What are audiophiles to do if the iPhone removes the headphone jack?

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“OK I’m weird, I like wires. The wires on my headphones are proof-positive I’m hearing 100 percent of my music’s quality, losslessly. It’s pure and easy, there’s no transmission snafus, digital-to-analog, encode/decode crap. No dropouts, it’s all good. I have a lot of company, tens of millions of folks who have invested in wired Beats, Bose, Grado, Sennheiser or Sony headphones, and like them perfectly well, what about us? I’m sorry, but the Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter concept isn’t going to win me over.”


Peachtree Audio nova150 Review

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“I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks lately and this hasn’t subsided with the arrival of the nova150. Although not my favorite song on the album, the vibraphone and guitar juxtaposition on The Way You Lovers Do is a treat for the ears. The nova150 does a great job of reproducing each instrument in its own space, naturally, followed by an aural mess of musical notes and screaming vocals to finish the track. The title track, Astral Weeks, is my favorite”



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” The sound signature of the Edition S logically changes when you turn it in to an open headphone but in both cases the Edition S has a more musical and fun tuning than it has a “reference” one as many call it. Bass and mids have bigger body than in a neutral tuned headphone and the treble is soft and easy to listen to yet at the same time you get a good level of detail and clarity while the sound
stage is more than just ok. I would say the character of the Edition S tilts more to the warmer side but this isn’t an overly warm or colored headphone.”


totaldac d1-integral-headphone music server/DAC Review

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“If I screw on my reviewer’s cap real tight, squeezing out mostly all of the fun involved in listening to music, I’d say that the d1-integral does not have as fine a grip on bass as its more expensive siblings or even the recently reviewed Moon by Simaudio Nēo 280D MiND. While I remain very impressed with the Nēo 280D, it does not reach as deeply into music’s richness and nuance as the totalac. On a personal note, my heart and mind still have me craving either the d1-tube-mk2 or the d1-dual DAC, a craving which can only be filled if/when my bank account becomes fuller.”



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” As enjoyable as digital was, I remain first and foremost a vinyl aficionado, partly because it sounds so darned good, partly because it reminds me of my childhood spinning black gold. It’s comforting to know that not everything from the good old days has gone by the wayside; indeed, vinyl is making a comeback. So onto the Continuum Caliburn I plopped that wonderful disc, The Persuasions’ We Came to Play, as soulful an album as ever was recorded”


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