniti Nova portrays music in the more immediate and matter-of-fact manner not uncommon among solid-state amplifiers.”

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