Month: November 2013

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies DAC Headphone Amplifier Review $1000

‘The Fireflies presentation was both balanced and accurate. The amplifier just got out of the way. In my listening session I stopped analyzing the music; the music gripped my soul”Image

The Fostex T50RP as envisioned by Zach Mehrbach ‘Review’

One of the sad truths of headphone modding is that to increase one particular aspect of sound, another usually has to decrease. The midrange happens to be affected in this case, but I somehow like it more than the Classic’s midrange”




Audeze LCD-XC Headphone Review $1,800

.” Its sound has an ease that the LCD-XC can never quite match. Every time I put the LCD-X on, I felt myself relax a little more and slip further into the music, no matter what headphone I heard before it.”