Month: January 2015

Jay Z is buying Spotify rival Tidal for $56 million Read Here

” Okay, so technically, it’s actually a few steps removed: “Project Panther,” a company indirectly owned by Jay Z’s S. Carter Enterprises, has made a bid for Aspiro, a company that runs Tidal, and also a similar service called WiMP. While neither are a household name in the states yet, its WiMP service had over half a million paying subscribers as of last ”


VPI Nomad with Pro-ject and Schiit Audio Read Here

“Prospective buyers will then want to know that the Mani is not a piece of s(c)h(i)it. Far from it, it’s terrific. Do you honestly think Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard would risk throwing away years of hard won respect on an entry-level phono stage? The Mani doesn’t disappoint one bit, charming with a sense of transparency and easeful-but-clean treble articulation.”


RHAPSODIO RTI1 Review Read Here

“The RTI1’s metal exterior is handsome if understated. It’s glintier than it is blingy. Its matte surface staves off all but the most greasy of finger prints. It is both light, and sound. As you can imagine, it is cool to the touch. Count it a blessing in the summer. In the winter, well, let’s just say this: as long as you’re not in Canada or Russia, you should be fine.”


Audio Technica ESW9-LTD Headphone Review Read Here

” The upper midrange is the most impressive features of this 9-LTD and it performed in the most weird fashion that I’ve really ever come across. This is a spacious sounding headphone, perhaps much more so that I’d originally thought it would be and that factor of good staging properties is generated and fueled by the excellent and airy upper midrange”