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Astrotec AX-35 Headphone Review Read Here

” Not only is the Astrotec AX-35 one of the most reasonably-priced hybrid designs on the market, it manages to skimp on none of the qualities that made me a fan of the lower-end Astrotec earphones”


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VPI Aries 3D & Dynavector XV1S, Musical Fidelity M1CDT & Benchmark DAC2 L. Read Here

“The XV-1S is a complex little gem of machinery, much described in the audio press, and you can also read about its design on the Dynavector website. One of the prime elements is an array of eight small magnets, the energy of which is precisely controlled through various yokes and armatures.”



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SHURE SE846 HeadPhone Review Read Here

“At first I thought it was excessive. Again, that was with the olive tips hammered into my tight ear canals and a mere twenty minutes’ listening to spare. With the yellow foams fitted, that simply wasn’t the case”


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GamuT M’inent M3 Review

“Compared with floorstanding alternatives you’ll usually lose out on outright bass power and depth, and there will be less of a sense of authority to the presentation.”


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What you won’t get with a tube amp is the kickin’ bass, though the big amps like this WA5 does pretty good, but it simply won’t kick you like a good solid state would. At the end, I think the trade off is worth it”


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Cambridge Audio Azur 851D Review Read Here

“The Azur 851D is a fine DAC. It may not match the best in outright entertainment but it still sounds good and combines talent with a useful range of features.”


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Plinius Hautonga Integrated Amplifier Review Read Here

“The casework is gorgeous and the review sample arrived in a stunning silver finish; black is also available. The Hautonga is supplied with an impressive full function billy club sized remote that could double as a weapon”


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