Stealth Audiophile Stereo 

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We listened to Dolby Atmos inside a Mercedes at CES 2023

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Technics SL-G700M2 multi-digital audio player $3,500 Review

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In addition to handling MQA files, the SL-G700M2 supports WAV/AIFF playback up to 384 kHz/32 bit, FLAC/ALAC up to 384 kHz/24 bit, and DSD up to 11.2 MHz.

Everything is housed in a robust aluminium chassis that isolates the power supply, digital interface, analog circuitry, and disc mechanisms in separate sections to prevent signal interference and degradation. Vibration damping and a disc tray made of die-cast aluminium are employed to ensure high-precision disc playback.


 McIntosh MX1375 & Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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The average age of the driver is 40 and they are schlepping around 4-5 kids from Yeshiva or private schools here on the Jersey Shore. Spending $100,000 to $200,000 on a vehicle is part of the lifestyle.

I can barely navigate the parking lot of my local Target without counting more than 4-5 new Jeep Grand Cherokees, so it is not really that surprising the the McIntosh MX1375 was designed around the Grand Wagoneer. Jeep is really popular again.

The typical Jeep owner is also younger — and let’s not forget that the McIntosh MX1375 is also a marketing opportunity for a brand that never misses an opportunity to make a really strong impression.

A No-Expense-Spared Audiophile Car Sound System — /INSIDE Ai DESIGN

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Alpine F1 Status and why it is the best car audio system ever

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AVM Inspiration CS 2.3 All-In-One Solution Review

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Some may wish for a bit more bite, but the Inspiration CS 2.3 is all about generous, beautifully controlled music-making, ensuring listening is as easy as it is rewarding. Add in superb build quality, a comprehensive feature-set and ease of use via the new RC X app, and this unashamedly luxurious little system has the wherewithal to win over buyers, even in the face of more keenly-priced competition.

Spotify Car Thing, An Audiophile Perspective

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The real use case for Car Thing is for cars without CarPlay or Android Auto. There is a nice preset feature, enabling quick access to anything playable via Spotify as well. In my previous car with an Alpine head unit, installed before CarPlay or touchscreens were a thing, the Car Thing would have been a great add-on. Again, with the immanent release of lossless audio from Spotify and the data path that sends music from the cloud to the phone to the audio system (bypassing the Car Thing), this Bluetooth remote would be a welcomed addition to certain cars. 

I also thought about using Car Thing in my house as a remote control for Spotify. Yes, this is a kludge but I’m sure there could be a neat use for this at home. I connected the Usb C port of Car Thing to my Leviton T5835 30 watt / 6 amp power outlet with built-in USB C ports. The Car Thing wasn’t happy. It gave me the following message, “Use adapter – TO power Car Thing, use the adapter provided with your device.” 

I then connected Car Thing to my Apple Pro Display XDR’s USB ports and the unit powered up perfectly. Car Thing controlled my phone identically to how it had while in my car. Use cases will vary, but I’m sure there is a situation where one’s phone is in another room or physically connected to a stereo, and the little Car Thing mounted to a wall would be a nice way to control music. Keep in mind, there are no speakers or audio outputs on the Car Thing. It’s only a remote. Have I said that enough?

Expert Level Caraudio Fabrication

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High-End Sound Quality System

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