Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra network bridge/streamer/purifier

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Bluesound Node 2i review

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“The Arcam rPlay remains a fine streamer for the money, but that really serves to highlight just how far Bluesound has come since its previous generation. Though the space between them is not massive, the Node 2i betters its rival pretty much across the board.As far as sub-£500 wireless streamers go – whether incorporated into a Bluesound multi-room system or not – you almost certainly won’t achieve sound quality superior to that of the Node 2i.”

Wyred 4 Sound Music Server review

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“UMIN X1 is a straightforward contemporary digital high-end audio apparatus. It can be obtained in the black or silver finish. The review sample as you’ve most probably already identified on the photographs arrived in a very nice Batman’s’ black tint. I like the modern, stealth look of the dark LUMIN X-1. When in action, the small monochrome blue display will indicate the song info and a circle marks the duration of the song. This ring can be tracked even from a few meters away. ”

Roon Nucleus Plus Network Streamer Explained

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Roon- home audio streaming platform Review – Video

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Roon Labs Nucleus+ music server Review

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“Who knew Jason would have the B-52’s in his library? “Rock Lobster,” sourced from Tidal and the NUC, had excellent impact, with good low-frequency extension. Streaming the same track from Tidal via the Nucleus+, perhaps there was a touch more authority in the bass. Perhaps. With “Every Day I Have the Blues,” from the Morrison-DeFrancesco album, the sound through the NUC was less authoritative, less open. However, the comparison was unfair: Though both versions were 16/44.1, I was streaming from Tidal with the NUC, and playing a WAV file from local storage with the Nucleus+. Nevertheless, while changing to the Tidal stream with the Nucleus+ reduced the difference between the servers, the Nucleus+ sounded still a tad tidier.”

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