Emotiva DAC/Headphone Amps $229

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” Emotiva has announced two new portable DAC/Headphone Amps—the Big Ego ($229) and the Little Ego ($169) both capable of playing back up to 32/384 PCM data. Each DAC offers three digital filters for tailoring the Ego to your liking; the Symmetrical filter offering equal amounts of pre- and post-ringing,”


Cary Audio DMC-600SE Digital Music Center Review

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” This is one of those reviews where the end of the review is bittersweet. It seemed like a week instead of a few months since the equipment first arrived. As the equipment was being packed and ready to ship, it seemed that another whole binder of material surfaced just waiting to be evaluated using the DMC-600SE, but alas, that was not to happen. It was nice to start to hookup the next piece of equipment, but sad to see this particular piece return to the company especially since had the monetary resources been available, it would definitely had made a welcome addition to my reference system”



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” Unlike any other HiFiMAN headphone, the HE1000 uses a loosely ear-shaped (or perhaps teardrop shaped) ear cup design that is said to provide a comfortable and roomy fit for ears of virtually any size or shape. The HE1000 ear pads, not unlike those used on other HiFiMAN headphones, are beveled so that the pads are thicker at the rear for a fit that more naturally conforms to the shape of most listeners’ heads. Moreover, the entire HE1000 is very light in weight (just 480g), meaning the headphone feels like a real featherweight in practice—and especially so in contrast with most other planar magnetic or electrostatic designs.”


Astell&Kern AK JR User Interface Demo- Video

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Aune-b1 class A Review

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“Subjectively, B1 sounds really good, as good as any top-tier portable amp I have heard. It also sounds rather clean and neutral, pretty much comparable to my reference O2 for that matter. While still very clean sounding, the mid does sound slightly more hollow in 20mA mode, giving the illusion of extra airiness and a bass kick that is stronger than it ought to be, which can be interpreted as being more powerful than the amp is capable of, though not really the case as I find the texture on the midrange, especially vocal, incomplete”


soundkaos Review

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” Ditto for a comfortable chair, comfortable clothes and shoes. If Franck Tchang’s miniature singing bowls aka acoustic resonators, Steinmusic Harmonizers or Tachyonic devices improved the Feng Shui of your space—which is to say, made it and hence you feel better, never mind exactly by what means—how could your ear/brain mechanism remain immune and stand aloof like an independent referee? Or perhaps for you it’s turning off your WiFi, using ionizers or plants to improve your oxygen and enjoying a well-lit harmonious décor to put your biology and psychology at ease. Whilst such very basics continue to exceed textbook acoustics, quantifiable test-bench graphs and standard reviewer commentary, it’s all part of the totality of the playback experience; and plain common sense.”


Hegel Music Systems H160 integrated amplifier Review

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” When I listen to a component I’m reviewing, I aim to stay mindful, but not so analytical that I suppress my feelings or intuition. I never want my audio prejudices to trump my curiosity. I do my best to report my pleasures and my disappointments—not my opinions. I believe it is my job to find worthy components and report to readers about their fundamental character. My reviews should reveal a component’s potential for generating musical enjoyment in a wide range of audio systems. Most important, I need always to remember that my taste in music playback is unlikely to be the same as yours.”


OPPO PM1, PM2, PM3 and HA2 – Video

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Yamaha A-S2100 Integrated Amplifier $3,499 Reviewed

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” Keeping in mind that audiophiles are the primary target market for the A-S2100 and turntables are making a comeback, Yamaha has strategically included input jacks for connecting a turntable. There is a high-quality, discrete phono amp circuit built into the A-S2100 with an MM/MC selector switch on the front panel to accommodate turntables with either cartridge type.”

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Outlaw Audio Ultra-X12 Subwoofer Preview $639

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” We are happy to share more good news with our readers and Outlaw fans around the globe. Outlaw Audio decided that it was time to evaluate their line of high performance subwoofers and wondered what could be done to design a better product. As a result, they began interviewing customers who owned some of their previous models to determine what was important and what they were looking for in a subwoofer. While some said the power from the EX was their main priority, others wanted a smaller footprint”


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