SweetVinyl | SC1- Vinyl Noise Remover

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Zephyr Apollo Kickstarter Official Video

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Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux Moving Coil Cartridge Review

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“Ballerina has the same musical insistence as does Ravel’s zany Bolero. The 175 preserved this with a subtle but enjoyable sense of timing, the music rising and dissipating, as the music demands it should.As for rendition of female vocal, a must-do/must-have quality before I buy any component, the 175 does rather nicely as it did with Joni Mitchell’s timeless song, A Case Of You from her album called Blue.”

U-Turn Orbit Special Turntable Review – Video

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Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon turntable Review

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“The Sumiko Blackbird is a cartridge I’ve been interested in spending time with in my own home environment/context since I first heard it, and their Blue Point cartridge several years ago on a McIntosh turntable/system. I have to say this cartridge tends to the lean side, and required some experimentation with loading to get it to where the sound was what I wanted from it. Sumiko recommends 100 Ohms of loading for the Blackbird Low, but I ended up happiest with 25 Ohms through the Pass Labs XP-15/XP-17, as it fattened-up the bottom end, and added some needed midrange jam. Some might complain that the highs suffered a loss of air, which they did (ever-so-slightly), but it was a balance i was willing to live with for long-term listening enjoyment. I used the “High” setting on the impedance selector of the windings of my Audio Note SUT, which is optimized for cartridges with an internal impedance of roughly 15-20 Ohms (the Blackbird Low is 28 Ohms). The tonearm is an updated 9cc Evolution with an inverted bearing, made of carbon fibre with a dampened-metal counterweight, and a beefed-up C-collar bearing/pivot housing. All the usual suspects are present in the technical adjustment lineup for an ‘arm of this caliber including easily-tweaked VTA, overhang, and azimuth.”

Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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