Amazon Music Unlimited review

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For Prime subscribers looking to take advantage of the reduced subscription cost and the added CD-quality and hi-res tiers provided by Amazon Music HD, Music Unlimited makes a lot of sense. It’s certainly a tempting alternative to more premium services such as Tidal.

But Spotify does deliver more reliable, comprehensive functionality with superior curation. And its users have Spotify HiFi to look forward to. Amazon will also have trouble getting Apple Music users to swap sides, especially now that the latter also offers CD-quality and hi-res streams that sound fantastic.

It’s always going to be tricky to convince streamers who are already invested in a service to jump ship, but if you’re new to streaming, Amazon Music Unlimited has enough in its locker to get itself onto your shortlist.


Hi-Fi Spotify & Apple Music for BEGINNERS

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LG’s V40 & Apple’s iPad as hi-res network streamers?

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Classical Streaming Service Primephonic Enables Easy Offline Listening

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“The services differ in several crucial aspects, however. Of major importance, Primephonic now offers two streaming tiers, Premium ($7.99 USD/month or $79.00 USD/year) that is limited to an adaptive bit-rate of 320 kbps MP3, and Platinum ($14.99 USD/month or $149.99 USD/year) that streams full CD quality and, when available, hi-rez 24-bit FLAC in adaptive bit-rate. While Primephonic’s hi-rez offerings put it a step above Idagio, which does not offer hi-rez streaming and has no current plans to do so, Idagio users who subscribe to its lossless Redbook-quality tier can store tracks for future playback at full CD quality, which sure sounds better than a sampling rate of 160 kbps.

Amazon reportedly preparing hi-res music streaming tier

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“Amazon is preparing to launch a hi-res tier later this year, according to Music Business Worldwide, who has allegedly heard ‘whispers’ from several music industry sources regarding the upcoming launch of a high-fidelity platform. The report continues to say that at least one major record company has already agreed to license it.

The new Amazon tier would reportedly offer above-CD-quality streaming at $15/month, sitting above Amazon Music Unlimited’s current $9.99/per month tier, which, like Spotify, offers streams under 16-bit CD quality.

The new hi-res option would directly compete with – and, price-wise, undercut – Tidal and Qobuz, who both offer hi-res, 24-bit streaming services for £19.99/month and £24.99/month respectively.”

Tidal Launches MQA-Ready iOS App

March 20, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The music streaming service TIDAL today launched an iOS app that supports the playback of high-resolution MQA-encoded music on the iPhone and other Apple devices
Master-quality titles are available for streaming and downloading through TIDAL Masters with a TIDAL HiFi subscription, which costs $25.99/month through the App Store or $19.99/month via

Qobuz ► It’s Better Than Tidal, AppleMusic, Spotify,

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Roon 1.6: Qobuz, improved Radio and new screens

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Qobuz is bringing hi-res music streaming to the USA in 2019

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Plex Adds Tidal Music Service Integration

December 24, 2018 § Leave a comment

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