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Advance Paris WTX MicroStream € 149 network player

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Innuos Statement music server $13,750 Review

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“Natively, the Statement uses its own software—of course it does—to manage the library and streaming services and play music. “Its own software” is the InnuOS operating system, which is identical on all Innuos music servers and upgradable by Ethernet. The Statement is also compatible with Roon software; in fact it can be used with Roon in two distinct ways. (Please note, however, that Vitorino describes this as “an experimental mode” in which playback is “limited to 24/192 and DSD64”.) First, the Statement can be used as the Roon “Core”—Roon’s computational center, which does Roon’s file management and other computational heavy-lifting. The Statement can also be used as a Roon output device only—an endpoint in common Roon parlance—the Roon Core located elsewhere on your network—specifically, in this case, on my Roon Nucleus +. In neither of these configurations is the Statement either “RoonReady” or “Roon-tested” currently, but this is expected to change with upcoming updates. (“We are working with Innuos to have their future products fully Roon Ready,” Roon’s Bill Leebens wrote to me in an email.) In future, all Roon server partners will be required to run ROCK, Roon’s operating system. Roon and Innuos are still discussing how the two systems will work together.”

Advance Paris WTX StreamerPro DNLA network streamer

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Matrix Audio element X streaming MQA DAC, HP amp and pre-amp

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Wired or Wifi audio streaming?

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NAD C 658 Network Audio Player/Preamplifier $1,649 Review

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“I hooked the C 658 up in a system consisting of a NAD C 268 stereo amplifier that the company sent along for use during testing and Polk Audio L800 tower speakers. While the C 268 is conservatively rated for 80 watts continuous output into 8 and 4 ohms (20 Hz-20 kHz at 0.03 percent THD, both channels driven), it easily drove the full-range Polk Audio towers to a satisfactory listening level. Sources included a Panasonic DMP-UB900 Ultra HD Blu-ray player for CD playback and a Pro-Ject Debut turntable with Clearaudio Aurum Beta/S moving magnet cartridge for vinyl. The music streaming services I used for my testing were Tidal Hi-Fi, Qobuz Studio, and Amazon Music HD.”

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