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Audion Silver Night 300B Special Edition Stereo Amplifier Review

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” The Audion 300B Special Edition has a completely new driver section and redesigned output transformers that are the result of years of development. Audion has been making and winding their own audio transformers in house for nearly 8 years to exacting standards. So its no surprise this new design brings the most out of a 300B tube.”


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Top 12 Home Theaters from 2013


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Home Theater Construction ‘video’

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Recording Studio-Grade Theater

“Fed by powerful RAM Audio amplifiers and an Integra preamp/processor, 10 speakers comprise the surround channels to go with three front-channel speakers that reside behind a 14-foot wide Screen Research screen”


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$3 Millon- Masterpiece Theater Includes 13 Speakers, 5 Subs, 234” Screen

“Although a seemingly minor feature of the initial design, it has become an essential part of the theater environment. Without it, the family may have never heard the doorbell ring at the front gate. The AMX system automatically pauses the movie, mutes and sound and emits a ring through the touchpanel whenever someone presses at button at the home’s entrance”


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