The Vinyl Guide – Hi-end headphones in the Adelphi Mall, Singapore – Video

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Origin Live’s Calypso Turntable and Encounter Tonearm Review

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“Bass response is closely tied to this ability as well. When auditioning some of my favorite EDM and prog tracks, this deck never feels thin. Bass is solid and well controlled without any lack of detail. In my main system with two REL 212 subwoofers, the OL table and arm worked best on top of the Grand Prix Audio rack, or wall mounted. As part of the system in room two, with a pair of Quad 2812s, this was not an issue at all. This is no knock at the OL, any of the unsuspended tables I use (VPI, Technics, Soulines, and Rega) all need the benefit of this rack or wall mount in room one.”

Changing & Aligning a Cartridge – Video

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New upgraded Nasotec Headshell Cartridge Alignment Block.


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“Compared to a more expensive VPI Prime, the Radius does surprisingly well. This is a better comparison than it might first seem as both use unipivot tonearms. The two go largely toe-to-toe at the upper and midrange points, but where the Prime pulls ahead is in the bass. While the Roksan delivers a clean, taut bass, the VPI delivers a clean, taut, and deep bass. The Roksan is not bass light though, indeed, partnered as might be appropriate given the Radius’ price, the lack of overhang may be better suited to systems than more stentorian designs, which can sound stodgy in context. It’s just that the decay of the left hand of a piano seems to be less noticeable on the Radius.”

VPI Prime Scout Turntable Review – Video

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AMG Giro Turntable, 9W2 ‘Arm, and Teatro Moving-Coil Cartridge Review

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Now, their recorded performance is very fine, one of the best of the set—if not as riveting as the one we’d just attended—and the engineering is also quite fine, nicely conveying the sound of the orchestra in its home, Davies Hall. Yet if we double-back to Valin’s notion of “real,” I gotta say that the Giro setup did not disappoint. That is not, of course, to say that it was a replica of the real experience, but as the reproduction of a large symphony orchestra goes, it was nevertheless pretty damn impressive.”

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