Pure Fidelity Harmony Review

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Gold Note Mediterraneo £4,990 Review

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Piano always presents a fine test of a turntable’s pitch stability and even with the standard PSU in use there is a sense of exemplary control and grip on Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Switching from the standard PSU to the aforementioned PST-10 delivers no immediate benefit to speed stability, but does reveal a little more detail in the recording. The sense of hammers hitting piano strings, the sheer mechanical force and impetus of the playing and the rich tonality of the stringed instruments in Variation 18 all reach a higher level with the PST-10 taking charge.

Clearaudio Concept Active Wood turntable Review

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Instead of just appraising it, I ended up buying Courtney’s collection, and I learned some things from the experience. Even with really dirty early-vintage pressings—even records with visible surface wear and scratches—a thorough cleaning makes the music sound almost pristine. I asked Fred Cohen of New York’s Jazz Record Center how that is possible, and he told me the grooves on these old records are spaced wider than they are on modern records, so surface scratches have less chance of damaging the actual grooves. Whether for that reason or some other, after a cleaning, these records sound great.

Gold Note Mediterraneo Review

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The resident orchestra of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw performing Beethoven’s Symphony No.6 under the baton of Bernard Haitink is a recording in which the string section enjoys exceptional sweetness. The Mediterraneo dutifully captures the delightful string tones during the quieter sections, while the majestic swells possess a wonderful acoustic ambience without ever sounding strident or harsh. This recording is notable for its lack of pinpoint imaging, but the orchestra sounds just as I would imagine it in the hall, ranged across a wide concert stage without undue spotlighting of individual instruments. Despite this, a little fine detail is lost to the warm euphony of the deck’s presentation.

Muarah MT-1 EVO and PSC Precision Speed Controller Review

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Associating the illuminated green Muarah logo and red LED with the McIntosh company is quite a stretch. If we are to look for the similarity of our logotype to other brands, we recommend the automotive direction, in particular the logo of the iconic Maserati car – Merak…

I assume you will be using the PSC power supply. The rotational speed is changed with a small switch located on its bottom. On the display we can read a current speed, and a small diode placed next to this indication will inform us that the motor has entered its Silent Mode. It consists in the fact that after accelerating the platter to proper speed, the voltage for the motor is reduced by 30%, which significantly reduces its vibrations, and thus noise. This power supply can now be ordered for Transrotor (3 motor control), VPI (10W version) and others.


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The Music Hall Classic turntable has the look and features that can rival the more expensive ones out there. It is a well-built and attractive-looking turntable that is loaded with features such as touch-sensitive speed selector buttons, the auto-lift/auto-stop feature, and a built-in phono stage preamplifier. More importantly, the Classic backs up those desirable operational features with its strong vinyl-playback performance, producing highly musical sonic traits that brought me a delightful listening experience. With the combination of strong sonic performance and desirable features, the Music Hall Classic turntable is a product of significant value that is hard to beat in its price range.

Making a £13000 turntable

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McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable REVIEW

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Rega P6 Turntable Review

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Another recent record that beautifully illustrates what the P6/Ania is capable of is the Berlin Philharmonic’s superb direct-to-disc recording of Bruckner’s Wagnerian Symphony No. 7. The last BPO performance conducted by the then 90-year-old Bernard Haitink, this magnificent recording is not of the sonic spectacular variety, but is instead one of those recordings that is so natural it comes about as close to the real thing as is possible from vinyl. An LP playback system must be accurate to properly render the deep silences, dynamic subtleties, harmonic layering, depth of field, and sweep of this music. 

Technics SP10

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