Vox Olympian/Vox Elysian Speaker System Review $720,000

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“As I’ve already suggested, the musical strength and coherence that enable the Living Voice speakers to transcend the limitations of piano recordings that we’ve all come to accept and spark small-ensemble classical pieces to vivid life and invest larger-scale works with a convincing power and emotional scope translate to every other form of music I played. Listening sessions became long, meandering trawls through the music collection and the discs, both analog and digital, that visitors had brought, each piece suggesting and leading almost inevitably to another”

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Kharma dB9-S Loudspeakers $36,000 Review

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“I love listening to symphonies and a true full range loudspeaker must be able to reproduce symphonies with grace, power and finesse. A symphony is not an easy task for any loudspeaker to render properly. It’s very complex, yet at the same time very delicate, requiring lot from a loudspeaker and the ancillary equipment”


Master&Dynamic MH30 Review

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“The MH30 have a fun and unique sound signature that kept me coming back to them. Though they do not resolve as well as my more expensive headphones, and the bass lacks the low-end extension of a Fostex or a planar-magnetic, the MH30’s clarity, naturalness, and speed more than made up for it.”

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