Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones $1999

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“In his “Conclusion,” Brent declared: “I think Audio-Technica put themselves back among the top players in audiophile headphones — something that hasn’t really been true since the rise of ambitious audiophile-focused competitors such as Audeze and HiFiMan.” The ATH-ADX5000s are “sonically competitive with anything on the market up to at least $3000,” he said; “if you’re looking for high-end open-back headphones, they’re a must-hear.” Appropriately enough, with the ATH-ADX5000s, Audio-Technica is now included in our list of Recommended Reference Components for the very first time.”


Hifiman’s $999 Ananda Review

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“To finish up, I plugged the Ananda into my iPhone 6S’ headphone jack, where I streamed Tidal FLAC files. I wasn’t expecting much, but the sound was very decent. With M. Geddes Gengras’ Hawaiki Tapes album of synth driven ambient music the Ananda projected a massive sound that surrounded my head!”


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“Sonically, the LCD-MX4 comes across as ‘son of the LCD-4’ in many respects, in particular showing an energetic, and very revealing midrange that sounds positively luminous and that is highly reminiscent of the sound of Audeze’s top model. Upper midrange and treble articulacy and resolution are very good, too—perhaps not quite matching the performance of the LCD-4, but not far off the mark. Most importantly, the LCD-MX4 offers a well-integrated and all-of-a-piece sonic presentation from the lower midrange right on up to the highest treble frequencies. Thanks to this ‘cut-from-whole-cloth’ sonic quality, the LCD-MX4 encourages listeners to resist dissecting or analysing what they are hearing and instead to relax and simply drink in the music as a whole. In”

ABYSS Headphones Diana $3,000 Review

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Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Headphones Review

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“The Amiron’s size might be a turn off to some because of travel restrictions, but they fit nearly any head comfortably. Their ease of use is also at the front of the pack as compared with the competition. There is little that these headphones don’t do right.”




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“The ÆON Flow Open is an extremely well built and good sounding headphone and many will consider it another in a growing line of MrSpeaker instant classics. Across genres the ÆON Flow Open back edition seems to consistently find new eye-opening ways to shake listeners out of complacency and reinvent the music anew with artistic intentions intact. Do these $799 headphones do everything perfectly? No, of course not. But, do they make you wonder why you would consider spending another $500–$1000 for just a small potential uptick in performance? Yes, they certainly do!”


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“The Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones are everything you would expect from a reference headphone produced by a company with Klipsch’s pedigree. They are definitely a look into the limits of dynamic driver headphones, producing extreme dynamic range with epic concert levels of bass, without compromising the tonal balance of the low mids, mids and highs. If you are familiar with Klipsch’s Legacy speakers, you will know what to expect from the HP-3s as they have truly captured that big horn sound. While not forgiving of certain recordings, they appear to work well with any source and are efficient enough to run off a phone or one of those tweaky “high end” DAPs that usually require an external amplifier.”

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