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” Bloated, thick and slow are terms I would use to describe the Z7’s entire low end presentation. However, I would also use terms like musical, fun, enjoyable, smooth and basshead worthy. Despite lacking clarity, the Z7 is magnificently fun and so hard to set down.”


Audia Flight Strumento No 4 stereo amplifier Review $25,000 review – Video

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Monitor Audio Bronze 2 – Video

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Pioneer Elite BDP-88FD Blu-ray Player $2,000 Review

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” Pioneer’s BDP-88FD is an excellent universal player. Built like a brick house. Equipped with outstanding 4K video upconversion. Capable of making CDs and SACDs sound awesome. That said, as much as I appreciate Pioneer’s flagship, I find it hard to recommend buying a $2,000-listed universal player when the UHD Blu-ray format is due out in just a matter of months (we hope). Even if I considered the Pioneer based solely on audio performance, my music-listening habits have largely migrated to computer and streaming audio. Like many other folks, I find that it’s a rare day when I play an actual CD, let alone an SACD”


Klimo turntables – Video

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V-MODA Custom 3D Printed Headphones at $40,000

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” Platinum: $12,000-16,000 for on-ear including XS, $27,000-40,000 for over-ear including Crossfade M-100.


Lindemann Musicbook 55 Class D Stereo Power Amplifier Review

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” am by nature a very tube oriented type of listener which is why there are five tube amplifiers versus two solid-state designs in my own collection. It gives me great pleasure to hear an older tube amplifier present a softer more rounded effect with the music rather than take a more analytical approach. While there is great debate on tubes versus solid-state, Class D versus Class A/B or A amplifiers and so on, I find virtues in every design to varying degrees. What matters most is how well a manufacturer pulls it all together along with of course the associated gear, room and listening position.”


Miles Davis Kind of Blue on Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid SACD NEW

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“An audiophile favorite from the day it was issued, Kind of Blue takes on nirvanic sonic proportions. The expressive warmth, imaging clarity, frequency extension, and window-on-the-world breadth afforded by this new edition places music lovers right in the studio with the sextet.”


Thinksound Rain 2 IEM Review

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“The Rain 2 is has a warm to slightly neutral u-shaped tonality with a slight emphasis on the midbass response and a sparkle in the upper treble but neither end is too distracting or harsh. It has that sort of forgiving tonality that will sound equally pleasing with compressed or lossless tracks equally.”


Sunfire XTEQ 12 Subwoofer Review – Video

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