FIIO M3K $69.99 Review

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Beyond that, the unit is very pure sounding until you get to the top end, where things got very musical and hyper enjoyable for me. Sometimes, I listen to classical music and screaming guitars and find myself air-playing to myself in front of others…because I find the treble response and presentation that enjoyable. Right now, my sample is a beta unit and did not include custom EQ. However, FiiO has told me that they will be updating the M3K with custom EQ very soon!



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“Both have excellent black backgrounds with efficient IEMs and next to no noise. On this, they are on equal footing. Both use Sabre DACs so they do veer more to the neutral than overly warm. However, the R3 is simply the more detailed and refined of the two with better dynamic range and micro detail retrieval. Its MSB DSP can also change the timbre at a swipe also going from warm to cold with a slide of a button. It is quite fantastic listening to the changes MSEB can bring to the R3.

To its credit, the M7 is a bit more aggressive sounding than the R3 and a little fuller sounding. Vocals are a little further forward also. On sheer immediacy, the M7 is the more attention seeking with a bit more mid-bass impact and a slightly fuller sound. However, it is a sound that is not quite as detailed as the R3’s slightly more neutral sound. In particular, the R3 timbre sounds the more accurate and life-like of the two and its treble also has a bit more extension and articulation.”

FiiO M3K Portable Hi-Res Audio Player $70 Review

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“So how about some upgrades to your current setup? Perhaps move away from those old and overly bulky / heavy portable audio gear to the latest and greatest? Maybe you truly want to be on-the-go whilst doing extreme sports? Without a doubt either one, or dare I say both, of these FiiO devices could easily work seamlessly within your lifestyle. Am overjoyed to hear great sound for the everyday person’s budget. Gone are the days of needing hundreds of dollars and big, bulky setups to hear impressive sound quality as you move through your daily life. Of course FiiO does offer higher priced units with more features, higher amplifier power output, etc. Have no doubt the BTR3 and M3K will be big sellers. Considering the sound offered at this price point, Apple iPhone users will be wanting to get in on the BTR3 action since they desperately need a quality setup to hear music authentically as the artist intended.”

Astel&Kern SP1000M Music Player – Hands On Review

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Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000M review

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“A product launch event is never the best time to draw serious conclusions on a new product, especially a high-end device such as this, but our first impressions are certainly positive. Lighter and smaller can only be better for most of us when it comes to portable devices and if Astell & Kern can deliver the level of performance we’re used to, we could be in for a treat. But with that £1999/$2400 price tag, it of course needs to sound very good indeed.”

Astell&Kern SP1000 SS Ultima: A Brief Review

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“SP1000 has a bigger body as well as a bigger screen compared to AK380. Its design is straighter and rectangular. In this unit, there is a double digital to analogue converter named AKM AK4497EQ. As AK380 maintains, there are one 3.5mm single ended and 2.5mm balanced outputs. The main difference between two flagships is the USB 3.0 port of the SP1000. The USB 3.0 offers a faster file transfer, but the 3.0 cable isn’t still widespread. So, if we own an old android phone, we may need to carry an extra cable to charge SP1000.”


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“Five battery cells drive both digital and analogue amplification circuits independently for enhanced dynamics and reduced internal electromagnetic interference. By isolating the power delivery from conventional AC power supplies, you enjoy both a more open treble response and tighter bass delivery without the harshness transmitted through AC line noise.”

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