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Another high-end audio system upgraded with the Life Audio Masterpiece flagship audio rack.  


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A glimpse of high-end audio heaven with Magico Ultimate III horn speakers and two Magico QSub 15 driven by Goldmund Telos power amplifiers.


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I keep getting asked to post more high-end audio system photos, so here is another 50+ photo set of high-end audio gear galore, with plenty of renowned brands to enjoy


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And another Cong Audio installation in the dedicated listening room, this time with a large Cessaro Beta II 4-way horn speaker system powered by CH Precision electronics. Photos from Tran Hung.

Ultimate horn speaker system

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Ultimate horn speaker system, Golf Club, Hotel Spa, Music Library… A true paradise for all the senses in South Cape, Southern Korea. Thanks for the photos to our friend Homin Kim from Silbatone Acoustics

Home System

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And many similar superlatives can be written about my sonic experiences while being voluntarily and gleefully drowned by Brendel’s work with James Levine conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing “Emperor’s Concerto, Piano Concerto, Op 110” and Mahler’s 5th played by the Minnesota Orchestra conducted by Osmo Vanska. Just grand with these pieces whispering confidently that they are superlative in every way. The resolution, Depth, Mid-Range purity, full-on holographic Imaging, Transparency, Dynamics, Impact, Bass definition, and the sustained teasing ephemerality of notes are all there — in spades!! I’m in Sonic Nirvana…and all this without completion of the system with the Boulder pre-amp and Magico Q15 sub-woofers. 

Magico s7 Speakers

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Magico M6 Speaker

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Full scale Viva Audio project

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audiophile heaven

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“We all enjoy the upper echelon ultra high-end audio systems. So, here is another setup with Avantgarde Acoustic Trio Luxury Edition 26 (no5 of 26), Kronos Audio Pro turntable , Jadis power amplifiers, Trafomatic Audio Luna, dCS etc.”

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