obuz announces US pricing plan

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“There seems to be a sense of spiritual angst among the audiophile faithful who stream their digital audio via cloud-based music services and its cause seems to be the continuing delay of the French high-resolution music service Qobuz from entering the North American market.”


Apple Music vs. Spotify

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Roon Nucleus Plus Network Streamer Explained

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Roon- home audio streaming platform Review – Video

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Roon Labs Nucleus+ music server Review

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“Who knew Jason would have the B-52’s in his library? “Rock Lobster,” sourced from Tidal and the NUC, had excellent impact, with good low-frequency extension. Streaming the same track from Tidal via the Nucleus+, perhaps there was a touch more authority in the bass. Perhaps. With “Every Day I Have the Blues,” from the Morrison-DeFrancesco album, the sound through the NUC was less authoritative, less open. However, the comparison was unfair: Though both versions were 16/44.1, I was streaming from Tidal with the NUC, and playing a WAV file from local storage with the Nucleus+. Nevertheless, while changing to the Tidal stream with the Nucleus+ reduced the difference between the servers, the Nucleus+ sounded still a tad tidier.”

Roon brings music to more masses with Chromecast support

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“For those not in the know, Chromecast is a Google-developed digital media player. It looks like a small-round puck with an HDMI dongle and allows mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. to stream audio and visual HD content to HDMI-compatible televisions or other devices via its Micro-USB output, like to say, any compatible DAC with a likewise savoury digital-in as a Roon endpoint”

Unfolding MQA: how to play MQA

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