Jadis Diapason Luxe Integrated Amplifier Review

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The result is something that sounds especially inviting, appealing and beguiling – far more so than you’d expect from most similarly priced solid-state designs. The Diapason Luxe goes about reproducing music in a completely different way to most mainstream amplifiers, one that’s strongly appealing to a certain type of listener and/or music fan. On the other hand, it has conspicuous limitations that mean it is not for all. Perplexingly however, it often makes the listener forget these, to the extent that even ardent valve critics may be left grumpily admitting that it sounds ‘rather gorgeous’.


Meze Audio Liric Review

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These headphones improve quite a lot during the first few days of use. Our initial impressions were of a detailed but tonally bland presentation that offered little in the way of expression. Given time, though, things get more interesting, with large gains in articulation and finesse.

Once settled, these headphones sound impressively clean and clear. They have a wonderfully agile presentation that responds to changes in the signal effortlessly. We start with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s Carnage set and the Liric deliver Cave’s trademark gravelly tones with all the presence and grit they deserve. These headphones communicate the nuances superbly, leaving the listener in little doubt as to what the intended emotional impact of the music is meant to be. There’s a lovely consistency from the expressive midrange frequencies upwards, and a pleasing degree of focus to the sound. The lows are almost as good, but sound a little soft-edged in relative terms.

 REL Acoustics Subwoofers

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Magico M9 Loudspeaker Installation

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Acoustic Signature Montana NEO turntable $30,995 Review

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With the Etna, I heard more of the small, wide, not-particularly-deep West Hollywood 500 seater—I played there once!—than I heard through the A95. King and Taylor were reproduced with more three-dimensionality and solidity. The Etna put me in the first few rows in front of the stage. The comparison demonstrated that the Montana’s designers met their goal of producing a neutral, well-damped cartridge-carrier that lets through varied transducer personalities without limiting them in any way.

Though the arm/’table combo will set you back nearly $50,000, my experience was that every time I put a record on the platter, pressed “on”—even the push buttons delivered precise authority—and lowered the stylus into the lead-in groove, I had no doubt about where the money went, especially because, having set up the turntable myself, I hear the ‘table’s well-hidden, ingeniously designed, skillfully executed guts in every play.

iFi Go Blu vs Fiio BTR5 vs Qudelix 5K vs Radsone ES100 

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Switching to the Elite from the Liric is a bigger shock. The Elite is the more neutral, fast and energetic brother of the Empyrean and as such the difference with the Liric is quite big. The Elite here is far more neutral and precise with a much higher level of technicalities. It has a much lower amount of bass, and lighter body overall. The Elite sounds wider as well and logically more open. The Liric is softer in delivery and that’s mostly audible in the mids, vocals and lower treble. Bass in the Liric has better sub rumble but both reach down very low. Vocals in the Elite are also more to the front like in the Liric, but they are thicker in the open back Elite. The Elite has a higher level of refinement and the micro details and note extension is better. Same goes for the clarity. As you can see the difference between the Elite and the Liric are more important than with the Empyrean, but hats only normal.

D’Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression M550 

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Audiophiles tend to fall into either the measurements camp or the listening camp. Not unlike politics, the debates that ensue get downright contentious. Personally, I’ve never felt the urge to define myself in this way. I like more data, not less, and therefore, when I’m compiling info to base a buying decision on, I prefer to consider my own listening tests in conjunction with a set of comprehensive measurements. Where the positive results from both tests converge, I tend to find my contenders.

Rather than adhering to a diehard belief in the benefits of one criterion to the exclusion of the other, my perspective aligns more towards being skeptical of both: 1) I don’t believe measurements tell us everything there is to know about a product; 2) I also know that my hearing—and my assessment of the results of my listening tests—are fallible. To me, having both is really a system of checks and balances.

JBL4344 & Diretta PC System

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Vimberg Tonda D Review

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General impressions of the Tonda D show the speakers to have notably excellent imaging, resolution, detail retrieval, transient behavior, dynamic contrasts, and undiminished energy as one goes higher in the frequency range. The sound is smack dab in the middle area of balanced playback, with an ever-so-slight tilt towards the cool side of neutral in my particular setup. Much of that ever-so-slight tilt can be attributed to my personal preference for a smidge more lower midrange fullness, and because my listening room refuses to overload with bass (a good thing, IMO), where a smaller and more enclosed space would fill that particular cup a bit more completely. None of these preferences detracted from my enjoyment of the Tonda Ds’ excellent performance during their time here.

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