AudioCast Review better than Google? – Video

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Bricasti M5 network player Review

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“The M5 positively shines using USB. In a way it has picked up some of the enthusiasm and liveliness of the Antipodes DS while retaining all of its smooth, organic and relaxed character and for this reason I feel that it provides an overall more high end rendition. Naturally this is also a matter of taste and system matching, but when taking the Aurender as a reference, the M5 has a different character but sounds closer to it in terms of overall refinement than does the DS. Taste matters aside (although I can’t stop talking about its superb bass and gloriously lush midrange), this gives the M5 the edge.”

Music Server of the Future: Your Phone

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“While Roon still requires a computer or dedicated server, once you have that in place, everything can be controlled with your phone via a Roon app, which puts the entire system’s power and functionality in the palm of your hand. With Roon in my main system and the phone app installed, I found I had to sacrifice nothing — I have access to all of Roon’s features, more music than ever before, and no compromise in sound quality, whether I play music from a service that offers uncompressed streams, such as Tidal, or files locally stored on my NAS.”

Elac Discovery Music Server $1099 Review

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“Upping the ante further to Kubala Sosna’s Expression cables—which retail for twice the price of the Discovery—and now timbre and tone closed the gap to my twice as expensive DAC. This was getting much closer to my reference and suggests to non-audiophiles what makes people audiophiles. It’s a measure of accomplishment, to me at least, that performance with the Discovery so ably distinguished cables. Yes, my more expensive DAC delivered a more realistic timbre, and delivered a high level of detail, gently, sweetly and incisively, as well as deeper bass and higher highs, if you will. But at no point was I suffering with the Discovery in my system.”

Playback Designs Integrated Single Chassis Sonic Masterpiece: The IPS-3 $13,000 – Review

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” When the IPS-3 arrived, as always hope poised against skeptical experience. It took little time for me to feel as if I’d climbed high promontories, finally (without strain), as if magic came to visit not long before Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dropped by to listen to his hero, and mine, Bobby Hutcherson. I love basketball at its zenith. So does Kareem. I love the inimitable jazz heritage”

Multi-room Audio with Amazon Echo Dot – Video

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Quick Run-through of 300,000+ Tracks In Roon – Video

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