Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones $1,200 Review

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“The Heritage HP-3s, Klipsch’s best headphones, have first-rate looks, build, and sound — and are the newest headphones to be added to our list of Recommended Reference Components.”


Audeze LCD-X Planar Magnetic Headphone Review – Video

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Massdrop x Nuforce EDC3 Earbuds – Hands On Quick Review

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Dekoni Earpads – Upgrade Your Headphones – Video

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” This new version of headphones have really come a long way! The world famous Abyss bass is still there, deep, powerful and masterfully detailed and in the end offers some of the very best presentation of the lowest octaves in a recording that you’ll ever hear from a pair of headphones! The stand-up bass portrayal really put the musician literally right there in my minds’ eye. But the two biggest areas for improvement of the new Phi headphones over their predecessor was in the treble region and overall transparency.”

Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones $1199 Review

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“While Brent described the Klipsch HP-3s as being “very competitive” for the price if used only in a home setting, he emphasized their versatility: “Unlike with so many headphones, there’s simply no reason not to like the HP-3s — no troublesome sonic colorations, no discomfort, and nothing to worry about in choosing partnering gear. . . . If you want a great set of audiophile headphones you can easily carry with you and use with any source device you happen to have in your bag, the HP-3s, in my opinion, have no serious competition.”


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“There’s no doubt. Erzetich Audio Phobos and Deimos makes a powerful, mighty combination. I’ve heard Phobos prototype at the last years Multi-Media Audio show and the headphones have already shown a great potential, but the final-production version brings the overall balancing act, that can instantly ignite more than just a casual listener’ attention. Phobos and Deimos drags you into the music, avoiding the usual mind precognition layering.

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