FiiO M3 Pro – A music player

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“We have seen the ESS ES9128P on some flagship audiophile phones and DAPs, however, the M3 Pro is expected to sound better than quite a lot of phones with entry-level DAC chipsets or poor implementation.

The overall sound is quite clean with some elevation in the lower-treble to help tease out a bit more perceived clarity and contrast. Overall, this closely follows FiiO’s developing house sound for the M series with a relatively neutral tuning up to the mids and good clarity.The upper mids are more aggressive than the higher-end models from FiiO but it works well with darker sounding IEMs that need a boost for the vocals to bring it forward.”

Lotoo PAW Gold Touch

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“The M6 Pro runs on Bluetooth 4.2 and supports all of the popular Bluetooth codecs, allowing you to connect to all the latest Hi-Res receivers or earphones.

Connecting to TWS or Bluetooth headphones is smooth and the M6 Pro can work two-way as a remitter or receiver for LDAC and SBC codecs when you select “Bluetooth Amp mode” in the Bluetooth settings. For aptX HD and HWA, it can transmit the signal outwards only.

I am getting a stable signal out of the M6 Pro to other receivers with no glitches in connection even when placing the player in my pocket/ bag. There is an LED indicator above the volume wheel that shows the BT connection status. The color codes are green is for LDAC, SBC Blue, aptX purple and aptX HD will get you yellow. The M6 Pro is certified for Hi-Res wireless standard.”

Astell & Kern SR25 vs SR15

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“he first FiiO M3 maybe wasn’t really impressive but the new M3 Pro feels like a very different kind of animal. First and foremost, the player ditched the horrendous plastic case, for aluminum. In fact, the DAP now looks and feels like the old iPod Nano: a thin, minimal, slab of metal.

I saw the FiiO M3 Pro in pictures, before getting one for real. And while the player looks nice on those shots, it’s even better in real life. CNC’ed housing with rounded edges, glass panels front and back, none of the previous M3 traits have made it to the new version. And, that’s good news.”


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“And lastly, it’s gotta look good. If you’re going to have your DAP on the surface in front of you at all times, a good piece of industrial design will make that a far easier pill to swallow and make you want to regard it from arm’s length. The overall shape of the SA700 might seem a little familiar to the keen-eyed DAP-aficionados among you. That volume wheel which dominates the otherwise monolithic, rectangular profile evokes the lines of the AK120 – the original Astell&Kern DAP – from which they drew inspiration in terms of the SA700’s design. Astell&Kern set-out to combine analogue-design values of yesteryear with cutting-edge future technology in this latest chapter. Or, as they describe: ‘Past Meets Present’. The ‘party trick’ of the SA700 in the beauty pageant is the back-lit LED behind the volume wheel. depending on what sample rate or file type you’re listening to, it will glow in a nice red, green, blue or purple. It’s a nice, subtle effect and provides a comforting reminder of the device’s power and smarts while it’s sitting nearby. ”

Astell&Kern KANN CUBE

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Fiio M11 vs M11 Pro Review

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Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000M review

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“The screen looks great. Sharp, colourful and clear, and a long way removed from the old digital player experience of years past. It’s still not a flagship smartphone experience, though, so if you’re used to expansive screens where you can swipe to your heart’s content, this is not that. The keyboard is a little fiddly for our fingers and it’s not always instantaneous in its response. 

Inside, the CPU and DAC are the same as the previous model. So that means two AK4497EQ DACs, one for each stereo channel, and an Exynos 7420 octa-core CPU. What is new is an upgraded audio block layout, which aims to shorten the signal path and deliver better sound thanks to reduced noise and improved output level.”

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