SiriusXM 360L satellite radio meets 4G LTE streaming in the 2019 Ram 1500 – Video

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“HIGHRESAUDIO is launching its own high- resolution 24-bit subscription streaming service in April 2018. HRA- Streaming is aimed at the music-loving music connoisseur, Hi-Fi enthusiast and customers that appreciated a high-quality sound reproduction. For the past eight years, HIGHRESAUDIO has been able to archive and make available for downloading an impressive music catalogue of very high quality and selected new recordings and analogue-to-digital remasters.”

What does 2018 hold for Music Streaming Services?

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“It won’t have escaped people’s notice that for two streaming services in particular, another option exists. Apple Music and Amazon Unlimited don’t have to make the same appeals to investors that the independent streaming services do. Neither of these organisations is wondering where their next $100 million is coming from and a different approach to the business of conquering music streaming is open to them. At this point, we move from the evaluation of stated business models which is what this article has done so far and move into the theoretical. ”

Aurender N100H Caching Network Streamer Plus X725 USB DAC / Amplifier Review

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“I’m a sucker for the French Impressionists. No, not the painters, the composers – Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Sometimes Eric Satie is lumped into this category, but he doesn’t have enough recorded works to really be part of this group. If I would have to pick only one piece of music to represent this subgenre, though, it would be Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe. I have many recordings of this work in my collection, my favorite digital version, which also happens to be my favorite analog version, is the Living Stereo issue conducted by Charles Munch. His Boston Symphony Orchestra recorded this for RCA that was originally released in 1960. I have a Red Book CD versions ripped from the two-layer SACD and an older CD, and a DSD file of this on my hard-drives, and all of them sound incredible. I’ve read that some aren’t as enamored as I am of this recording, mostly because of the tape hiss that’s been faithfully reproduced. I suppose I’m used to it. It doesn’t bother me at all. I played both the 16-bit and DSD version through the N100H, sometimes connected to the X725 and sometimes not, and I had the same impression of their sound quality as I did when listening to the Peter Gabriel, but on this album it was amazing to hear how well the N100H was able to handle these real instruments recorded in a real space.”

MQA Reviewed

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“Time for a real curve ball, HQPlayer. In order to use HQPlayer with the Meridian Prime, I had to change software settings for the microRendu, which takes about a minute. Since sending music through HQPlayer breaks the MQA chain, I was only able to compare HQPlayer upsampling everything to 24/192 PCM (using the poly-sinc-mp, NS5 settings) to my recent memory of the MQA-decoded version. Hmm. There remains the more obvious Ms. Simone to the right placement with MQA, but HQPlayer appears to add, back?, some of that lovely spatial information that MQA did so well with this recording. In other words, HQPlayer helped close the gap between the 24/96 file played through the Meridian Prime and the MQA-encoded/decoded version.”

MQA streaming on iOS and Android begins next week

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“First Audiophiles take note: #mqa streaming on iOS and Android begins next week. Find out more on #darkoaudio. Link in bio.

Cary Audio AiOS Integrated Amplifier/DAC/Streamer $2,995 Review

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Quiet passages conveyed ample negative space and were noise-free. And when the clangorous swells of guitars and keyboards eventually burst in, the sound retained a sense of ease, as opposed to becoming strained. Furthermore, the bass guitar sounded rock-solid and deep, and it retained its fullness over a range of volume levels. For kicks, I turned on SRC again to convert the Tidal FLAC stream to DSD. Same as with the Young track, the sound transformed in a good way: Details that had been layered deep in the mix, such as burbling synths and a forlorn, faraway trumpet, gained in clarity. To use a visual metaphor for what I was hearing, it was like tweaking the focus on a pair of binoculars.

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