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Bass has good impact, texture and speed. The most special thing about the bass, is the feeling you get, when the kinetic driver really comes to show. When it does, you get this extra sensation of vibrations coming from the outside of the canals, where you can really feel the bass. I have tried many different songs to push this experience to its boundaries. One song that really shows the qualities here, is DJ Shadow’s Three Ralphs. However, this feeling is best noticeable when you’re sitting in a quiet environment, or at least not in commute. When I am out and about, I don’t notice the vibrations as much as when I am in the office for example.

The Xe6 reaches very deep into the sub-bass segment, and does so with a lot of authority and force. If you are after a detailed and thunderous low-end, you might find pleasure in the Xe6 as it does exactly that to my ears. To me, the bass is undeniably in a front seat compared to mids and treble. Of course you can tone it down by swapping the gray module for the black one. Then the Xe6 becomes more balanced overall.


Installing My 7.1.4 Immersive Audio System

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To get cabling to the ceiling speakers, I have access to the base of the angled ceiling drywall, in the crawl space behind the side walls of the room. Behind the walls of the angled ceiling is a thick layer of insulation inside clear plastic. The best way to get the this speaker wire from the base of the ceiling to the one inch hole behind the speaker, was to run it form the bottom to the top, not top down. Because the wire hole was only one inch, I didn’t have enough space to get my hand in their and push the cable downward, between the layer of insulation and the drywall. Gravity wasn’t enough to take the cable down the back of the wall by itself. 

I taped a three foot long string to a thin fiberglass push/pull rod, then taped the speaker cable to the string. I pushed the rod up the back of the wall, attaching additional extension rods as needed. Once the rod, string, and wire were close to the hole behind the speaker, I used a lighted steel claw mechanical pickup tool with a Depstech endoscope camera attached, to grab the string and pull it through the wire hole. This endoscope camera saved me a ton of time because the fiberglass rod never went straight up the back of the wall and stopped right next to the speaker wire hole. The camera sent live video to my iPhone as I fished for the string. 

KEF’s LS60 Wireless Review

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Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier $13,450 Review

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The ergonomic beauty of the Boulder 866 is that with one chassis you can accomplish everything required (except transducers, a turntable system, and a couple of cables) to assemble a complete high-performance audio system. You can have a fully functional state-of-the-art audio system that does not entail large metal boxes on the floor tethered via cables to a phalanx of chassis on racks. For audiophiles with smaller rooms and space restrictions, the Boulder 866 has the capability to produce superb sonics in limited spaces at a level that can equal that of a multiplicity of separate boxes in a larger dedicated room.

If you’ve been a fan of Boulder’s sonics and build-quality but have been unable to field the space for their generously sized components, the new 866 could be the component of your dreams made into reality. 

Dali Oberon 9 $2499 review

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A true three-way design is relatively rare at this price and means that the midrange and bass units can be properly optimised to work in their specific part of the frequency range. The crossover points are relatively conventional, being set at 780Hz and 3400Hz. In contrast, the mid/bass unit in a two-way configuration is inevitably compromised by having to accommodate a broader spread of frequencies. Of course, a two-way has a simpler crossover network and so gains an advantage there.

 Wilson Audio chez Hifi Link

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Grado RS2x Headphone Review

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The Grado RS2x doesn’t deviate too far from the Grado house sound or looks. It’s a vintage feel that is slightly less aggressive than some of the company’s other models. Credit could be due to the new driver or wood choice, but the entire scene makes for a fairly desirable canvas in the lineup. If you also like to tweak and tinker, the cup design allows for plenty of opportunity to easily swap out the earpads for other options. It offers an extended hand to all Grado fans looking to move up the line from ultra high value, entry level models. Like the rest of high end audio, diminishing returns are found as you set your gaze upward, but plenty of fun and listenability still await your hard earned dollars. If you are a fan of the Grado sound, you owe it to yourself to hear the R2x. It’s one of the best takes I’ve ever heard on the subject.

Atoll Electronique IN200 Signature Integrated Amplifier $2800 Review

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I am pleased to say that a round of applause for the Dubreuil brothers’ Atoll Electronique is in order for achieving their goal of producing a reasonably priced high-end audio component.

The IN200 Signature—for its engineering rigor and design, manufacturing process and quality of parts, class-A sound performance with the extra headroom of class AB, command of hard-to-drive speakers, availability of DAC and phono-stage expansion boards, and compact footprint—is absolutely worthy of your

Klipsch Cornwall IV Review 

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Lab12 Integre4 Integrated Amplifier | REVIEW

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I’m trying so hard to wean myself off the idea of prices in high-end audio, because we all have to get over the idea that the cost of approaching perfection is downright prohibitive—mostly because it takes a lot of money to get there. But here we have an amplifier, an integrated amplifier even, that costs just $4,450, and it helps me to attain joy and happiness at the same level as some very pricy gear. It’s also beautiful, well-made and it has enough power to drive most speakers. For every audiophile who loves to complain about the high price of quality hi-fi, I’m throwing you a bone here.

Is the Lab12 Integre4 perfect? I don’t know if I need perfect in an integrated amplifier. I have another integrated amplifier in mind, the LFD NCSE I reviewed a couple of years ago, and it was pretty close to perfect, too. I wouldn’t mind having some XLR compatibility with the Integre4 simply because I have so many XLR cables hanging around, waiting to be tested. This omission would never prevent me from pulling the trigger, however, since the sound quality speaks to me with such eloquence.

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