SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Review $1,599

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“Try as I might, I could not make the SB-13 Ultra lose its composure even when my trusty Pyle SPL meter read 110 dB, which at sustained levels could result in hearing loss”

Wells Audio Innamorata Stereo Amplifier Review

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 Wells Audio Innamorata Stereo Amplifier Review 

 While these others brought out particular strengths of the Whisper, the Innamorata seems to turn any aspect of the Whisper into a streng

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Totaldac D1-Dual DAC “Review” $12,100

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“I compared the Totaldac USB filter/cable to the Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB cable and there was a subtle difference most notably the Totaldac cable offered up a more fluid and relaxed sound”

Gryphon Audio Designs Mephisto Stereo Amplifier $57,000 “Review”

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” The Mephisto balanced its ability to resolve fine detail with weight and slam in just the right manner.”

Sanders Sound Model 10 Electrostat Speaker Review $14,000

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 “The amount of musical information provided by the Models 10’s allows a far greater appreciation of the music and sense of realism, as compared to most other speakers through which so much information is obscured. “

Vapor Audio Cirrus Black Loudspeaker $3,995

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I’m just going to state up front that this is a very impressive sounding pair of loudspeakers, especially given their relatively modest price point. “


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“Best of all, we have kept the Revolution’s price at $2995”

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