Introduction into the Roon music – Video

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AudioCast Review better than Google? – Video

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Major MQA Announcements at the Berlin IFA Show

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“Korean-based hi-res streaming service, Groovers, has confirmed it is working on MQA mobile and desktop implementation for its platform, due to launch by the end of 2017. This follows recent news from b2b digital music solutions provider, 7digital, that it will be powering a forthcoming hi-res streaming service, HDmusicStream, using MQA technology to deliver studio quality audio.”

Pandora Premium Music Service Review

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“Is Pandora’s Premium service a formidable competitor to major players like Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL? Maybe the best answer is: not just yet. On paper, it doesn’t yet compete with those services in terms of overall functionality: access is limited primarily to phones, and it can’t serve as your all-in-one music player, since it can’t integrate your personal files. Still, there’s a lot to like about it, especially if (like me) you’ve used Pandora’s free service for years and created/fine-tuned a large collection of stations that you like. Premium builds more functionality and flexibility into those stations while giving you more direct access to specific songs, artists, and albums–all through a nice, streamlined interface.”

Quick Run-through of 300,000+ Tracks In Roon – Video

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HDmusicStream: HDtracks New All-MQA Streaming Service

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“Yes, you read that right. HDtracks, the grandfather of hi-res download sites, will be launching their own streaming service, HDmusicStream, which will feature all MQA-encoded music all the time, later this year.”

MQA: Yes or No? | Stereophile – Video

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