Onkyo’s music player £499 (around $740)

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“The company’s aluminum-wrapped DAC-HA300 is not only a portable music player for audiophiles, but it also serves as both a headphone amp and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for iOS and Android devices, or even your office workstation. With its primary function, the PMP can wrangle up to 128GB of tunes via a microSD card for 192 kHz/24-bit listening, while also serving as a headphone amp for that set of cans you take along on the daily.”


NAD Masters Series M22 Stereo Amplifier and M12 Preamplifier-DAC

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” The M22 and M12 share a number of construction details. I remember seeing the original prototypes of the new Masters Series models at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, and being impressed with their looks. Each features a thick, brushed-aluminum, silver backing plate, over which are laid the three segments of the faceplate proper, made of a material like black acrylic”


Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman Review

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“Bottom line, go give it a listen and judge for yourself. That is the best advice I can give. Please hear for yourself how great all this new technology can sound with your fave tracks. Me? I’m sold… and I have all that fancy expensive doohickies that cost multiples more in investment”

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Jeff’s Method of System Building

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” ’m a proponent of powerful, low-distortion, high-damping-factor, solid-state amps that have abundantly stiff power supplies and the ability to deliver a neutral audio signal regardless of load. However, I am not tied to any specific design trait that might tempt me to buy only one type of design to the exclusion of all others; e.g., no-negative-feedback designs, or amps with only linear power supplies, or those with only a single pair of output devices per channel. ”


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