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Magico Hi End Audio System

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Sugden Masterclass MPA-4 mono power amplifiers

“After two hours the amps gets to the ideal work temperature and, the low range, at the beginning rearward, comes out at last. We cannot speak of absolute excellence though”


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Oppo 105 Darbee and DSD edition Review

“The OPPO MediaControl app turns your mobile device into a remote that provides complete control over your OPPO Blu-ray player”


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GoldenEar Triton Seven loudspeaker review

“Despite looking like big box store loudspeakers, the Triton Seven are a budget floorstanding solution from left-field. Audiophile-grade reproduction from head to toe without (medium-sized) room overload.”


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Although for most of us $5000 remains a fair chunk of change, when you add up the Vi60’s list of outstanding qualities I would say this is one of the high end’s strongest values.

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Etymotic Research ER4P MicroPro Earphone REVIEW

“Etymotic has identified a niche that’s been profitable enough to justify a 20-plus year run of these ‘phones. Audiophiles who prefer the unvarnished sound of their music have made the ER4’s a success, and will no doubt continue to do so.”


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Raven Silhouette Reference Preamp and Amplifiers Review

“I immensely enjoyed my time with the Raven gear, and I shall miss what it brought to my system. Time after time as I sat in my chair listening to music come to life, I said to myself that the sound I was obtaining through the Silhouette Reference preamp and power amps is the sound that lots of audiophiles are chasing”


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