Onkyo W800BT Review

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“The W800BTs might be the same price as the Motorola Verve Ones+, but this is where the similarities end. The Onkyos favour a clear and open sound, allowing music to breathe and more detail to filter through. It’s a clean soundstage that sounds uncluttered.”



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“I love the DT1990 and the AK70 gives it enough for that little bit of extra bass body. The mids in the Beyer have more body than you expect and the treble of course is on the lively side, the AK70 soften the upper end a bit. The vocals in this combination or extremely good though. I”



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“Almost more important than the sound quality, it’s that app that really ties the system together. The seamless integration of your own music, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and more shouldn’t be downplayed. It means the EC Living app really does hold the whole canon of music under your fingers in the same place. Other systems do this, but rarely to the same degree of integration or intuitive ease of use. I couldn’t give this to my granny because she’s been dead for decades, but it is the kind of system I can hand to a drunk cousin at a party and have them play their awful taste in music in seconds. And the robustness of the wireless network meant the same drunk cousin at a party could blare that sound out from the patio to the surrounding neighbourhood, all of whom now think I am a big fan of Billy Ray Cyrus and The Scorpions. Damn you Electrocompaniet. Damn you for making this system so easy to use.”


Pass HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier $3,500 Review

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” Rather than bore you with audiophile cliché after cliché, let’s break it down. The Pass HPA-1 is on the top tier of the world’s finest headphone amplifiers, regardless of cost, end of story. If you can live with the single-ended functionality and a single output, you’ll have a tough time getting better sound anywhere. It is an expensive headphone amplifier, but delivers the goods. If you are only looking for a headphone amplifier, this is the top of the heap.”


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