Month: November 2014

GoldenEar Technology Triton One Loudspeaker Reviewed Read Here

“Freed from their 19 pounds’ worth of packaging, the Triton Ones are a little easier to manage, although the socks that cover the speakers from top to bottom do make them a little slippery. As a result, moving the speakers very far is a two-person job. ”



“Again one felt that the mids were projected, presence somewhat recessed and the bass slightly detached, though there seemed little sign of the kind of deep, even cavernous, dip in the 100 to 300Hz region that tends to plague floorstanders. Rather there was just a generally lower level of energy compared to the mids above that region. The overall effect was a lot of midrange with good bass that was not quite continuously attached,”


Yamaha A-S3000, CD-S3000 Review Read Here

” There was authoritative grip on the bass, and the amp showed itself to be capable of handling the demands placed by the Maggies. Further up, there was no masking of the mids or treble with any suggestion of warmth or valve-like attributes, yet, there an an organic wholeness to the presentation that’s pleasing to even fussy ears.”