Technics SU-R1000 Integrated Amplifier $9499 Review

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I don’t want to imply that digital sound is taking over, or that tube and solid-state equipment are not still competitive, or that integrated amplifiers will become the wave of the future. I do believe, however, that the SU-R1000 is truly competitive and an excellent buy, even at its price. 

One of the potential curses of being a reviewer is that you’d like to keep every really innovative and great-sounding piece of equipment you audition, along with all your existing equipment. One of the benefits is that you realize there is no one right answer, and that even equipment that is decades old can still be exciting and “reference quality” in its ability to let you enjoy your music.


PMC fact fenestria Loudspeaker £54,995 Review

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As far as the listening position is concerned, things are similarly simple – just ignore that big bass-box on the top, and sit with your ears on the same level as the Nest midrange assembly, and you won’t go far wrong. In that position the fact fenestrias sound similar to, but rather better than, a good two- or three-way speaker from the company’s main fact range and with a hefty dose of bass to underpin goings-on. We’ve had some big speakers through our hands demonstrating much more ‘character’ – for good or bad – than the fact fenestrias make obvious, but there’s little chance you’ll consider these speakers to be inauspicious or just plain ordinary on your first acquaintance with them.

How to Mount a Phono Cartridge

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Softears Cerberus Review

I actually liked the compactness, but it’s not quite something you’d expect when you pay a premium price for a flagship monitor. Especially after seeing the packaging of the RSV. As for accessories, it’s pretty good. You get a card with the serial number, user manual, warranty paper, carrying case with a cleaning tool, and two small pouches for storing the earpieces individually, to protect them against scratches. You also get a cleaning cloth and two cable straps

Arcam ST60 Review

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Arcam has carried its decades of sonic expertise seamlessly into the streaming segment, both with and without amplification, in one box. Its proprietary software may not be exemplary, and its chassis design may not win a best-dressed award, but if you can get over that you will be rewarded with the best-sounding performer available for this money. 

If you’re happy with your hi-fi system but simply want to smarten it up by slotting a streamer next to your separates, the Arcam ST60 is a strong choice.

Sony WF-1000XM4

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VPI Industries Prime 21 Turntable Review

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I’ve been on a New Order kick lately, and I spent a lot of my time with the Prime 21 revisiting classic albums from their discography. 1988’s Technique is one of their most electrifying outings, and the 21 showed just how much meat there was on the bones of this dance rock classic. Analog synthesizers are always one of my tests for gauging how much flesh a component is capable of reproducing, and the Prime 21 did not disappoint here. Speaking of flesh, the kick drum had it in spades. Bass control and body is a serious merit of the VPI metal platter designs, it was always impressive on my Scout, and it was even more impressive here. But what my Scout never possessed was this degree of articulation below the midrange, making everything far more clear and separated. If you are a basshead, this is the turntable for you. That doesn’t mean other areas feel neglected though, as Bernard Summer’s airy, boyish vocals cut through with clarity and pure tone.


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The bass with the K3s is very very impressive. It’s very tidy, controlled, and rumbling with good body and slam. The resolution of the bass is very good as well as the attack. Its decay is also quite impressive as it doesn’t spread the bass around. Of course, that’s only the case when you don’t open the bass switch.

I’m not quite a sound effects guy so I really don’t like these types of additions. Sure, some people would benefit from the lifted bass response but I think in this device that only makes the bass worse. Much worse, if I have to be precise. All of those qualities I mentioned above disappear, and you’re left with a boomy, dispersed, and disjointed bass response. Would I use that just for the sake of more bass quantity? I would definitely say, no. The switch is a bit better when you use the device with full-size headphones, but still, I would prefer not to use the switch.

Abyss AB1266 Phi TC Review

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Cambridge Audio CXA81 Review

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The CXA81 perhaps sounds a little forward, but its level of expression is such that it is sympathetic to more minimal, sombre recordings as well. Feed it a solo piano work or chamber quartet and it is only too pleased to show you its more caring, gentle side.

What really shines through though is a level of clarity that not only pips its rivals, such as the Rega Elex-R, but also makes them appear a touch cloudy. It is one thing beating this talented Rega amp for timing and dynamics, but to offer a more polished, insightful, even more mature presentation is a real turn up for the books.

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