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“The only glitch I experienced during playback was on DSD DFF 5.6 files played from a 128GB card. Every 30 seconds (or so) there occurred an extremely short drop out. IRIVER could not duplicate the bug when I sent them the file, but it occurred on two different CT10 players, so I suspect it was something to do with the card since these same tracks played correctly when the card was loaded into a A&K A&futura SE100. Overall the operational efficacy of the CT10 was on par with Astell&Kern’s other players. Its touchscreen responded with alacrity, and its menu options were well laid out.”

Fiio M11 Pro Digital Audio Player

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O”verall, Fiio have created a strong contender within the realm of digital audio players. The M-series of DAPs takes it a step further with an even more cohesive UI, beautiful aesthetics, and strong sound profile. Many users such as myself are happy with the inclusion of streaming services like Tidal and Spotify, which not all DAPs have the functionality to offer. Coupled with the powerful amplifiers and neutral but refined sonic presentation, the M11 Pro is an all-in-one solution equipped to service the modern audiophile’s needs. It will be intriguing to see what the Chinese audio firm will be next to release. Do stay tuned”

Astell & Kern SR15 A&norma Review

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“If you’re looking for something pocket-friendly that can take advantage of digital audio in both a wireless and wired world and replace your mobile phone as your main music experience that does streaming services like TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer or Spotify via wi-fi, has gobs of internal storage, can handle every file type imaginable, and won’t break the bank, then the Astell&Kern SR15 at $699 USD is a no-brainer. The increase in SQ over the iPhone/Lightning/Buetooth pairing is obvious, and the fact you don’t get interrupted by a call or text while listening is a huge bonus for me personally. When I’m listening to music, I’d rather not be distracted with social media, the Internet, etc. That said, the fact that the A&norma is a separate unit, it allows unhindered listening while you work on your laptop or scroll Instagram on your phone, so it’s a bit of a win-win from either angle. For the level of SQ, wired and wireless feature set, and future-fi that the SR15 has built-in at its price point, I can only highly recommend it.


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“The DX160 will operate as both a transmitter and a receiver and connect to multiple wireless devices using Bluetooth 5.0. You can also access some app control features though this will largely depend on the apps you are using.

I found it relatively easy to connect my Samsung Note 9 to the DX160 and by simply switching on the ‘Bluetooth DAC+AMP Mode’ in the Bluetooth menu after doing the initial BT pairing process. I was able to automatically stream audio from the Note 9 to the DX160 using any music app. That also included streaming apps such as TIDAL which sound excellent on the DX160 via the Note 9 BT connection.

Because BT5.0 allows Bi-Directional support you can also flip the audio experience and stream your audio from the DX220 to a receiver of your choice such as a smartphone or another DAP since it is backward compatible with BT4.2. I had no issues streaming from the DX160 to the R2R200 Black, for example, or any Bluetooth active wireless speaker within range.”

iBasso DX160 Review

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There are no user-selectable digital filter options for the Astell&Kern KANN CUBE. The above digital filter test is based on a protocol suggested by Jurgen Reis of MBL Audio. This noise test shows the characteristics of a sharp filter that is flat to 22 kHz (with a 44k sample/sec input) with a steep roll-off thereafter. The reconstruction tone of a 19KHz signal is down 65dB. This is as it should be. Some products have filters that can produce a high-end droop and minimal rejection of the 19kHz reconstruction tone.

All in all, from an objective standpoint, the Astell&Kern KANN CUBE produces impressively low THD+N numbers and has excellent linearity characteristics. One should have no qualms using it as a source component in a high-end stereo system let alone in its intended portable use.”

FiiO M11 DAP Review

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