Astell & Kern A&norma SR-15 Hands On Review

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Cowon Plenue J Review

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“It also demonstrates good handling of rhythms. The tingling strums of the track’s opening guitar shimmer onto the soundstage snappily, and it’s not long before our foot starts tapping along.As the drumbeat starts, the Cowon Plenue J delivers it all in an enjoyable, tightly timed presentation.”

LG V30 and MQA

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“Physically, the KANN uses simpler though no less attractive chassis construction than the ‘milled–from-billet’ premium-priced AK DAPs do. To help keep build costs in check, the KANN features an extruded aluminium chassis that is roughly trapezoidal in cross section and that is offered either in ‘Eos Blue’ or ‘Astro Silver”. The chassis is capped-off with top and bottom endplates treated to a black, rubber-like ‘soft feel’ finish. The top plate features single-ended and balanced headphone jacks and line stage output jacks plus a master On/Off switch, while the bottom plate provides SD and Micro SD memory card slots, a USB-C charging/data port, and a micro USB I/O port for digital audio data. ”


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“Still, audiophiles wanted more, including mass storage and DSD support. Astell & Kern has answered that need with the KANN, and one-upped most other players, including their own models by adding a powerful headphone amp built in. Other digital audio players were portable, but if you wanted to use them with higher quality, inefficient headphones, it meant strapping on an outboard amplifier, with cords to attach the player and the amplifier. That was pretty much a pain for users. The KANN gives us high quality, lots of music format support, and you can plug in just about any headphone.”

Astell & Kern A&futura SE100

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‘Now the company has debuted two new series of similar players at the High End 2018 show in Munich, Germany, for those who are looking for high-resolution audio on the go, but don’t want to shell out $3,500 for the flagship.”

Hidizs AP200 DAP Review

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“The WiFi is not very well implemented, the signal drops out a lot and does not have very good range, so this is something to be aware of if you are planning on using it as a streaming device.
The Bluetooth is actually very good however, and it supports AptX, you can tell if it is sending an AptX signal by a small A symbol appearing in the notification bar. I got good range with Bluetooth, and the sound quality is good via AptX.”

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