NAD C 388 Digital Hybrid Streaming Integrated Amplifier With DAC, Streamer $1599 -Review

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“NAD’s C 388 definitely lives up to the NAD name and reputation for affordable high performance audio equipment. Many components that try and include even less functionality become deficient with regards to one element or another, yet this one seemed to excel at all of them, especially when you factor in the relatively low price point for the basic model without the additional BluOS card. Even with the BluOS card, the price represents quite a bargain in my opinion. If you are budget minded or want a great deal of functionality in one package, you owe it to yourself to put this on a short list of possible candidates. I know that I am.”


Naim Audio Uniti Atom All-In-One System Review

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“Did it better my 25K amplification/digital setup? Nope. Attached to the truly special 10K Raidho Acoustic XT-1 Loudspeakers, my Jeff Rowland/Bel Canto/Antipodes Audio setup has killer synergy, definition, and superlative inner detail with accurate bass. And at 35K compared to a 5K setup, it damn well should be better. But I was so impressed with the Atom, I’m going to request the top of the line Naim Uniti Nova ($6,995) doubling the power and upping the internal component quality. That should be a hell of a shootout, and I will be happy to report back to you. ”

Auralic Aries and Vega G2 WALK THRU – VIDEO

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PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Power Amplifier Review

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“he Stellar S300 amplifier has numerous strengths, but the most obvious is the purity of the entire treble range. Here we enjoy a freedom from harshness, a continuousness, a depth of tone that is similar to that found in the Cary single-ended tube amp. The tube amp digs a bit deeper into the lowest levels of resolution, but the easy on the ears treble range of the PS Audio amp is a pleasure to hear. (I wonder if raising the amplifier’s cut off frequency from 50 kHz to 100 kHz might provide another small fraction of a degree of higher resolution in the upper treble.) ”

Magna Hifi Mano I²S and SPDIF streamer – Video

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Aurender A10 Music Server $5500 Review

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” The Aurender A10 is a fantastic product that brings Aurender’s already proven and well-regarded server technology to a broader market, while including a high-quality preamp and DAC. Except for the lower price, there’s nothing budget about this component.”


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“However, there should be a way to combine one’s Favorite stations with one’s manually added stations on a single screen. Currently it isn’t possible to mark something in My Stations as a favorite, and the stations listed in My Favorites don’t provide the URL enabling one to switch back to My Stations and make a manual entry. Lightning DS users will understand this easily. Those who are unfamiliar with Lightning DS, just need to understand that there are two screens with one’s “selected” internet radio stations and they can’t be combined.”

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