Sony NW-WM1Z Portable Player and MDR-Z1R Headphones Flagship – Review

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“The MDR-Z1R comes in a large, leather-bound presentation case complete with a firmly closing clasp. It seems that it is pretty much a given that any premium headphone will be packaged in a similar manner. Many audiophiles, including this reviewer, would prefer a case that could be used in the field rather than an elaborate non-portable case that takes up valuable shelf space. It would also have aided the MDR-Z1R’s portability if the lateral pivots allowed the headphones to lay flat for travel.”



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“Staging wise the X7II combined with the AM3a provides better detail and dynamics at the very low end and superior air and articulation in its brilliance region. The linear response curve in the midbass to lower mids also provides a bit more space and clarity to instrumental passages.”


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“Honestly, I don’t buy into the DAP side of a sound of things. What do I mean? Well at a certain point these high-end audiophile focussed players sound very much alike. They are all variations of excellent and used purely as a sole source (ie without my Chord Mojo etc). The AK70 competes with pretty much anything out there in the top end with variations coming here and there. I could happily have this or the Opus#1, the Fiio X5 Gen III or a host of the other Astell & Kern audio players. ”

Fiio X5 Gen III Digital Audio Player $399 Review

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“The X5 Gen III/F5 combo is a winner on all levels; they’re both attractively priced, especially when you consider the impressive sound quality and feature set offered by the pair. The build quality and appearance of both is superb, and the pair performs at a much higher level than their combined price would suggest. I loved everything about the X5—it’s a near-perfectionist unit that will leave you wanting for very little in a digital audio player, and it performed throughout the review period with nary a hiccup of any kind. And the connectivity of the unit is outstanding; whether driving powered speakers with either wired or Bluetooth connections, the performance was always flawless. ”

Shaling M2s Review $150

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” Based on the reviews I read on forums and on other sites, the Shanling M2s does have a smooth and warm sound. It has decent level or clarity and detail; soundstage and layering is not so stellar though. But the general consensus is that sound quality is okay for its price. Don’t expect too much though, after all, this is an entry-level DAP.”



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” The Sony WM1Z gives the fullest and most complete bass I’ve heard from a DAP. It’s a huge bass response but neither midbass or subbass stands out in the recordings, unless the recording has such a trait in itself. It has a wonderful bass control and balance in terms of that, while continuously giving the body. Lows feel so complete all the time and that way you hear an atmospheric sound, especially with live recordings.”

World Premier Review of the $3,500 Astell&Kern SP1000 A&ultima Series High-End Music Player Review

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“I did not dive into all the myriad of features and future upgrades planned for the Astell&Kern SP1000 A&ultima Series High-End Music Player. You can count on a ton of them in the works, including a high speed CD ripper which will plug directly into the 1000, sans computer. The SP1000 is beautifully packaged and comes with key cables and assorted goodies. Everything has been thought through, and the IRiver team headed by Owen Kwon is ready to serve all your needs now and in the future. I have never met a friendlier group of techies and music lovers. ”

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