Holbo Turntable Review

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“The Holbo turntable is difficult to set up and all other elements of the system have to be carefully selected – it plays like much more expensive turntables and does not tolerate lack of attention to detail. There is also a problematic noisy pump, which one has to find a way to deal with. Despite everything, it’s worth considering, because Mr. Bostjan’s record player copes well with communicating emotions contained in music. Its sound can be described as warm, but only if we understand it as natural. It offers excellent resolution, great differentiation, although at first glance, its sound is calm and unobtrusive.”


Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable Review

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“Tenor saxophonist Ike Quebec’s brilliant “Bossa Nova, Soul Samba” LP from 1962 was where the allure of analog sound really kicked in. Quebec’s rounded tone and fuller sound were the sort you rarely experience with digital files. I’ve said it before, but the best way to enjoy digital audio is never listen to a well recorded LP on a decent turntable. Digital may be clearer, but digital inevitably winds up sounding more two-dimensional, and less like real humans playing tunes.”

Technics SL-1200GR Turntable Review

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“Long-term pitch stability is often cited as a strong suit of direct-drive turntables, and the Technics drive system has always been one of the best. There’s no hint of the proverbial “hunt and peck” speed wavering and cogging that belt-drive fans often accuse direct drives of committing. Even the sustained piano chords at the opening of Sviatoslav Richter’s 1959 recording of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 on Deutsche Grammophon were totally in tune and steady as a rock by my ear. Technics makes a big deal about their new coreless direct-drive motor design, and it seems to be the real deal. There was a time when audiophiles would eschew direct-drive systems as not being capable of truly high-end performance, but more recent designs like the Brinkmann Bardo and the Grand Prix Audio Monaco have proven otherwise to many, albeit at vastly higher price points. Technics, with their coreless system, can now hold their own.”

Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable $5,973 Review

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“It’s worth noting that Gold Note offers an excellent instruction manual, something not all turntables offer. And the table comes well packed. Once removed, the Mediterraneo should take you about 10 minutes to assemble; install the platter on the spindle assembly, string the belt and then fine tune the tonearm for your cartridge. Tracking force is straightforward, and anti-skate is adjusted with a small weight on a string. This table is easy to work with, falling into place quickly. Even analog newcomers should have no problem setting it up quickly and easily.”

XACT Audio, Stillpoints, Schröder tonearmsRMAF 2017

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TOP 5 Affordable Record Players! – video

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10 Record Player Mistakes – video

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