Astell&Kern KANN Portable Media Player $1,000 Review

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“Astell&Kern took a gamble by tapping a different design team on their KANN player. The resulting product looks fairly unique compared to prior AK designs, and handles very differently thanks to those front panel controls. Obviously that massive battery is the headlining feature, but we also get increased power and connectivity thanks to the expanded real estate. The $999 price tag is certainly not cheap, though for an Astell&Kern product it is actually on the low side.”


Hiby R6 Review

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“This is where FiiO has pushed the boat out for a sub $200 DAP. All the inputs and output are housed on the bottom panel as is the case with the X1 2nd gen. The top panel is flush metal only. You retain the3.5mm digital and line out of the older 2nd Gen DAP but you also get an additional balanced 2.5mm TRSS on the opposite side.

Previously the line and digital outputs were houses in a dual purpose single 3.5mm output. Switching was done through the OS controls in settings. On the X3iii you now have a 3.5mm jack with tri-functional capability. It now includes 3.5mm unbalanced for headphones and IEMs plus lineout and coaxial”

Astell & Kern Kann $1,000 Review

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“The Kann’s only downside is its somewhat bulky shape, though the Kann’s big draws are its abundant power and high-resolution capabilities which really bloom with the very best headphones. If you have a high-end set, the Astell & Kern Kann deserves serious consideration.”

Sony NW-ZX300 Review

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“This is a Sony very much in the manner of its personal music players we’ve had the pleasure of testing, but that brings with it the same Sony shortfalls. Were the NW-ZX300 to match its clarity with equally opulent dynamic punch it would be a shoe-in for an Award, but again this is where it misses the mark.”


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“I only have my trusty Vorzuge Pure ii amp for reference but what I hear is just what you’d expect to hear from such an honest and milky sounding amp. I have plugged my Pure ii into a few devices with some adverse effects. This is not the case with the AR-M2. It’s exactly how it should be. Everything that holds true for the character of the Pure ii the sound is simply there without any mess or sudden schizophrenic changes.”

Cayin N5ii Review

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“The soundstage of the new Cayin is exceptionally wide. One of the biggest I have on-hand. And it illustrates depth better than any of the lower-budget gear I’ve tried. Dynamism is remarkable, as well. This is a lively f**ker and will immediately engage you. What really separates the N5ii from the pack, though, is its gift for natural, clear, high resolution audio. There are DAPs which do one or two of those three things better, but Cayin manages them all, and on a level of proficiency you have no right to expect at this price point.”

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