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Aurender Music Servers

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2021 Bluesound Node streamer Review

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Roon Nucleus NAS (Network Attached Storage Review

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TIDAL CONNECT on the Raspberry Pi

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Listening to the Fidata – especially in the most uncompromised, most direct ways – highlights the Japanese are eschewing the PC in an audio setting for a reason. HFAS1-XS20U server rips and plays your stored music exceptionally well, and if that means it should be unencumbered by demands for streaming services on purely sonic grounds, then so be it! Those who want to enjoy their digital music collections at an uncannily high level of resolution and musicality will find an awful lot to like about this beautifully executed and highly refined server. 

Power cords and AC regenerators

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ExaSound Delta Music Server $3000 Review

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The Delta Music Server is the most capable server I have used, but it is far from the most expensive. The base price is $3000, in silver or black. The addition of a 1TB SSD for local storage adds $150, and the 7″ touch-screen adds $280. If you are capable and motivated, perhaps you’d prefer to build something like this yourself; you probably could do it for less money. The only caveat I can think of is that it is dedicated to Roon and will not support other software. The Delta is, in my opinion, what a Roon server should be


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Finally, I’d like to note that the headphone amplifier feature of the ALTAIR G1 is much improved over the one in the original ALTAIR. AURALiC seemed to add the headphone feature in the original ALTAIR as just a throwaway convenience and did not care about its performance much. But, the improved headphone sonic performance in the ALTAIR G1 makes me think that AURALiC considers it as one of the important features of the product now. Clarity and transparency were the sonic attributes that were noticeably improved when listening using Massdrop X Sennheiser HD6XX headphones through the ALTAIR G1. Midrange sounded solid, treble was extended but not excessive, and bass was plentiful and well defined. The sense-of-space presentation was no slouch either, although as noticeable on some tracks, this seemed to be the area that could use some improvement. But overall, the headphone feature of the ALTAIR G1 is respectable and should satisfy casual to moderately serious headphone listeners.

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