News: TIDAL inside Mercedes-Benz

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“My takeaway, beyond the fact that this kind of seamless flow of music from home to on-the-go is, well, plain cool, is the other more-exciting-to-me fact that Tidal HiFi is going to around for some time.”


Avalanche Fiberglass Door Pods – Video

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Meridian Audio in the Jaguar F-Pace SUV – Review

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“Tuning the F-Pace happened in a number of stages. We had access to a production-representative vehicle and we meticulously measured its sonic characteristics. The data was then fed into our proprietary analytical software to identify any unwanted resonances, and then we defined and implemented a very subtle and transparent filtering process to ensure that all frequencies were equalized in amplitude and consistent in decay. We use a very similar process with our home-audio room-correction technology.”

Super sound system for the Ferrar – Video

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2017 Audi R8 Spyder B&O Advanced Sound System hands-on review – Video

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Sony Adds Quad DSD to Car Digital Media Player

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“It’s great to see another key player in the audio market supporting Quad Rate DSD playback. Especially when it comes to adding this capability to the car and mobile audio market. It does raise the question about what else Sony has planned in their support of Quad Rate DSD”

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