Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon turntable Review

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“The Sumiko Blackbird is a cartridge I’ve been interested in spending time with in my own home environment/context since I first heard it, and their Blue Point cartridge several years ago on a McIntosh turntable/system. I have to say this cartridge tends to the lean side, and required some experimentation with loading to get it to where the sound was what I wanted from it. Sumiko recommends 100 Ohms of loading for the Blackbird Low, but I ended up happiest with 25 Ohms through the Pass Labs XP-15/XP-17, as it fattened-up the bottom end, and added some needed midrange jam. Some might complain that the highs suffered a loss of air, which they did (ever-so-slightly), but it was a balance i was willing to live with for long-term listening enjoyment. I used the “High” setting on the impedance selector of the windings of my Audio Note SUT, which is optimized for cartridges with an internal impedance of roughly 15-20 Ohms (the Blackbird Low is 28 Ohms). The tonearm is an updated 9cc Evolution with an inverted bearing, made of carbon fibre with a dampened-metal counterweight, and a beefed-up C-collar bearing/pivot housing. All the usual suspects are present in the technical adjustment lineup for an ‘arm of this caliber including easily-tweaked VTA, overhang, and azimuth.”


Spinning a Record to Pieces at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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NEW Rega P1 Plus Turntable Unboxing

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“The build quality of the Studiodeck and Studiotracker cartridge are on point with their competition, and it was clear after a short stint with the table that this is a high-quality design, high calibre performing table that has quite a bit to offer those of us who need to remain price conscious. At an extremely reasonable entry level price, the Studiodeck’s sonic strength seemed to be a well illuminated and well rounded mid-range that was able to faithfully deliver an analogue experience that exceeded my expectations given its modest price. If you are looking for a laid back easy listening presentation look elsewhere. But if your music preferences tend towards faster-paced, higher-energy music of any variety I would think the Studiodeck is right up your alley.”

Acoustic Solid Xtended-MPX Turntable + WTB-370 Tonearm Review

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“Overall, initial set-up took about 45 minutes. Acoustic Solid must be commended for their instruction guide. Even though I’ve set-up hundreds of TTs, I found their directions extremely helpful. After burning the ‘table in with the Vasari Red M/M cart for a week, all of my serious listening tests were done using the Sumiko Pearwood Mk#2 M/C cartridge.”

TriangleArt Maestro turntable Review

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“As I moved into more and more different kinds of music, I continued to be impressed with how my system sounded with the Maestro turntable. It produced deep, rich, powerful bass that never had any overhang. Performances came across with a good beat and sounded alive with a presence that made listening to music a real joy. These are rare traits in any source component. Without a doubt, the TriangleART Maestro Turntable is a very fine turntable at any price.”


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“With Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ [España, NSO, Chasing the Dragon] the Motus II produced massive depth of soundstage alongside nice transients and complete control, the mezzo soprano voice remaining assured and extended regardless of the tracking challenge. It’s one of those source components that gives the impression of having all the time in the world to resolve the recording, it’s not slow but it won’t be rushed. There are better timed turntables on the market to be sure and if you are looking for the propulsive drive of jazz and rock they might be preferable, but if you enjoy instrumental and vocal tone in the context of a stable but lively presentation, there is an awful lot to like about the STST Motus II. What the turntable does so well is make music that is so rewarding all other considerations are set aside, which is not something you can say of all turntables by any means. If you want a turntable that does both fine detail resolution and emotional communication this is definitely one for the shortlist.”

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