Mytek Brooklyn Bridge streaming DAC/network server $2995 Review

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“I’ve been meaning to set up a proper network-attached storage (NAS) system for a while. This seemed like a good time. I went to B&H, a sort of photography and technology superstore here in New York—if you’re a photographer you know it—and came home with a Synology NAS enclosure and four 4TB Western Digital hard drives. A few hours later, my NAS was up and running. My music library now lives on this NAS, set up in RAID 5 configuration, which means that if any one of the four discs fail, I can pull it out and replace it and it will heal itself—no data loss.


Cocktail Audio HA500H MQA DAC, pre-amp and HP ampc Review

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“The KZ AS16 are exactly what you expect them to be: the finest offer from KZ and a great performer sold at a very low price. For 125$, this IEM is definitely one of the best options you could get. No, this is one of the best sub-300$ options, just under the BGVP DM7.

The build quality is very good, but comfort could be better. The sheer size of the shell remains too big in my opinion, which makes the comfort sub-optimal. But apart from that, there isn’t much I could complain about. If you want to try a TOTL IEM, but can’t afford the 1k+ model we usually review, maybe you should check out the KZ AS16.

Yes, it’s that good.”

MOON by Simaudio 390 $5,300 Review

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“Easy as the 390 is to use, it never compromises sound quality for convenience. With TIDAL and Simaudio’s MiND app ready, a world of music is instantly available at your disposal. Through the 390 and MiND, even basic 16/44 CD quality provides a lush soundstage with a natural sound that checks off nearly box one would want from a great DAC. Dense, detailed, warm/musical, and enjoyable at every note. With sound this good in this price range, one might even feel guilty about somehow getting away with the steal of the century. Each successive track compels me to linger a little longer rather than skip around.

With the ease of the 390/MiND combo and TIDAL’s vast collection, there is much more music to be had. The MQA Master of “The Angel of Doubt” from the latest Punch Brothers album All Ashore starts rather subdued, but eventually builds into a bluegrass vocal rap that shows off both the diverse talent of Chris Thile & Co. and just how well the 390 can translate a more subtle track like this. The opening gentle mandolin plucking, whispered vocals, and silent spaces provide the perfect contrast to the more forceful vocal tongue twisting ending. On this track, the 390 provides plenty of low-end authority with the acoustic bass while allowing the vocals to remain clear and separate over the top.”

Connectivity guide SOtM and Sonore network bridges

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NEW Bel Canto e.One Stream Full Demo Hifi System YG Acoustics Carmel

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Cambridge CXN V2: Best music streamer

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