Audeze Mobius Hands-On – Video

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Final Audio D8000 $3799 Headphones Review – Video

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Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones Review

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“Right now, the wireless headphone market is a win-win-win scenario for the customer looking for a noise cancelling full-sized cans. Between the Sennheiser, PSB, and Sony you really can’t go wrong. You might be able to audition all three, as well as the Bose QC 35 II, at your local big box electronics store, and if you can, I suggest you do just that. These are all great options that likely will come down to personal preference. ”

Focal Clear Headphone Review

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“While it would have been ideal to have a pair of Utopias and a pair of Elears lying around for A/B comparisons with the new Clear, I had to rely on my listening notes. And since those notes are more than a couple of months old, I will admit from the outset that if you are looking for a mano a mano between the Clear and Utopia, I can’t help you. They have very similar sonic presentations, but whether the Utopia’s additional cost (due primarily to parts’ costs according to the manufacturer) is “worth it” is a discussion for another place and time.”


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“The 99 Classics have a great low end; they are full with good extension yet without sounding too bloated. There is great articulation of bass guitars, and they sound relatively well controlled too. There is one tiny bit of resonance in the mid-bass that creates a little bloat, but this can easily be fixed with EQ and this is a result of the newer larger earpads. I really like the low end response of these as they have enough quantity to please most, but they are also well behaved for the most part; without bleeding heavily into the midrange. As I said previously, bass guitars have really good articulation, and kick drums have good slam. The lows only fall slightly behind when it comes to very fast and technical passages of some heavy metal where that mid-bass resonance can be a little overpowering.”

Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones Review

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“Beats headphones have come a long way from my first audition of them back at that fateful Consumer Electronics Show, and they’ve done a lot to provide a new stream of profit to Apple, which was already pretty good at making a profit, thank you very much. The wireless Studio3 is a polite but slightly too-laid-back headphone with sub-standard bass. Will that keep people from buying them and/or owning them with pride? Not a chance. They’ll mate well with your sexy new Apple products, and that goes a long way. They are sold enthusiastically in places where people buy headphones. In the end, I am glad that the sonic signature of these next-gen Beats has changed, but it needs to be more open, refined, and tight to compete in the space. Additionally, the comfort level and dissipation of heat could be better. There are simply many other options that beat the Beats.”

ZMF Auteur Headphones Review – Video

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