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“I have been using Roon for nearly 6 months now as my go to media player, it is just so slick and easy to use, yet underneath lies a very powerful platform providing all you need for multi-room setups and much more. The way it cleans up your library and presents it in an immersive and informative view is excellent. Ok, so Roon is not cheap, but if you are looking for a single solution for a media player along with network access and Tidal support, it really is all you need.”


Cambridge Audio NEW Edge High End Munich 2018 HiFi Show

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“The Moon Neo MiND UPnP renderer/ streamer does its job so well, you sometimes wonder if you are being subtly influenced to like it through MiND control. It slots into practically any system with a DAC with ease and brings what could easily be dismissed as a ‘legacy’ system bang up to date. The chances are, if you are exploring this kind of upgrade, the Neo MiND might be your first Moon product, but once you’ve played with it for even the shortest time, you’ll realise it won’t be your last. Outstanding and highly recommended”


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“As the ARIES G2 is a streaming transporter, matching it with a good DAC is the key to unleash its performance. As far as USB DAC functionality, I found the ALTAIR was up to the task in channeling high-resolution streaming capability of the ARIES G2 (higher than 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling rates). The ALTAIR, however, has a limitation in processing such signals through its coax/optical/AES inputs. The ARIES G2 is capable of outputting up to 24 bit/192 kHz signal through its non-USB digital outputs, but the ALTAIR will not process these high-sampling-rate signals at their native rates. Hence, the results will not be optimum. Pairing the digital outputs of the ARIES G2 with the Bel Canto DAC3.7, which is capable of processing up to 24 bit /192 kHz signals, yielded a better sonic results. Therefore, if you are planning on using the non-USB digital outputs of the ARIES G2, make sure you pair it with a DAC that can properly process the high-sampling-rate signals to get optimum sonic performance.”

Naim Uniti Atom Amplifier Hands On Review – Video

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Cary Audio AiOS Review

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“MQA streaming from the handful of MQA tracks I had on hand (mostly downloaded from 2L’s excellent test track repository) showed a very subtle effect of non versus their non-MQA encoded versions. The MQA tracks showed a little more rhythmic ease and a little more light in the midrange and a more delicate high end especially on cymbal work, but I would not say that it was a super obvious difference. MQA streaming via Tidal Masters showed similar differences between 16/44 and MQA versions of the same tracks. Testing versus the MQA certified Mytek DAC showed again that there was a slight loss of tonal colour with the AiOS MQA decoding.”


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“The simple looking, yet elegant ELAC box is a secret power-up to your system. Roon is fast becoming the thing for music lovers to access their music, but – it must be said – the cost of entry can be a little steep for the as yet unconvinced. By building on a Roon Essentials backbone, the ELAC Discovery truly lives up to its name: a product that at once allows the user to discover their music in a deeper way, discover just how Roon enhances that deep listening concept, and for those still on the spinning-disc side of things to discover the world beyond their collection. And it’s easy to operate, install, and navigate for anyone who has a modicum of web skills (I’m far from black belt web-savvy, but I was up and running inside of 10 minutes flat, and two of those minutes were spent finding and loading the Roon app). Roon isn’t the future of music replay, but it’s certainly a major part of the future of music replay, and the ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G is the best and easiest way to experience that right now. Unless you are likely to hit that 30,000 track limit, this little box comes strongly recommended.”

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