Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier $13,450 Review

June 29, 2022 Comments Off on Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier $13,450 Review

The ergonomic beauty of the Boulder 866 is that with one chassis you can accomplish everything required (except transducers, a turntable system, and a couple of cables) to assemble a complete high-performance audio system. You can have a fully functional state-of-the-art audio system that does not entail large metal boxes on the floor tethered via cables to a phalanx of chassis on racks. For audiophiles with smaller rooms and space restrictions, the Boulder 866 has the capability to produce superb sonics in limited spaces at a level that can equal that of a multiplicity of separate boxes in a larger dedicated room.

If you’ve been a fan of Boulder’s sonics and build-quality but have been unable to field the space for their generously sized components, the new 866 could be the component of your dreams made into reality. 


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