Pure Fidelity Harmony Turntable Review

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“My main goal was to introduce a new model that would add to the strengths of the Eclipse and Encore, improving on their existing characteristics, not changing them. I am very proud of the aesthetics of our turntables, but as beautiful as they are I will only add or change components if they improve the sound.

Adding the solid 18 lb isolation base has improved what was already a very quiet turntable. It is a unique design. The table’s feet sit inside the machined pockets of the platform giving superb isolation due to its weight and an additional set of feet.”


Clearaudio Innovation Basic Turntable | Review

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“Its hard to tell if my enjoyment was due to the Clearaudio table, the new TRACER or the Hana ML cartridge. But I do know that the combination of the three seemed to offer a level of synergy that left an impression on me.

Over the past few years I have come to appreciate wood body cartridges like the Miyajima Zero Mono or Miyajima Madake Snakewood that create a hypnotic sound with soul…. The Hana ML isn’t a Snakewood, but it had the ability to create a similar experience on a smaller scale, and I think that is what attracted me to it.”

Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Turntable Review $799

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“That definitely describes the LP7, but it’s not a bad thing. This basic design is more or less universal at this price point for a reason: It’s simple and it’s effective. It allows people who maybe aren’t too into the fiddly-ness that naturally comes with vinyl playback to experience a more advanced turntable. The LP7 even has a built-in phonostage (that can be bypassed) for those who don’t have electronics with a phono preamp. It’s a compromise between form, function, and user ability. The LP7 is a step up from your entry-level turntables, both in cost and in functionality, and I was really interested to find out how it sounded.”

Cambridge Alva TT Bluetooth Turntable Review

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Kronos Analogue Solution Listening Session,

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Kuzma STABI R Turntable Review

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“Frank Kuzma’s turntables have a common quality that you can recognize in almost every case, regardless of whether we are talking about the cheapest Stabi S, the most expensive Stabi XL DC or the reviewed Stabi R—it’s how natural they are. They sound so organic, so smooth—but in the sense that there is no distortion that could distract listener—so fluidly that “natural sound” is the first phrase that comes to mind already when listening to the first record played on these turntables.

One can say that the Stabi R model is the case, where one could add another term to describe its sound—”analog.” Seemingly simple, but… music lovers and audiophiles looking for an “analog ound” often do not know what they are really looking for. Based on stereotypes, exclamatory descriptions of audio products, and finally yielding to the ignorance of the so-called “experts” think that if something sounds warm, it means that it sounds analog. They include both sound sources and amplifiers to this group, and even cables”.

Audio-Technica • AT-LP7 Turntable $799 Review

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“The ‘LP7’s superb tracking and lively, distortion-free retrieval of detail were consistent regardless of the record, even some discs whose innermost tracks proved to be a challenge for my 20-year-old Rega P3. However, dynamics sounded constricted and the soundstage was smaller than I was accustomed to hearing when using my reference. When I switched off the ‘LP7’s phono stage and connected directly to the far more expensive tube phono stage of my preamp, the ‘LP7’s presentation blossomed and bloomed; instruments and the surrounding space became more three-dimensional, and dynamics reached a much grander scale. Anyone who purchases the ‘LP7 should note that this humble ‘table clearly has a reserve of impressive performance potential that can be unlocked with the upgrade to a separate phono stage down the road. The same is true of Audio-Technica’s stock RCA cables and grounding wire. By replacing them with Shunyata Research’s flagship Sigma phono and grounding cables, I found that the ‘LP7 delivered far more micro detail than I thought possible in this price range. While I don’t suggest breaking the bank on interconnects, it’s clear that the ‘LP7 has plenty of potential for those willing to tweak.”

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