Acoustic Signature Tornado Neo Turntable with TA-2000 Neo Tonearm Review

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Both album versions of this overture (different orchestras, conductors, locations, and recording equipment) had nearly identical overall timing, yet provided appropriately unique sound signatures when played back with the Tornado Neo and TA-2000 Neo. The Witches’ Brew LP had a more forward presentation with additional upper-midrange emphasis (think strings, woodwind, brass, and non-bass percussion), while maintaining excellent clarity and dynamic agility. Timing and pacing, as presented by the combo, were as good as expected and proved to be a conduit for a bundle of energy when called upon. The Mephisto & Co. version of “Tam o’ Shanter” presented additional fullness and power in the lower registers of all instruments (especially in the bass region), while maintaining the rhythmic pacing of the performance. Energy was excellent, tilting a good bit towards the lower register of any instrument used during reproduction. This contrast is normal for these recordings and consistent on any of the playback systems I have in-house. The Tornado Neo and TA-2000 Neo combo reproduced the expected differences in these performances with relative ease.

With an already solid construction supported by the Neo advancements that Acoustic Signature has implemented across the board on all products, the Tornado Neo and TA-2000 Neo provided near-exceptional performance in its price class along with countless hours of musical enjoyment.



May 31, 2022 Comments Off on ROTEL RA-1572MKII AND RCD-1572MKII MUSIC SYSTEM $2,100 REVIEW

In tribute to the Foo Fighters (RIP Taylor Hawkins), I had to listen to their acoustic performance from Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in 2006. Cold Day In The Sun is Hawkins’ chance to shine on lead vocals and his punk/grunge style shone right through a busy drum accompaniment. Dave Grohl’s backing vocals appeared at the right moments in perfect balance. Other songs like Everlong and Skin and Bones brought their acoustic guitar lines to the fore. It was easy to hear the fingerboard shifts and the difference between strings plucked by a pick or with a finger.

Compared to other high-end components I’ve heard like NAD, Hi-Fi Rose, and Anthem, the Rotel RA-1572MKII, and RCD-1572MKII combination delivers a warmer sound. That’s not to say there is a lack of detail, far from it in fact. You can hear every nuance and the dynamic range is tremendous. I was encouraged to listen to soft passages as they were presented with a fragile transparency that I found addictive. Loud sections were clean and expansive with a sound stage that was neither too broad nor too narrow. It didn’t quite go beyond the walls of my room, but it filled the space around and over my head.

Mark Levinson No. 5909 Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones Review

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Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE Floorstanding Loudspeaker $25,000 Review

May 30, 2022 Comments Off on Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE Floorstanding Loudspeaker $25,000 Review

This would result in several patented innovative technological applications that continue to evolve and be employed in practically every Von Schweikert Audio speaker design, among them the Global Axis Integration Network (G.A.I.N.) and Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.) or “Inverse Microphone” concepts, all furthering the sonic objective of realism. Secondly, and in a word, I say again – Space. Beyond their truthfulness to pitch, intensity, duration, and timbre, the ESE authentically recreates the performance space in a manner and scale I’ve never before experienced from a full-range speaker of this footprint or price point. A presentation that envelopes the listener with all the excitement and visceral energy of the performance venue, off- and on-axis. It is indeed, “The Sound of Reality” — That sonic hologram we all strive to create.

Munich High End 2022

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The driver housing is made of aviation aluminum material with precise CNC machining with the precise placement of the holes determined by hours of testing and experimentation to maximize linearity and uniformity of production.

Gold color embroidery thread and soft goatskin are combined together to create an ergonomic and comfortable headband with a unique and exquisite design. The detachable earpads are also made from goatskin incorporating a memory-foam interior to produce an ergonomic and special-shaped earpad that matches the ears perfectly and prevents sound leakage.

The headband brackets and gimbals are made of aviation aluminum for high strength, durability, and low weight.

Lumin P1 Streaming DAC Preamplifier Review 

May 29, 2022 Comments Off on Lumin P1 Streaming DAC Preamplifier Review

To objectively reconcile with “Bridge of Sighs”, to evoke lyrical reflection and not sound like a detached experience and a sum of isolated sonic attributes a higher level of digital handling is needed. 

This recording shows the true nature of P1 when it comes to cementing a multitude of sonic attributes, which could easily sound contradictory if the resolution is not there. 

Zellaton Plural Evo

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KEF LS60 Wireless $7000 review

May 28, 2022 Comments Off on KEF LS60 Wireless $7000 review

We’re keen to hear just how the KEF LS60’s Uni-Core drivers handle low frequencies so we switch to the Jauz Remix of Shaed’s Trampoline. Before the dubstep element has a chance to muscle in, we’re drawn to the detail in the midrange. There’s an impressive level of detail in and space around the lead vocal. It’s surrounded by an echo that floats effortlessly in the ether.

The vocal then rises and tees up a brief but perfectly executed moment of silence before the KEFs plummet to follow the track’s deep, dirty bassline. It’s dispatched with intent and force – edges are sharply drawn and there’s so much texture to the notes the speakers almost fool you into thinking you can reach out and feel them. There’s so much weight and power on display, you wouldn’t believe a cabinet that slim could produce such an impactful sound.

Schiit Freya+ Preamplifier $949 Review

May 28, 2022 Comments Off on Schiit Freya+ Preamplifier $949 Review

Pros: 3 different modes at your leisure—all respectable, very quiet, many inputs/outputs, light in weight and small in size, unusually high performance/price ratio.

Cons: No volume scale numerical or otherwise, mode and input choices are by cycling thru instead of particular choices, gets hot in active tube mode, labeling for control (both manual and on the very small remote) is hard to see due to its tiny size and obscure symbols.

Final thoughts: The Freya+ is a surprisingly inexpensive and quality-in-sound preamplifier that I would highly recommend as a serious start for those who have now decided that a preamplifier is for their system. With 3 separate modes, you can’t go wrong. I would also recommend it as a useful experimental tool for reviewers because of its versatility, quality of sound and low price.

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