Onkyo’s music player £499 (around $740)

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“The company’s aluminum-wrapped DAC-HA300 is not only a portable music player for audiophiles, but it also serves as both a headphone amp and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for iOS and Android devices, or even your office workstation. With its primary function, the PMP can wrangle up to 128GB of tunes via a microSD card for 192 kHz/24-bit listening, while also serving as a headphone amp for that set of cans you take along on the daily.”



Simaudio Neo 430HA Headphone Amplifier$4300 Review

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” Perhaps more important was the detailed sense of ambience I heard. I got more than just a general sense of reverb; I got a very precise sense of sounds reflected off the surfaces of the concert halls in which these recordings were made.”

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Bowers & Wilkins • CM10 Series 2 Loudspeakers Review

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” tight, quick bass that was always in command of the music, never sloppy or loose. This has long been the hallmark of B&W sound, which can make for a less-than-forgiving speaker at times, but never to the point of being harsh or unlistenable, at least not in my experience.”


NAD Masters Series M22 Stereo Amplifier and M12 Preamplifier-DAC

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” The M22 and M12 share a number of construction details. I remember seeing the original prototypes of the new Masters Series models at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, and being impressed with their looks. Each features a thick, brushed-aluminum, silver backing plate, over which are laid the three segments of the faceplate proper, made of a material like black acrylic”


Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman Review

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“Bottom line, go give it a listen and judge for yourself. That is the best advice I can give. Please hear for yourself how great all this new technology can sound with your fave tracks. Me? I’m sold… and I have all that fancy expensive doohickies that cost multiples more in investment”

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Klipsch Reference On-Ear Heaphones – Video

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“The Micro is on the low end of forward in physical locale, something I would classify as just one step into the world of forwardness and engaging, but also something that is right on that boarder-edge of middle ground. ”


CLONES Audio 25iR Integrated Amplifier Review

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“I listened to a lot of albums by the sublime Australian band The Church. Their 2003 effort, Forget Yourself, is nicely recorded and mastered. “Song In Space”, as the title indicates”


Jeff’s Method of System Building

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” ’m a proponent of powerful, low-distortion, high-damping-factor, solid-state amps that have abundantly stiff power supplies and the ability to deliver a neutral audio signal regardless of load. However, I am not tied to any specific design trait that might tempt me to buy only one type of design to the exclusion of all others; e.g., no-negative-feedback designs, or amps with only linear power supplies, or those with only a single pair of output devices per channel. ”


Sony STR-DN850 7.2-Channel AV Receiver Reviewed

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” This makes the automated part of the setup quite snappy, but it also gives the room correction system less information to work with. Amazingly, Advanced DCAC absolutely nailed the speaker distances in my secondary home theater system.”


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