LUMIN X1 $13,990 Network Music Streamer REVIEW

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“A dedicated device like Lumin X1 is a proof of importance for a reference class digital front end. As much I’m a hard-core computer fan and have tried to stay solely dependant on the Mac or PC as the main digital hub (with all the tricks, tweaks and optimizations), I have no doubt for some time that dedicated music streamer or DAC with an integrated streamer/server can deliver a major step up in the performance. As I’ve written above, the difference is not even funny. The Lumin team can happily grim with the big smile by thinking… you’re being served and served properly sir!”


McIntosh MS500 Music Streamer $6,000 Review

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“I’m fond of saying everyone has his/her speciality. I look at a turntable like it’s a rocket surgery project, but give me the most convoluted digital product and it’ll be right in my wheelhouse. These specialities hold true for audio companies as well. McIntosh has always nailed the analog side of HiFi. The company also offers a great D1100 DAC that I reviewed and placed on the C.A.S.H. List earlier this year. However when it comes to a complete digital platform capable of streaming, integrating with Crestron, and building iOS/Android apps, etc… McIntosh has elected to outsource this specialty. I don’t blame them, it’s difficult work. The MS500 has Autonomic technology where it counts and McIntosh design and DNA where it counts.

I must also note that it’s impossible not to enjoy the beautiful design of the McIntosh MS500. It’s black glass, glorious green illuminated logo, distinctive red power button, and classy aluminum end caps are legendary and look even better in person.”

Shazam Is Now Completely Ad-Free (Thanks to Apple)

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‘Apple Music vice president Oliver Schusser commented positively on the acquisition saying, “with a shared love of music and innovation, we are thrilled to bring our teams together to provide users even more great ways to discover, experience and enjoy music.”

Shazam helps its users identify over 20 million songs per day, so that’s a lot of ad revenue that Apple is giving up in favor of a different strategy. Shazam will be ad-free on both iPhone and Android, though Android users have access to Google’s superior Sound Search.”

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