Greg Weaver’s Home Audio System

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I mention these points to highlight the fact that time and again, Greg and I were in unison about what we heard over the weekend in sound quality terms, while freely admitting (and accepting) any aesthetic differences between us. More importantly, the side-by-side comparisons discussed above reveal that the very best audio systems (and Greg’s system clearly ranks amongst the very best that I have heard) can render fine sonic details not merely as audio spectacle, but as genuine “added musical value” propositions. The better recorded Miles and Supertramp discs did not (and do not) just sound better; they also allowed me to connect with the music and the performers in a more immersive and emotionally engaging way.

Undeniably, the addition of the remarkable Kronos Pro turntable and Discovery RS tonearm to Greg’s system delivered the same overall “obliterated room boundaries” listening sessions that I enjoyed at GTT Audio & Video when I head the then new Kronos Discovery turntable and now discontinued Kronoscope tonearm (here) (the original Kronoscope has been replaced by the new Kronoscope RS tonearm that I soon hope to have in my system). Not to mention the relatively short-lived but equally transformative addition of the stellar VAC Statement Line and Statement Phono Stages andgorgeous Statement 452 iQ Musicbloc all-tubed mono amps (units that Greg sadly had to return not long after my departure).


The Audiophile Dream System!

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Le Kim Thach spent a year completing the project for a client. The system uses a KT Audio system with five pairs of balanced tube amplifiers and active tube crossover, and a matching high-efficiency horn system to fit the 100 m2 room in the suburban villa in Hanoi. 

Okan Soylu’s Horn System

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A few photos and info about the Okan Soylu’s horn based system. He has designed and built his house and dedicated listening room. Okan is an interior architect with a continuous interest in room acoustics and he studied both formally at school and continued throughout the career. The house is surrounded by trees and is situated on a cliff by the Mediterranean sea. So very little outside noise, especially in winter. 


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This is what ultra-high-end sales and white-glove service is all about, and no offense but this is what sets a high-end dealer apart from the online catalogs and retail cash-n-carry audiomarts.

To have The Audio Company mavens out to the Hubcon house to do all they did, and set up the system to proper form, is astounding. Not only that, we had Leif Swanson of Von Schweikert on hand to oversee and direct the proceedings.

During Lief’s visit, which lasted a few days, we played with various alignments allowed by the Ultra 7s exceptionally wide dispersion capabilities. Making a case for their versatility in complex domestic environments.

dCS | Wilson | Audio | Dan D’Agostino | Audio Research | Transparent

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Paragon Sight & Sound latest install in a splendid photo album. Featured in this system Data Conversion Systems Ltd (dCS) Vivaldi One Apex Player, Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic speakers in custom white finish, Wilson Audio WAMM Master Subsonic Subwoofers in custom white finish, Dan D’Agostino  Master Audio Systems Relentless mono amplifiers, D’Agostino Relentless preamplifier, Clearaudiohifi Statement V2 turntable, Audio Research Corporation REF10 phono preamplifier

Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO G3 Installation

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The new Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO G3 with the new Space horns has arrived at HiFi-Studio Wittmann. Ready for demonstration, either fully active with the new iTRON power amplifier technology or partially active with the Octave 300B Jubilee tube mono power amps.


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Another high-end audio system upgraded with the Life Audio Masterpiece flagship audio rack.  


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A glimpse of high-end audio heaven with Magico Ultimate III horn speakers and two Magico QSub 15 driven by Goldmund Telos power amplifiers.


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I keep getting asked to post more high-end audio system photos, so here is another 50+ photo set of high-end audio gear galore, with plenty of renowned brands to enjoy


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And another Cong Audio installation in the dedicated listening room, this time with a large Cessaro Beta II 4-way horn speaker system powered by CH Precision electronics. Photos from Tran Hung.

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