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“New darTZeel Audio listening room is almost ready,with the last update done. SHX by Stéphane Henriot. Hervé Delétraz surely looks happy on the photo below”



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“A peek at Boonyarat Bojarus high end audio heaven with plentora premium products from CH Precssion, DartZeel, Kronos Audio…”


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“”Horns for the big boys, NO toys!” DIY Basshorn Project four for the Hornsolutions’ new customer from Austria. The Basshorn has a mouth of 244 x 244cm and will be fired with 2x TAD 1602 and 2x JBL 2225H drivers. On the left and right side there will be a pair of Hornsolutions Satohorns and the Elysio HT16 Tweeterhorn…”


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“A mighty Gryphon Audio Kodo Speakers with full-blown Gryphon electronics system. A system owned by Pham Thanh Cuong from Saigon, Vietnam.

Kipnis’ outer limits $6 millions theater

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“Thus, from the deepest deep bass (10 hertz) up to the extreme high-frequency range (100 kilohertz), the KSS is the most full-range system I’ve ever heard—and felt. The speakers are fed by a well-balanced combination of audiophile solid-state and vacuum-tube amplifiers. The KSS is astonishing in the way it delivers power, but with 11,315 very high-quality watts on tap, that’s hardly surprising. Not only can it play ungodly loud, the KSS sounds phenomenal while doing so and never hurt my tender ears. The theater is big but far from huge. Its vaulted ceiling ranges from 8 feet high at the rear end to 16 feet at the screen end of the room (which is 26.5 feet wide and 33 feet long). The 18-foot screen fulfilled my IMAX fantasies, and the projector’s va-va-voom color and brilliant light were transformational. I just tried to take it all in as I scribbled notes, afraid I might miss some of the juicier details.”



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“A custom installation of the Hornsolutions Midsize System. The size is always based on the bass-midrange. In this particular installation, there was already an unused fireplace and the Basshorn was implemented to save some space. Basshorn is working from 35Hz-150Hz. Drivers are two Altec 416 B 15″ Bass. Complete system is an active with running with the help of Hornsolutions Room correction DSP and Thomas Mayer tube amplifiers.”

Building a Reference Grade Listening Room

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“I have known my contractor for over 20 years, and done maybe 20 work-related projects with him and his crew. That said, it was a challenge to control the budget and the work pace with so many unusual aspects to building a listening room. The results have been worth the effort and expense… but there were times when it was hard to see the finish. All the acoustical treatments required a big learning curve for my contractor. In the beginning there were many phone calls between my contractor and Rives Audio (both Chris and Richard). I was pleased with the level of communication that went on. On the other hand, I also checked every single measurement and construction detail for myself. I knew if I wanted to hold Rives accountable for the final performance, then I would need to make sure that the plans were meticulously followed.”

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