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“The D8000 low-end is quite unlike most summit-fi planar headphones I am used to hearing. It is not razor flat, nor does it have the same amount of sub-bass roll off like the Ether and LCD-4. This is an elevated bass signature from 50Hz right up to 200Hz carrying with it both warmth and power.

There is just enough roll-off from 50Hz down to 20Hz to prevent it from becoming “all about the bass” so it remains strong but not booming to the point where nothing else shines through. There is plenty of texture and details and the layering is very nicely balanced also. Not too much “thud and boom” nor does it sound one-dimensional either. There is a slight wetness to the low-end so it is not quite as quick paced or as well defined as the TOTL Susvara.”


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“Moving on I do believe this cable is a well priced, and great accessory for the 99 Classics if you use a DAP with balanced output. I always found the mid-bass bloom on the 99 Classics to be a little overwhelming at times, this cable does not get rid of it completely but is sure is an improvement.What it brings to the table is increased control to the lower frequencies, making that bloom slightly less noticeable, and everything is a bit more precise. Moving on to the midrange you gain a little better air and separation around instruments, it lifts a slight veil off the sound. Vocals now sound a bit more realistic due to the more controlled low end, and the sound is a bit more open.”

Campfire Audio Cascade Cloth Pads Review

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“Bass is most changed and strikes as sounding more even with more defined notes. It is less present overall, a prime contributor towards the cloth pad’s more balanced sound in general. Sub-bass extension is reduced a touch, lacking the visceral slam of the better sealing leather pads. Most notably, the pads attenuate the headphone’s notable mid-bass hump. As mid-bass no longer holds as much focus, the headphones sound appreciably more linear, coherent and less bloated. Control actually comes across as slightly reduced with slightly longer decay and hazier edged transients. Still, bass speed remains admirable and reduction in note focus is counteracted by reduced mid-bass presence that provides a cleaner tone and greater separation and definition regardless.”

MrSpeakers Factory Tour

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Hifiman he1000se Open Back Headphone Review

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iBasso SR1 headphones review

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