Quad Artera Play & Artera Stereo review

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“We listen to all four and settle on Wide as our favourite balance, even for CD quality files. ‘Fast’ comes a close second, with a touch more drive and bite to its presentation, but it can feel a bit unrelenting, particularly with more considered music”


Ramping Up Your Room Acoustics

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” “The Acoustic Ramp can be custom built to exact specifications. The standard Ramp is about 24 x 12 x 45 inches and made of ½-inch Rock Maple plywood reflectors, eighth-inch-thick black powder-coated aluminum dividers, and a ¾-inch Rock Maple plywood top plate. Cost per Ramp is $1,099 or $999 when “a few are ordered at a time.”


Rega Planar 3 Turntable Review

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” The beauty of turntables is that more than most sources, you can tweak their supporting ancillaries to better work with the traits of the deck. Logically, a Rega phono stage would be a good place to start looking in terms of a good partnership but changes to platter mats, isolation and other tweaks will all alter the presentation of the Planar 3 without significantly affecting the immense talent that the Rega possesses in so many areas.



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” Perhaps I am old school in that respect, perhaps a lack of GUI does not bother me given I still work with cassette decks and turntables as well as digital audio. The iGadget crowd will take some convincing but once you listen to it you might actually agree with me. That lovely natural organic sound, excellent staging qualities and finally some bass oomph in the new better built Alien Gold edition is a keeper in my books. For the price, it is a bargain.”


Marantz HD-AMP1 Integrated Amplifier & DSD DAC Review

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” . The HD-AMP1 made it easy to hear all the classic Santana percussion, background chants, and keyboard lines. The release of Santana IV prompted me to go back and listen to a bunch of classic Santana releases including the 24/96 remasters of Borboletta and Welcome, as well as SACD rips of Caravanserai and Love Devotion Surrender. I don’t think I have ever heard these albums sound better. The HD-AMP1’s DAC section was performing some sort of magic, as these albums sounded fresh and vibrant, even though I have heard them hundreds of times.”



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” The Abyss headphone is capable of delivering all of these things, but only—in my experience—when pushed by true top-tier components (merely good gear simply isn’t good enough to elicit optimal performance from the AB-1266 headphones). But the Schiit components more than rose to the occasion; in fact, they helped my AB-1266s sound better than I have ever heard them sound in my home. Their power and control on the low percussion section was almost frightening, while their burnished, golden treatment of the brass fanfare was similarly intense, yet beautifully balanced and realistically weighted. But the piece de resistance was their handling of the violin solo, which I noted caught the “light, sunlight-sparkling-on-open-water, dance-like quality of the violin.” The Abyss is capable of great performance, but only when the DAC and amp are up to the task, as the Yggdrasil and Ragnarok plainly are.”


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