VPI Industries Prime Turntable $4,000 Review


” I really lucked out. When people found out that I had a nice LP set up at home, some brought me LPs as gifts, and some, from an older generation, donated their entire collection to me—and wished me the best of luck. I had ample of both during my review of the Grado Labs Statement v2 cartridge; so man did I have fun listening over the last 2 months. For example, my brother Nick (for my birthday) gave me wonderful LPs such as a 1966 ”


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“Third, this motion is all powered by a Bryson power supply that is reportedly one of the best you can use for delivering smooth energy to the motor. James suggests this power supply alone would sell for $1000 as an option on another table and given the price of such products on the market, I don’t dispute it. Put the power supply, the PWM motor, thick Delrin platter, and tight tolerance bronze bearing together in one package and you can start to see where your money goes. But wait, as the man says, there’s more.”

VPI Industries Prime Turntable – Review

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“The benefit this awarded to the sound was immediate: A tightening up of the sound of instruments (and voice) and a tighter arrangement of the placement of instruments within the imaging. It was like someone had carefully listened to and studied the position of instruments in the soundstage, slightly modified their positioning to optimize–and then nailed each down on its perch to stay put!”

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