Sony NW-WM1Z Portable Player and MDR-Z1R Headphones Flagship – Review

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“The MDR-Z1R comes in a large, leather-bound presentation case complete with a firmly closing clasp. It seems that it is pretty much a given that any premium headphone will be packaged in a similar manner. Many audiophiles, including this reviewer, would prefer a case that could be used in the field rather than an elaborate non-portable case that takes up valuable shelf space. It would also have aided the MDR-Z1R’s portability if the lateral pivots allowed the headphones to lay flat for travel.”



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“Lower mids on the DX are a little dipped though by all accounts not quite as dipped as the SINE. Instrumental clarity is good with excellent control on any bass bleed but it is not the fattest or richest sound out there. Guitar work will sound clean and with good pace but they are not front and center sitting slightly more behind vocals which benefit from an elevated 800Hz-2k response curve.

“The staging is more intimate than expansive with instrumental positioning behind vocals and slightly on the lean side with that lower mid dipping. However, this does help prevent bass bleed and keeps the lower mid presentation relatively clean.”




Hifiman Susvara $6,000 Review

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All true, but for sound quality the AB-1266 is still my reference. Compared to that one the Susvara sounds like a more conventional headphone, albeit one with superior midrange, so vocals and acoustic instruments sound more natural, and imaging focus is more precise than what I heard from the AB-1266. The Susvara is also more comfortable than the AB-1266 or any full-size Audeze headphone.”

NEW ABYSS AB-1266 Phi Headphones Review – Video

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I found that on ‘If I Could Eat Your Words’, the ETHER C offered a slightly but noticeably higher degree of resolution on upper midrange and treble transient and textural details, leading to a more tightly focused sound overall (although I found this performance gap could be narrowed by fitting the ÆON with high performance after-market signal cables such as Kimber’s Axios headphone cables). On the same track, the ETHER Flow offered more solidly grounded mid-bass, which was noticeable on Arnopol’s acoustic bass lines, and it also offered slightly richer and more vivid tonal colours, plus somewhat more resolution and three-dimensionality from top to bottom. Even so, I think most listeners would consider the performance gaps between the ÆON and the ETHER C or ETHER Flow to be fairly narrow ones, meaning that the ÆON offers impressive value for money, to say the least.”

Beats Studio3 Wireless review – Video

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‘This Owl hits harder than the Fostex TH series headphones. Yep, it really is a monster in that regard. If you like abundant physical impact and high levels of low-end dynamics, this is the set for you. Despite being powerful, I do not consider it harsh. Tracks without a ton of bass do not ever come off as annoyingly painful or impacting, so no worries there. When the track calls for it, bass can really pack a serious punch, or it can feel relatively soft. Seems to be very track dependent here, which is a fantastic thing.”

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