Woo Audio WA5 integrated amplifier/headphone amplifier $5899. Review

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“Maybe the HPA-1’s octave-to-octave tonal balance was more perfect. Maybe the Pass could slide and stomp better. But—because the WA5’s impedance, power, and gain are all adjustable, it could drive less-sensitive, higher-impedance headphones (such as Audeze’s LCD-4s) in a more satisfying fashion than any other headphone amplifier I’ve heard.”



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‘”While over the ear headphones will always have a slight advantage over IEMs when it comes to subsonic bass (the over the ear headphone is able to interact directly with the outer ear and part of your skull), the size and mass of the drivers give IEMs an edge on speed and accuracy, and because they act in effect like an earplug, isolation, meaning that a good IEM can outperform an over the ear headphone of much higher price.”


Martin Logan Ethos Review

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” For some tastes however, this excitement may be too much of a good thing. This forwardness can probably also translate into a glassy or harsh sound, if the matching components are inclined that way. In my setup however, with either the Devialet or the Rowlands, at times they can sound very lively and forward indeed, but unless played very loudly with very brightly recorded material they do not normally step outside of my comfort zone.”



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” I really admire the discipline and control Hifiman have engineered into the V2’s bass performance. This is a flat but very natural sounding bass response with a lovely balance in note quality between attack and decay. The quantity and quality are remarkably consistent and accurate sounding right down to around 20-30hz with nothing really in the way of a perceptible roll off or an uneven mid-bass bias.”



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“For the purposes of this review, Justin sent along a pair of Zu Cubes so that I could evaluate the speaker outputs. To this end, I set up the Mogwai and the Zu Cubes in my living room. After quite a bit of tweaking, I was able to arrive at a configuration for the Cubes (against the far wall, slightly off axis) that provided a reasonable soundstage. ”


Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 loudspeaker $84,990 Review

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“I have a quibble. While it’s impossible to discern at which frequencies the BeoLab 90’s various drivers hand off to each other, and the speaker’s harmonic integrity was continuous from lowest lows to highest highs, its sound was slightly warm, with rich but tight bass, a smooth midrange, and a mere suggestion of brightness in the very high treble. The BeoLab system is designed to permit the buyer or dealer to tune it to the buyer’s room and taste, but at the time of this auditioning, the comprehensive control app was not yet available. As a result, that kind of tweaking was not possible. What I heard was the original factory tuning, and an undefined target curve for the EQ.”


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