Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III Loudspeakers $13,500 Review

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“That lack of hardness in the treble was what I wanted to explore next. I’ve long gravitated toward hard tweeter domes, but not so exclusively that I can’t appreciate a great soft dome for what it does right. Still, I’ve often been bored to tears by a soft dome’s lack of sparkle and treble extension. So to evaluate the purity of a tweeter’s treble reproduction, I love to listen to Jerry Junkin and the Dallas Wind Symphony’s Crown Imperial: Festive Music for Organ, Winds, Brass & Percussion (24/176.4 WAV, Reference HR-112). This recording, engineered by Keith O. Johnson, sounds amazing. I chose William Walton’s Coronation March: “Crown Imperial”, and cranked up the volume with the Hegel DAC’s volume control — this recording’s wide dynamic range requires a higher volume so that I can hear far into the highs. At 45 seconds in, the orchestral bells were sparkling and easily audible, just as they should be. I was impressed that the Olympica Nova IIIs’ DAD tweeters weren’t limiting the treble extension in any way I could hear. Listening to the highs, I wouldn’t have been able to confidently declare, “Ah yes, a soft dome.” This was a very good result for a silk dome.

Liquid Spark $99 Review

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The Liquid Spark uses a DC-coupled topology from the input to the output stage and is a fully discrete design. This approach eliminates the need for capacitors and op-amps in the signal path that might colour the overall sound. At the differential input stage the Liquid Spark uses laser-matched, low-noise audio JFETs instead of traditional bipolar transistors. JFETs are known to perform well in low-level applications, producing little noise while at the same time providing high input impedance. The output power stage employs high performance MOSFETs, which are ideal for designers looking to provide high power and very clean amplification within tight space constraints. The net result is a compact headphone amplifier that employs dual 18V filtered power supply rails that produces a convincing 1300mW RMS per channel into 50 ohms with very low distortion. With adjustable gain on the front panel, the Liquid Sparks exhibits a remarkable ability to produce a full sound that is crisp, quick, and sits quite comfortably in comparison with headphone amplifiers double or even triple its cost, as we will discuss shortly. “

High-Resolution Audio MQA DSD Cassettes!?

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“If you noticed the insertion of “BA” in the low-end summary description that’s not a random statement. This is a low-end with BA timbre so it is not subterranean deep or with a typical dynamic driver long decay.

However, it is one of the better BA tunings for bass and it can sound visceral when called upon. It is relatively quick-paced also which heightens the perception of a good fundamental underlying most thick synthy type bass mixes.

Sub-bass has a decent weight but its mid-bass punchiness around 100-150Hz that is the main calling card for me. That’s what drives the Mentor V3+ overall presentation. The layering is also very impressive on the low-end with some really good definition.”

Parasound Halo JC3 Jr. 32 Review

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Parasound’s Halo JC3 Jr. is an unquestionably talented phono stage. Its ability to take a very wide spread of genres and levels of mastering and deliver them all with a consistent and engaging balance of refinement, spaciousness and overall musicality is a welcome one. There are subjective areas where some rival designs can offer a presentation you might prefer, but equally there will be times where the Parasound wins out. There is no getting around the issue that it costs a fair bit more than some similar designs that perform just as well, but judged on its considerable merits it’s a seriously engaging phono preamp that deserves some careful consideration and an audition.”

CanJam NYC 2020

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Master and Dynamic MW07+ True Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

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