McIntosh Audio System For Grand Wagoneer Concept Will Make You Linger In Your Car

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“The collaboration is a great American comeback story — the return of the original premium SUV and the return of the McIntosh luxury audio brand to automobiles. The prestige of the Grand Wagoneer was the perfect stage to showcase McIntosh’s first-ever automotive Reference system. It has been meticulously designed to deliver world-class audio performance for life on the road. McIntosh Reference systems have long been the gold standard in luxury home audio with an uncanny ability to transport the listener onto the stage with the performer. The McIntosh Reference system found in the Grand Wagoneer concept will reset the bar for luxury car audio, challenging perceptions on just what’s possible. And with screens for the rear passengers, having a McIntosh system in the Grand Wagoneer Concept just might make this car the best place for a great night in.”

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That difference in spec comes down simply to space, with different styles of car requiring compromises. For example, the S-Class coupé, tested here, loses the height speakers you find in the rear roof panelling of the saloon. The rear centre speaker has also been moved to nestle between the rear seats.

While the coupé gets a ring radiator tweeter partnered with a midrange driver in each of the front doors, the saloon gets a fancy pair of rotating tweeters that spin out of the corners of the ‘A’ pillar, close to the wing mirror. The saloon also has extra woofers positioned in the rear doors, which isn’t possible in the three-door coupé.”

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