Qobuz Sublime+ Review


” Yet Sublime+ neuters the album’s bass presence somewhat, rendering what should be an implacably hard-hitting recording a little tentative. Kendrick Lamar may be many things, but ‘tentative’ isn’t usually one of them.

Audirvana Plus announces MQA integration on Mac OS

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“MQA continues to muscle through the audio world with yet another coup in the digital-audio player market. Audirvana Plus, the well-loved desktop music application for Mac OS has just announced that their latest Plus 3 player includes MQA software unfolding of the MQA origami codec. This type of MQA integration seems to be the same level of authentication as Tidal is offering in their desktop application. Audirvana Plus 3 player also implements a blue or green light for confirmation that the file is delivering an authorized sound recognized as identical to the source recording.”

Sound Galleries SGM 2015 Music Server Review

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“I listened to my system with the Sound Galleries SGM server for months, which adds up to hundreds of hours of listening time and lots and lots of music. Switching back to my sT/mR combo, which took all of a minute or so, was not a huge letdown. Changes included flabbier bass, less tonal variation, less precise sound location, less precise sound image, less depth, less height, less width, and generally music sounds a bit homogenized from track to track. There was sameness to the sound of music and things were a bit wilder and a bit woollier, which reduced the heights of emotional connection, and the sheer joy, of listening to lots and lots of music.


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