Peachtree nova150 $1,500 Review


” The Vinnie Rossi, with balanced XLR output, is possibly the pick of the bunch in a contest more closely fought than one would expect with a US$1500 integrated thrown into the mix. A timely reminder that the chromed-up Devialet slabs don’t do headphones at all. As compensation, they instead specify a built in network streamer.”


PMC Twenty.26 loudspeakers Review

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” The overall sound signature is big, bold and sonorous, easily filling and energising the entire listening area. The ATL technology obviously works very well with bass output that not only goes deep down but has a solidity coupled with speed. But it was not only the bass that caught my attention, the mids were also very exceptionally natural and clear! Balancing the whole sonic picture were highs that were never shouty or forced but instead airy and clear.”


Audio Physic Avanti Loudspeakers Review

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“At a starting price of $7995/pair, the Audio Physic Avanti is not cheap. But taking into account all that it has to offer, that price seems reasonable — you could spend a good bit more on speakers and not get sound quality at this level. The Avanti is very well built, full of innovative engineering, and extremely handsome — and its ten-year warranty should provide reassurance.”


Sony NW-WM1Z Hi-Res Audio Walkman World Premiere Review


“The new Sony NW-WMZ1 does not have Wi-Fi, and without that (and perhaps Android OS) you can forget about TIDAL, Spotify, and other online streaming music services. You can also forget about using your home network (NAS) to stream files. The Sony NW-WMZ1 is a very closed system, so you see what you get and don’t ever plan on any huge OS updates.”


Bernola L17 full range speakers review

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” To get the into fullest scope of proper coherence, any loudspeaker needs to be be tuned with proper balance. Compared to multiple driver based speakers, one driver full range designs can bring much less stress and avoid sonic de-parceling across the frequency band. Two, three, four (or more) way speaker’s designs can quickly sound disoriented with specific frequency band ducking effect over at the crossover points. Although we’re in the 21st century, many of the multi way speakers still lack the proper balancing act, sadly also in the upper echelon league”


Nagra Classic DAC Review

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” Nagra Classic DAC is almost identical to the bigger, more costlier Nagra HD DAC. DAC’s boards are identical, with the difference in analog stage, where Classic DAC is in absence of tube and comes with a bit more simplified output stage. Classic DAC also looses the volume control and dedicated headphone circuit/output.”


B&W 805 D3 $6000 REVIEW

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” It doesn’t happen very often that I sit down to listen to a loudspeaker, notepad and pen at the ready, and suddenly find that the stylus has hit the run-out groove, and my notepad is resting in my lap completely forgotten”




“The UE Pro Reference Remastered is the most balanced and neutral in ear monitor I have used. The sound from the midrange through the treble was exceptional. The clarity, tonality and musicality from small ensemble vocal recordings are evident in the sound that the IEM delivers. Both female and male vocalist were clear and transparent.”


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