“However, there should be a way to combine one’s Favorite stations with one’s manually added stations on a single screen. Currently it isn’t possible to mark something in My Stations as a favorite, and the stations listed in My Favorites don’t provide the URL enabling one to switch back to My Stations and make a manual entry. Lightning DS users will understand this easily. Those who are unfamiliar with Lightning DS, just need to understand that there are two screens with one’s “selected” internet radio stations and they can’t be combined.”

AURALiC Altair Wireless Streaming DAC $1899 Review

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“I remember being blown away by the AURALiC Vega playing DSD files. I can’t be positive because the Vega left my sound room many months ago, but I wasn’t as impressed with the Altair on DSD. Don’t get me wrong, DSD sounded great but just not as great as I remembered with the Vega. With DSD I had more of a sensation of listening to musicians playing in a definable space rather than in a studio. There was more air and separation more often on DSD than on .flac. ”



“For US$4K, it might be possible (nay, easy) to compile a separates rig that outshines the Polaris. To point this out is to miss the point of AURALiC’s finest offering to date. It also ignores the time suck and cash drain of going mix n match. Like Devialet and Peachtree – and the increasing number of super-integrateds coming to market – their intent is simplicity without audible sacrifice.”

Wilson Audio • Yvette Loudspeakers $25,500/pair Review

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“The ability to place instruments and voices in a believable space and to deliver exceptionally rich tonal color was just as evident on small-scale classical music. Hilary Hahn’s duets with pianist Cory Smythe on In 27 Pieces: The Hilary Hahn Encores (LP [Deutsche Grammophon 00289 479 6664], CD [Deutsche Grammophon B0019103-02]) are a case in point. While the LP was released after the Yvettes had arrived, the CD had been out long enough for me to listen to it on other speakers in my home and still others in showrooms and at shows. My initial reaction to this disc was of mild disappointment, with Hahn sometimes sounding uncharacteristically harsh and the piano parts lacking a sense of integration and conversation with the violin.”

ELAC DS-S101-G Discovery Music Server Review

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” One feature I found especially useful was the pair of analog outputs that can be used in parallel (where they will send the identical signal to both) or as separate individual music streams. For those prospective buyers who would like to have three identical synchronized streams by using both analog and digital outputs, the digital stream will not be exactly synched with the analog. I used the second analog feed to supply a headphone amplifier, which increased my listening options. ”


Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems $50,000 Momentum Lifestyle Integrated Amplifier w/DAC & Audio Streaming – Review

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” My concentration changes focus throughout the piece, in sort of a meditative way as it ebbs and flows throughout the piece. I found this happening when listening to the MLife play my favorite power orchestral pieces. Regardless of how boisterous the music might become, my focus changes throughout the piece, focusing on different instruments, different sections of the orchestra, and to its soloists. As it does in real life. The dynamic distance the MLife can create with this large group of instrument is second to none in my experience, regardless of whether I’m listening to the internal DAC fed by the Ethernet connection or a source connected through an interconnect, digital or analog”





“Library management is a fundamental part of server design and Innuos has gone further than most in its attempts to make this easier. It could, and undoubtedly will, be refined over time, but so long as you let it do the sorting for you – and look at those reports when they come in – the ZENith is capable of making this side of things pretty straightforward. On the sound quality side, it is very capable indeed – clearly more so than the competition I had to hand thanks one presumes to the SSD storage. This does limit absolute capacity, but you can always go for the 2TB option for an extra £500, and even then the ZENith MkII is the least expensive SSD server on the market. All in all, it’s a very hard act to beat for anyone looking to push streaming quality to the max.”


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