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In tribute to the Foo Fighters (RIP Taylor Hawkins), I had to listen to their acoustic performance from Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in 2006. Cold Day In The Sun is Hawkins’ chance to shine on lead vocals and his punk/grunge style shone right through a busy drum accompaniment. Dave Grohl’s backing vocals appeared at the right moments in perfect balance. Other songs like Everlong and Skin and Bones brought their acoustic guitar lines to the fore. It was easy to hear the fingerboard shifts and the difference between strings plucked by a pick or with a finger.

Compared to other high-end components I’ve heard like NAD, Hi-Fi Rose, and Anthem, the Rotel RA-1572MKII, and RCD-1572MKII combination delivers a warmer sound. That’s not to say there is a lack of detail, far from it in fact. You can hear every nuance and the dynamic range is tremendous. I was encouraged to listen to soft passages as they were presented with a fragile transparency that I found addictive. Loud sections were clean and expansive with a sound stage that was neither too broad nor too narrow. It didn’t quite go beyond the walls of my room, but it filled the space around and over my head.


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