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” Real music is full of subtleties, even if it’s a grunge punk band that does nothing but play loud scream into the microphone. There’s great ones and putrid ones (I almost said “rancid” but that’s an actual name of a band”



Pandora Hope VI $699 Review

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“There’s an organic wholeness to the sound of the Hope VI that makes it a yardstick at its price point… you’re going to have to pay much more for a little better.”

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Spotify Expands Services to Include Video, More

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“Other streaming services have created playlists for different running cadences to help runners keep the pace. That’s good if you know your pace and don’t mind listening to the same music every day. Spotify Running music is chosen based on our listening history, which is added to multiple-genre playlists”


Gryphon Atilla Integrated Amplifier and Scorpio CD Player Review

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” There are a few manufacturers who seem to be working toward a better understanding of remote functionality and one of them is Gryphon. On the one hand they offer the Mirage preamplifier, a product in which the whole touch-sensitive front panel is free-standing, allowing it to be taken over to the listening seat. ”


Vertere LTD turntables – Video

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Pristine Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine – Video

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Stealth Install 2004 Monte Carlo – Video

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KEF Blade Two loudspeaker $25,000 Review

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” I had recorded Steve Nelson’s vibes in stereo and panned them in the mix from audience left to just left of center stage. Through the KEF Blade Twos, every mallet stroke was precisely positioned in space.”

Picture 016

Picture 016


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“Every frequency remains damm near perfect in its own right and there is nary a hint of overlap bleed between them. Mids were presented with intimate detail and with ideal warmth that draws you in and engages you with your music”


Pangea Audio unveils HP201 head amp/DAC $299 Review

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“The high-performance USB DAC section, which is 24/48/96/192kHz compatible, can be linked directly from a Windows or Mac computer. The heart of the DAC is the Cirrus Logic CS4344 24-bit/192-kHz chipset.”


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