Legacy Audio Signature SE Loudspeaker Review

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“The dual AMT ribbon combination is quite sensible. Even with amps that tend to be (overly) clear with high frequencies, the AMT works well, although its whole potential is of course only unleashed with the right amp as a partner. The Spectral DMA-100 worked great with the Signature, but was outperformed by the Air Tight tube mono amps. With these amps the Signature produced a clarity and an ease of musical performance which I have never experienced before. The effort put towards choosing an amp really pays off.”


FiiO X1 music player $99.99 Review

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“I started listening to the X1 2nd Gen with a pair of Koss Porta Pro on-ear headphones ($29, £27), and really liked what I heard, the sound was distinctly clearer than what I was getting from my iPhone 6S playing lossless Tidal streaming files. Continuing with a set of 1More Triple Driver in-ear headphones the second-gen X1’s transparency advantages over the ‘6S were even more apparent, though the ‘6S had a fuller, but muddier sound.”



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“Her voice was as detailed and upfront as ever. The HEM8’s have a magical ability to portray female vocals and they were certainly up to the task with Norah’s singing. Out of my iPhone 6, the HEM8s sounded sublime with this record, but when I plugged them into the uDAC5, things did improve noticeably. The clarity and transparency improved and I could hear even more of the most inner workings of this recording. As well, the sound staging opened up almost immediately. This led me to conclude that the uDAC5 was a definite upgrade to my standard iDevice and again, considering the price point, a no brainer for me. When I compared the sound of this combination to other $500 IEMs I’ve heard or have on hand, I just kept coming back to the HEM8s!”


Ayre Acoustics • KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier and VX-5 Twenty Stereo Amplifier – Review

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” I’ve been making my way through a collection of jazz LPs I received more than a year ago, and it has been a true musical revelation — an exploration of free, soul and spiritual jazz, along with reacquaintance with classics from Davis, Coltrane, Rollins, and others. While all of the music is undeniably jazz, it is still very diverse, made by small, large and very large ensembles and representing a wide of range of playing styles and recording qualities. The Ayre separates not only respected the music in the grooves, but did right by it, due to their evenhanded tonality, high-frequency extension and overall timbral realism”




Vocal presence is elevated and to the fore for both male and female vocals and it suffers from zero sibilance. Texture and detail, particularly in female vocals are very impressive with just the right level of attack and decay. It is neither too sharp nor too soft and sounding incredibly refined. Vocals on the EAMT-2C are so open and almost euphoric in a sense that other flagship IEMs such almost dull, soft and lifeless and that is saying something. For those that think this means bright or very intimate, I can tell you that is very wide of the mark. Think Stax, think effortless and you will hit closer to home with the EAMT-2C midrange presentation”


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