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“We then moved from the NDX 2 to the ND 555 in the same system, this time moving over to Lyle Lovett. Once more, there was a greater sense of physical presence of singer and musicians, with at once more separation and – not as paradoxically as it sounds – more cohesion between the players in the band. After this we played a number of tracks (not just alt-country) through the ND 555, and it retained a sense of richness and organic depth to the sound, but not at the expense of the pace of the music (understandably, given the company it hails from). This was just a slice of how these players perform and the sound of the system wasn’t giving the kind of stereophony or bottom end definition I would necessarily seek on any of the tracks, but it did show up the good-better-best differences well. One for more investigation, I suspect.”


First Look: AirPlay 2 Multi-Room Streaming Audio in iOS 11.4 – Video

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Mark Levinson № 519 Digital Audio Player Review

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“The Mark Levinson № 519 represents the pinnacle of performance in streaming network players. It is a high-caliber all-in-one solution that caters to the most affluent consumers who care only about music from digital sources. All one needs to complement the № 519 is a license to TIDAL Hi-Fi, an iPad, an amplifier, and speakers, and you will have a knockout state-of-the-art system.”

Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer/DAC/pre-amp Review – video

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Elac Discovery DS-S101-G Music Server $1,100 Review

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“Wrapping up my take on Elac’s Discovery, I’m hard-pressed to find a good reason why someone seeking to add a networked music server to their system wouldn’t want one. The Discovery eliminates any need to use a dedicated computer to store music or operate your system (beyond your mobile device to run the app), and it works with both inexpensive USB and NAS storage options. Its compact form and minimalist design allow it to be integrated unobtrusively with an existing hi-fi rig. Also, you’ll get great sound quality from its built-in DAC, along with wired and wireless multiroom audio support, including installations that use AirPlay or Sonos speakers.”

Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) Network Streamer – Video

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TAD Evolution Series D1000MK2 Disc Player $14,995 Review

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‘The beautiful thing about owning a device like the TAD D1000MK2 Disc Player is you don’t have to worry, you just have to be happy. I did spin some shiny discs on the TAD’s disc spinner and they all sounded good. Really good. Better than the file? I wouldn’t say better but if you own lots of discs, CDs and perhaps more importantly SACDs that you don’t plan to turn into files, you can rest assured that the TAD will serve them very well. For my personal listening preferences, the TAD TAD-DA1000 DAC ($10,995) makes more sense because the physical music media I enjoy is of the vinyl variety but part of me really loves the sexy silent machined smooth beauty of the D1000MK2’s disc mechanism. It certainly plucks at my lover-of-lovely-things heartstrings.”

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