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New listening room!? Yes. Peek at the work in progress. Brick walls are finally finished and now moving to the next phase. Working closely with the Golden ratio dimensions. Artnovion team is studying the room acoustic and practical implementation of their panels. ”

Building a Reference Grade Listening Room

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” This HVAC system is a closed loop… the main air duct emerges from the fan/heat unit and goes through an electronic air purifier, then is separated into four outlet ducts… each of which travel to four different outlet vents on the ceiling. Each of the four outlet ducts has three 90 degree bends to reduce any fan noise. With four outlet ducts the velocity can be reduced. There are two cold air return vents located at the bottom of the front bass traps (these cold air return ducts act as part of the bass trap). These cold air returns are then ducted back to the heat/fan unit. With the door closed and no music playing the room is completely quiet… not a sound… when the HVAC unit comes on you can just barely tell it is on… any music or conversation makes it impossible to hear the HVAC.”

Ultra high-end audio system setup

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“Now, that is quite an ultra high-end audio system setup. Photos of TriangleArt Reference SE turntable, Engström tube power amplifiers, Living Voice Vox Olympian loudspeakers etc… at the Audio Absolute showroom in Thailand.”


Elac Concentro flagship speakers

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“Elac Concentro flagship speakers at customers luxury home in Taiwan, partnered with Goldmund electronics”



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” Our Senior Analog Contributing writer Richard H. Mak had an early Christmas, complex quest to install Peak Consult 20’th anniversary speakers! As it seems, he’s hooked…”


Robert Koda Takumi K-10 challenge

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“Its always great to explore new, ultimate audio horizons. Especially among friends… In this particular, take no prisoner Avantgarde Trio horn system we wanted to audition my Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier potency….”

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