Lab12 Integre4 Integrated Amplifier | REVIEW

June 26, 2022 Comments Off on Lab12 Integre4 Integrated Amplifier | REVIEW

I’m trying so hard to wean myself off the idea of prices in high-end audio, because we all have to get over the idea that the cost of approaching perfection is downright prohibitive—mostly because it takes a lot of money to get there. But here we have an amplifier, an integrated amplifier even, that costs just $4,450, and it helps me to attain joy and happiness at the same level as some very pricy gear. It’s also beautiful, well-made and it has enough power to drive most speakers. For every audiophile who loves to complain about the high price of quality hi-fi, I’m throwing you a bone here.

Is the Lab12 Integre4 perfect? I don’t know if I need perfect in an integrated amplifier. I have another integrated amplifier in mind, the LFD NCSE I reviewed a couple of years ago, and it was pretty close to perfect, too. I wouldn’t mind having some XLR compatibility with the Integre4 simply because I have so many XLR cables hanging around, waiting to be tested. This omission would never prevent me from pulling the trigger, however, since the sound quality speaks to me with such eloquence.


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