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Sound stage-wise the Hifiman HE-R10P scores very well in both width and depth, though the Susvara still outperforms it. For a closed headphone however this is really good and the layering and extension are really nicely done. What I am missing a bit in the R10P compared to the level of the Susvara is the note extension and decay, especially in the mid-section. Treble-wise the R10P is softer, very easygoing and more limited. It’s probably its least strong point, especially when compared to the Susvara.

As expected from a flagship headphone, the R10P also shines when it comes to PRaT, preciseness and detail rendering. You at all times get a very rich sound with excellent L/R balance and stereo imaging. From highs to lows, the R10P has a great dynamic feeling to it. The R10P produces a very clean sound, though the clarity could still be a bit improved (


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Coming from a Chinese manufacturer, the build quality is actually very good. The headphone has all-metal yokes and the headband is fitted nicely with a good feel of sturdiness. The earcups are from plastic material, but they also feel very good and there’s absolutely no crackling noise whatsoever. Considering the fact that this makes the headphone lighter, I think it’s a good design choice and the plastic quality is excellent.

Design-wise the headphone obviously resembles the Hifiman headphones. Yet, it looks quite cool and a bit futuristic and the silver color gives it a nice sleeky look. The GL2000 indeed looks very fresh and clean-cut. I quite liked the design overall, very good job.

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Starting from the lowest frequencies, the ZMF Vérité Closed makes a very good account of themselves in this department. The bass is slightly thick and dense, but comes replete with a great blend of texture, impact, and authority. It is a very good middle ground for listeners who prefer a more austere bass presentation, and those of the basshead persuasion. It can, and will, conjure a fantastic, potent bass response when your song or track requires one. Otherwise, it’s happy to sit in a corner on the stage, producing great lows but never making it a standout feature. In that sense, you’re getting a presentation that is polite, yet powerful when it needs to be. There’s very good control in the low-end here.

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