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“The style has a certain shed built DIY feel around it and I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t mention it. For a large part this probably comes down to economies of scale and access to newer materials and technologies. Smaller companies like Erzetich just don’t have the access to processes or put out the sheer number of headphones that would be able to demand a large scale factory run. Conversely that also works out as a point in their favor because in sticking to tried and true methods of headphone design they have built an absolute tank. I would go as far as to say it is one of the most solid and well put together headphones I have tested in. These almost feel like an heir loom piece that will last generations as opposed to some of the plastic toy stuff that has came out in the past 2 years.

Aesthetic design has moved on in recent years as the hobby has grown and while the romantic in me still appreciates it and I know a lot of other audiophiles will also appreciate the nostalgia others will gravitate towards this the more modern styling of the Sennheiser HD820s, Hifiman Edition X, Focal Utopia. This is purely an area that comes down to personal preference and I would begrudge anyone for picking either.”


Meze Empyrean $3,000 the world’s best headphone in 2019?

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Ultrasone Edition 11 $1,000

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The Edition 11 is a beautiful looking headphone but more than that it has a tuning that I think a lot of people might want to hear, especially those who have never considered Ultrasone before. The price point is tempting also. I have had a few dynamic driver woodies last year at this price point including Erzitech’s Mania and Kennerton’s Vali but this one may yet push those 2 in the shade.

At 32Ω and being an open-back for home listening does demand more exploration and testing in our main review because I think it does work fine from portable sources. The only issue is that has no isolation whatsoever so not a commute friendly headphone. Also cable-rolling with that 2-pin termination. That could well be the most fun part of the main review!”

MrSpeakers Ether 2 Over-The-Ear Headphones $1999 Review

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“The reduction of weight is just one of the many improvements that Ether 2 has over its predecessors. It boasts an entirely new motor designed around MrSpeakers TrueFlow technology. This also includes a diaphragm that’s 70% lighter than used in previous models. The driver baffle is composed of carbon fiber, helping further reduce weight while maintaining rigidity. MrSpeakers employs their trusty flexible NiTinol metal headband support system, while upgrading the headband strap to webbed leather. Further helping comfort are high quality synthetic leather ear pads that utilize an ear shaped opening (opposed to a rectangle or oval shape). Finally the all metal cup and mounting arm not only looks fantastic, but feels premium and built to last.

Also introduced with the Ether 2 is MrSpeakers new premium VIVO cable, which replaces the venerable DUM cable used with previous Ether models. The DUM cable was a quality cable, but the VIVO is a big upgrade in many ways. The VIVO feels robust, yet is incredibly flexible without being microphonic. It also uses silver plated OFHC copper which is an excellent match to the Ether 2’s tuning. Included as well is a standard black MrSpeakers clamshell hard-case and certificate of authenticity.”

Sony WH1000XM3 Review

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Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC Edition Planar-Magnetic Headphone $4995 Review

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“To appreciate what the Phi CC headphone does so well, try listening to a well-made live recording such as the track “Anabasis” from Dead Can Dance’s In Concert [PIAS America, 16/44.1], and note the adept way in which the headphone handles textural, transient, and spatial details in the music. “Anabasis” features a recurrent, very low frequency percussion motif juxtaposed against a shimmering and also recurrent treble percussion figure. The Phi CC Edition headphones beautifully capture the weight, depth, and incisive attack of the low-pitched drum being struck, while simultaneously rendering all the delicate, finely filigreed textures and harmonics of the higher percussion instruments. Perhaps best of all though, the headphone conveys the myriad low-level spatial cues (including subtle crowd noises, and stage and hall reverberations) that together give this track the uncannily realistic sound and “feel” of a live concert event. It’s this engaging and engrossing quality of vivid realism that sets the AB-1266 Phi CC Edition apart from competitors.”

What’s the best Noise Cancelling Headphone?

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