Apple Music vs. Spotify

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Roon Nucleus Plus Network Streamer Explained

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Roon- home audio streaming platform Review – Video

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Roon Labs Nucleus+ music server Review

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“Who knew Jason would have the B-52’s in his library? “Rock Lobster,” sourced from Tidal and the NUC, had excellent impact, with good low-frequency extension. Streaming the same track from Tidal via the Nucleus+, perhaps there was a touch more authority in the bass. Perhaps. With “Every Day I Have the Blues,” from the Morrison-DeFrancesco album, the sound through the NUC was less authoritative, less open. However, the comparison was unfair: Though both versions were 16/44.1, I was streaming from Tidal with the NUC, and playing a WAV file from local storage with the Nucleus+. Nevertheless, while changing to the Tidal stream with the Nucleus+ reduced the difference between the servers, the Nucleus+ sounded still a tad tidier.”

Roon brings music to more masses with Chromecast support

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“For those not in the know, Chromecast is a Google-developed digital media player. It looks like a small-round puck with an HDMI dongle and allows mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. to stream audio and visual HD content to HDMI-compatible televisions or other devices via its Micro-USB output, like to say, any compatible DAC with a likewise savoury digital-in as a Roon endpoint”

Unfolding MQA: how to play MQA

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YouTube Music Review

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“The vast majority of the selections turn out to be music we already know by artists we’ve already confirmed we like. Tell YouTube Music you like Amy Winehouse (as we did, because we do) and Your Mixtape will include every one of her songs in next-to no time.It’s possible to improve and/or expand the scope of your ‘discoveries’ by enabling location- and activity-based recommendations in the settings. If you’re at the gym or walking in the park, YouTube Music is happy to tailor its recommendations to suit your activity or the time of day.”

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