Naim Uniti Atom Review

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“The feature set on this Cary makes it a very appealing option for anyone looking to get the most out of digital audio today. It allows access to all the key sources, both new and old, and its flexibility with regard to storage systems is almost unprecedented. That it doesn’t represent the last word in transparency is foiled by a relaxed and musical demeanour that means the vast majority of formats will sound appealing. Which is particularly useful if it’s used with streams from mobile devices. My final session with the DMS-500 involved the ground breaking Innuos Zenith SE network server, which gave it a boost that made things very enjoyable indeed. And that after all is the point of the exercise, is it not?”

Fidelizer Nimitra Review

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“Once you have decided how you will insert it into your current system, the next decision is one of control. The most traditional method would be a UPnP control software for whatever platform you plan to use. I tried Linn Kazoo on my Mac which is free and available for any OS, it worked just fine. That being said as you already know I am a big fan of Roon and with this being both Roon Ready and with an option to be a setup Roon Endpoint, I have taken advantage of this. This means the Nimitra has become my Roon Core and I can control my Core from my iMac, my OnePlus Two phone and output music stored on the core via my phone, DACs connected to my iMac and of course, DACs connected to the Nimitra. I could have left my iMac as my Roon Core and with the Nimitra being Roon Ready streamed through it to my DAC using storage within my iMac. This is an area where Fidelizers first-rate customer support comes in as they will actually go onto customers Nimitras remotely to make sure that any drivers are installed etc for what DAC you use or to reconfigure if you decide down the line you would like use this with Roon.”


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“The Moon Neo MiND UPnP renderer/ streamer does its job so well, you sometimes wonder if you are being subtly influenced to like it through MiND control. It slots into practically any system with a DAC with ease and brings what could easily be dismissed as a ‘legacy’ system bang up to date. The chances are, if you are exploring this kind of upgrade, the Neo MiND might be your first Moon product, but once you’ve played with it for even the shortest time, you’ll realise it won’t be your last. Outstanding and highly recommended”


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“As the ARIES G2 is a streaming transporter, matching it with a good DAC is the key to unleash its performance. As far as USB DAC functionality, I found the ALTAIR was up to the task in channeling high-resolution streaming capability of the ARIES G2 (higher than 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling rates). The ALTAIR, however, has a limitation in processing such signals through its coax/optical/AES inputs. The ARIES G2 is capable of outputting up to 24 bit/192 kHz signal through its non-USB digital outputs, but the ALTAIR will not process these high-sampling-rate signals at their native rates. Hence, the results will not be optimum. Pairing the digital outputs of the ARIES G2 with the Bel Canto DAC3.7, which is capable of processing up to 24 bit /192 kHz signals, yielded a better sonic results. Therefore, if you are planning on using the non-USB digital outputs of the ARIES G2, make sure you pair it with a DAC that can properly process the high-sampling-rate signals to get optimum sonic performance.”


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“We then moved from the NDX 2 to the ND 555 in the same system, this time moving over to Lyle Lovett. Once more, there was a greater sense of physical presence of singer and musicians, with at once more separation and – not as paradoxically as it sounds – more cohesion between the players in the band. After this we played a number of tracks (not just alt-country) through the ND 555, and it retained a sense of richness and organic depth to the sound, but not at the expense of the pace of the music (understandably, given the company it hails from). This was just a slice of how these players perform and the sound of the system wasn’t giving the kind of stereophony or bottom end definition I would necessarily seek on any of the tracks, but it did show up the good-better-best differences well. One for more investigation, I suspect.”

First Look: AirPlay 2 Multi-Room Streaming Audio in iOS 11.4 – Video

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