Triangle Art Signature Turntable ‘Review’ $12,000

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“Yes, $12,000 is a great deal to pay for a turntable, but it hardly cracks the top end of what turntables can cost.”



Shelby Lynne ‘just a little lovin’

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The first bass note will let your know system it’s in for a good time.The bass note is low,tight and moving.Shelby voice has a hauntly present.The separation between instrument is what this song stand out.THe symbol has light and lovely feeling that images with best.Listen for the background movement during the 1:26 and 2:44 pause.

Sara K. Hobo -track ‘Brick House’

October 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

The song “Brick House” is one of my favorite tracks.The song starts off with the great sound of a upright bass then adds dynamic feel of the bongos.Her deep and rhythmic voice come thru deep and present. At 4:50 mark you here a sweet solo that should a smile on your face.This is a great reference song that should test anyone system in all fascist.

Quad II eighty amp ‘Review’

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The combination of these talents means that, unlike most of the valve-based competition,”

Cool Wilson Alexandria home setup ‘video’

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Cool Wilson Alexandria home setup


Kimber Kable 8TC Speaker Cable Review

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“I love the terminations Kimber employs on their cables.”

Pathos Aurium Hybrid Headphone Amplifier ‘Review’ $1495

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 It’s an absurdly good sounding recording, and if you haven’t ever heard 15 ips reel tape, you should try someday—it’s otherworldly. And the Aurium rendered it for me in all its glory. This was some SERIOUSLY high fidelity.

Fiio X3 Review – Affordable Audiophile Portable Media Player $200

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“This is the best portable media player I’ve heard to date.”Image


Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Headphone ‘Review’

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“B&O is justifiably proud of their work on researching head and ear shapes to maximize comfort”

KEF R900 LOUDSPEAKER “review” $ 2,499

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The physical coherence of the drivers – their proximity and consistent cone/dome material – are reflected in the R900’s presentation.”

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