Hi-Fi Spotify & Apple Music for BEGINNERS

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LG’s V40 & Apple’s iPad as hi-res network streamers?

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Classical Streaming Service Primephonic Enables Easy Offline Listening

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“The services differ in several crucial aspects, however. Of major importance, Primephonic now offers two streaming tiers, Premium ($7.99 USD/month or $79.00 USD/year) that is limited to an adaptive bit-rate of 320 kbps MP3, and Platinum ($14.99 USD/month or $149.99 USD/year) that streams full CD quality and, when available, hi-rez 24-bit FLAC in adaptive bit-rate. While Primephonic’s hi-rez offerings put it a step above Idagio, which does not offer hi-rez streaming and has no current plans to do so, Idagio users who subscribe to its lossless Redbook-quality tier can store tracks for future playback at full CD quality, which sure sounds better than a sampling rate of 160 kbps.

Amazon reportedly preparing hi-res music streaming tier

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“Amazon is preparing to launch a hi-res tier later this year, according to Music Business Worldwide, who has allegedly heard ‘whispers’ from several music industry sources regarding the upcoming launch of a high-fidelity platform. The report continues to say that at least one major record company has already agreed to license it.

The new Amazon tier would reportedly offer above-CD-quality streaming at $15/month, sitting above Amazon Music Unlimited’s current $9.99/per month tier, which, like Spotify, offers streams under 16-bit CD quality.

The new hi-res option would directly compete with – and, price-wise, undercut – Tidal and Qobuz, who both offer hi-res, 24-bit streaming services for £19.99/month and £24.99/month respectively.”

Tidal Launches MQA-Ready iOS App

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“The music streaming service TIDAL today launched an iOS app that supports the playback of high-resolution MQA-encoded music on the iPhone and other Apple devices
Master-quality titles are available for streaming and downloading through TIDAL Masters with a TIDAL HiFi subscription, which costs $25.99/month through the App Store or $19.99/month via tidal.com.

Qobuz ► It’s Better Than Tidal, AppleMusic, Spotify,

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Roon 1.6: Qobuz, improved Radio and new screens

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Qobuz is bringing hi-res music streaming to the USA in 2019

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Plex Adds Tidal Music Service Integration

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obuz announces US pricing plan

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“There seems to be a sense of spiritual angst among the audiophile faithful who stream their digital audio via cloud-based music services and its cause seems to be the continuing delay of the French high-resolution music service Qobuz from entering the North American market.”

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