Dynaudio Excite X14 loudspeaker – Review

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“The Excite X12 had a richer lower midrange but less midrange detail, and its highs were less delicate and less detailed. The X14’s high frequencies were cleaner and more articulate in high-level passages.”




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” Balanced armature drivers are known for their lightning-fast response, which allow them to offer a startling level of precision, but they sometimes exhibit a little too much bite for those unaccustomed to the sound. As our reference in-ears”


Cocktail Audio X30 – Review

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“I heard no sonic difference with the X30 playing music from internal storage or NAS to speak of and both methods were a breeze to navigate with Creation 5 and in a pinch through the front controls of the X30.”


Aesthetix • Atlas Signature Stereo Amplifier and Janus Signature Preamplifier

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“The Atlas Signature can be relied on to get a hold of and musically integrate the most recalcitrant woofer in full-range systems, to liberate every last ounce of bass extension and meaning from smaller speakers.”


Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 headphone – Video

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Tidal Music Complete Review

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” As for sound quality, what can I say? It’s brilliant. As you would expect from a FLAC service, sound quality is a lot better than Spotify and the other music streaming services. Hi-fi enthusiasts don’t need to be convinced about the benefits of FLAC over MP3 or OGG.”


McIntosh builds a bridge

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“The MB100 has two analogue and two digital outputs, plus it can be connected via USB to other McIntosh USB-enabled products. Users can create two independent audio zones when using the USB connection in combination with either the analogue or digital output”

MB100 Left Angle with iPad

Acoustic Sounds to Record Blues Festival in High-Resolution DSD

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“Recordings of this year’s Blues Masters at the Crossroads performances will kick off a series featuring recordings from the festival’s previous 16 years and marks the first time a live blues concert has been recorded in DSD in its entirety.”


Astell & Kern AK240 Hi-Res Music Player Reviewed

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“The Astell & Kern AK100 has been solid and completely glitch-free during the year I’ve had it. It is as quiet and noise-free as the AK240 with sensitive in-ear monitors, such as the Westone ES-5.”


Best Music Players for Windows

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“If you are looking for a nice lightweight app to play your favorite tunes on Windows, don’t mind a classic Windows style interface and comfortable enough to customize the user interface, functionality and capabilities of the app to make it suit your needs, the Foobar 2000 player is for you”


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