” The situation changes somewhat when you introduce less efficient earphones or headphones. Earphones such as the 32 ohms Astrotec Lyra 6 or Noble 4C and the power hungry planar oBravo ERIB-5a via line-out. All three have double the play that the Jupiter and Se846 offered allowing up to 10-11 steps on most of the DAPs and a good bit more on the Sony ZX2. Whilst it is not a huge jump the level of control over gain and volume is significantly easier to manage.”


Wireworld Signal and Power Cable Review

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“An interesting note about Wireworld power cords — the company refers to them as “conditioning” cords because they were designed to absorb noise and block any interference from reaching your components. Wireworld says their cords are made with dual low impedance shields and are meant to be flexible. They also say that one can achieve better performance with longer lengths. ”


YG Acoustics Sonja XV flagship Speakers

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” The bass, mid bass and midrange units are made in­ house using YG Acoustics’ proprietary BilletCore technology: the drivers are precisely machined out of massive slabs of air craft ­grade aluminum. This unique process offers overwhelmingly superior dynamics, musical delicacy and low distortion due to industry­leading rigidity and accuracy (tight tolerances). A pair of SonjaTM XV utilizes a total of 18 BilletCoreTM drivers.”

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Jack White has built a turntable to play a record in space

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” There will be parties at both Third Man Records locations in Nashville and Detroit on 30th July when the launch is due to take place. A pre-recorded stream of the launch will be available online at 12 noon the same day. Until then, the Icarus Craft turntable will be on display at the Detroit store while the 12in record with be on show in Nashville.”


ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Floorstanding Speakers Reviewed


” I especially loved the way the UF5s transitioned smoothly from Reid’s bowed solo to the pizzicato walking bass line he played behind Lightsey’s solo; the speakers caught all the high-frequency detail in the bowed sound without emphasizing the couple of squeaks that Reid’s bow made during the solo, yet they also captured Reid’s rich, woody, hard-grooving pizzicato sound ”


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