Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x Headphones $1995 Review

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The Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x Headphones are musical masterpieces and killer cans. No matter whether I tried them with my phono source, A&K DAP, Paravicini HP4 Headphone Amp, or my restored McIntosh MR80 FM Tuner with a headphone jack, they performed with pure sophistication and high definition. More definition overall for any Grado Headphone I know of, they always communicated with a neutral and extremely linear presentation. Their sense of reality is state of the art. Their big surprise is their huge dynamic range and sub-woofer-like bass. What great fun! I happily give the new Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x my highest “buy” recommendation.


SIVGA Oriole $200 Review

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In their marketing materials, SIVGA promised the Oriole would have “a smooth, balanced, rich sound with a wide soundstage, good instrument separation, and high-resolution clarity.” After listening to these headphones for some time now, I think they made good on a lot of what they promised.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 $699 Review

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Overall, the Bowers & Wilkins Px8 are hugely capable performers that justify their price with a combination of build and sound quality that cheaper alternatives just can’t match. Apple’s AirPods Max may have kick-started the market for higher-end wireless noise-cancelling headphones but, to our ears, these B&Ws deliver even more in the way of musical insight and enjoyment.

There are some niggles but nothing that comes close to denting our enthusiasm for these headphones. They are a fine effort that deserve serious consideration if you are buying at this level.

Sendy Apollo Headphones $499 Review

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The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (24-bit/96kHz) makes for an instant treat, and more clearly demonstrates the Apollos’ capabilities. As the intro notes pan back and forth, the Sendys become spacious and open, throwing the tones out into a farther reach. Vocals sit tight against the ears, while the drums distinctively come from behind my head. It is now an expansive, multi-dimensional sphere, weightless and tremendously enjoyable.

Wrapping It Up

During my time with Sendy Apollos, I compared them to a few of my own headphones, plus another pair on loan to me. With each comparison, I found the Apollos to be far and away a more comfortable, balanced, and better fit around my ears. Since some of my listening sessions with them went long, this comfort was hugely appreciated. Sonically, the Apollos performed well above their $499 price point, even with the use of a mobile phone. I may even invent a few reasons to escape before our time is done.

Focal Utopia 2022 Headphones vs. Original In-Depth Comparison

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I think lows are the best part about the new Sundara Closed-Back, giving great slam, kick, rumble and also recovery. I’m not sure if it’s because of the closed-back design or the driver technology, but in terms of bass performance, this is one of the best headphones I’ve heard for the price. The punch and speed are certainly impressive, with great pace and decay. It also doesn’t affect the other parts of the spectrum


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The Mark Levinson No.5909 ended up completely overturning my preconceptions of these headphones being more style than substance. Besides their elite good looks, a serious level of R&D has gone into these cans to not only make them sound exceptional but also to make them almost effortless to use. In a very real sense, they are two headphones in one. The benefits of enhanced range and bandwidth found in the latest Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, meshed with effective ANC performance, selectable bass tuning, and great comfort make them an excellent set of wireless travel headphones. The Beryllium-coated drivers not only deliver the sonic goods when operating wirelessly but they continue to do so when listening completely passively. It’s actually a better-than-enjoyable experience. No longer are you stuck with the sound of “last resort” when the power runs out. I like the passive sound of the Mark Levinson No.5909 better than some more expensive wired headphones out there. It’s that good. Looking at the entirety of what the No.5909 can do, they are certainly worth the price. They are the best of their breed thus far, with no qualifiers. Highly Recommended!


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One odd thing I found (and this may just be me) but I found wearing the headphones backward to be far more comfortable when listening for extended periods of time. In the normal mode, they sat too far back on my head and felt like they were sliding back, pulling on my head. In reverse, they sit near perfectly at the top of my head. Let me know in the comments if you own a pair and have tried this out.


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Born from the merger of Focal, world leader in acoustic sound made in France, and Naim Audio, world leader in British-made hi-fi electronics, VerVent Audio Group’s brand subsidiaries signal a new investment phase and direction for VerVent in the US and Canada. By creating its own distribution entity, the group is striving to turn the North American territory into the market leader for Focal and Naim.

Since joining forces, Naim and Focal have united their unique areas of excellence and innovation, meaning even higher levels of authentic audio performance are possible – taking you closer to the music you love.

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