Bowers & Wilkins CM10 S2 Floorstanding Loudspeaker $4,000 Review

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“I had to think for quite a while before I could come up with some negatives regarding the sound quality of these speakers. Sans grilles they may be one of the best looking speakers on the market in their price range, and quite beyond – the combination of the external tweeter, the single yellow Kevlar mid/bass driver above the two other woofers, all with their conical anti-resonance dust plugs – no one is likely to mistake these speakers for any other that B&W. I might have preferred a different color that the black I was sent, but that complaint definitely belongs in the nit-picking category, and easily ignored. Sonically, I thought that perhaps at times the B&W CM10 S2 sounded too good”


2016 Volvo XC90 Sensus Touchscreen Review – Video

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Oppo Digital PM-3 – Video

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“Bass obviously has a focus in this headphone and is emphasized. It’s got a lot of body and it’s on the slow and not so tight kind. It goes quite deep and has good rumble but at the same time there isn’t too much detail, layering is lacking a little. For an on ear design, bass even if it doesn’t sound like it, is quite impressive. The mids are very rich and have good body but compared to the bass and treble can be perceived as a little bit recessed but not overly so. It’s easier to notice in some recordings than in others. Like with the bass the mids don’t have the best layering.”


Heir Audio 10.A Review

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” The bass was thicker, weightier, it wasn’t quite heavyweight but we were easily into welterweight territory. What was even crazier though was the decay that comes with it; we have a warmer timbre and a funkier but less precise sound. You also got some dirty sub bass, much more so than with anything else. Now an obvious and quick a/b was with the Bakoon’s voltage out, seated right next to the current one that decided to make the bass go hulk on me. Instantly it was much leaner, not quite as much as of the first rig, it was a little creamy in comparison but again wasn’t quite as focussed with impact, ”


Krell Industries Connect Stream Player $3,500 Review

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“I can give all sorts of examples of bass recordings that the Krell Connect just devoured, from the heaviest metal from Skillet or Godsmack The Enemy chilling in its slam and propulsion to Pat Martini Angular Blues with its pitch perfect, image- and timbre-rich bass line. Fleetwood Mac’s “Say that you love Me” surprises with bass that is pretty spectacular through the Krell Connect. The bass on this track was really deep yet perfectly focused and pitch perfect from the lowest notes through the upper registers of the bass. Not an easy task.”


Samsung Level On Wireless Review – Video

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Grado PS1000 Headphones $1,600 Review

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” So too does the PS1000 but, as with the GS1000i, how these aberrations play out depends on what music you select. It also helps if you chose a headphone amplifier that errs a little on the side of softened transients, as the Lehmann Black Cube Linear that I used with the PS1000 does – compared with, say, the uncompromising brilliance and drive of the headphone amplifier circuits in the Benchmark DAC2 HGC.”


Audio Note AN-K/SPe speakers $3700 Review

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” While they play all music well, they play acoustical music and vocals in a way that is very real sounding. The overall sound of these small wonders is open, transparent and despite their size they play music with amazing scale. Instruments come across with vivid color, realistic size, and placed correctly in the sound field. Like the Lindemann BL-10 bookshelf speakers it’s hard to not talk about how good these speakers are for their size, but the truth is they are really good among speakers of any size.”

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Skogrand SC Beethoven Speaker Cables Review $22,000

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“That is, there is more of a difference sonically than ever before between and among our music. Good recordings sound better and bad recordings sound worse. It is what it is. You simply hear more and not less… and less of what one might hear with lesser cables or ones that impart something into or onto the music. The Skogrand Beethoven cables are not going to act as a bandaid. Along with that, you hear more of what the rest of your components are doing; also a good thing. Make that a really good thing if you got the synergy right… and that I do.”


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