KORG DS-DAC-10R Phono Pre, A/D-D/A Combo $600 Review

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” Preferences vary from one listener to the next, but I enjoyed the DSD record dubs more than those tracks recorded with 192 kHz PCM. The only problem with DSD is that it doesn’t lend itself to easy editing or processing like PCM. For example, when dealing with problem vinyl (vinyl with excessive scratches and/or wear and tear), the AudioGate4 does not offer extensive de-noising. So I used a separate de-noise program. I recorded problem vinly in PCM via the KORG, then used iZotope’s De-click plug-in from their RX 6 Audio Repair plug-in suite.”

Lamm Industries L2.1 Reference preamplifier $22,790 Review

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” During its time in my system, the Lamm L2.1 Reference was the rare product that swept the question of tubes vs solid-state into insignificance, focusing my attention on the music, and on an arguably more important variable in the making of good playback gear: the designer. Over the years, I’ve gained a sense that there are only a relatively few builders who, owing to their imagination and skill and training—not to mention the sheer force of their personalities—have a hold on one or more pieces of the playback puzzle. ”

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“I guess it comes down to the “simplified” recording techniques and stand out performers. Anyhow, I’m uberly enjoying such records and this particular Nathan Milstein record partnered with Gold Note PH-10 exhibited surprisingly sparkling and vivacious sonic composition. It instantly introduced a grand connection with midcingulate cortex and the anterior insula instead of pursuing Lateralization of left brain functional behavior.”



The 099 is a refined performer, capable of being sat in front of for hours on end without fatigue. This is not code for ‘dull’; it’s detailed and dynamic, and – coupled to the right power amplifier – can handle the loud end of the volume control without introducing any kind of compression or distortion. In fact, were it not for the refinement, the effortless ability for this preamp to push any amplifier to its limits could make it a brute force design. As it is, the 099 is the archetypal ‘mail’d fist in a velvet glove’ design, with that combination of beefy grip over the rest of the system coupled with a sense of grace and charm as it stays in complete control.”

Audio Note M10 Signature Preamplifier Review


” There is always the danger with any piece of equipment with the resolving capability of the Audio Note M10 Signature that the end result will not serve the music but will merely cause the listener to focus on production or other flaws. Fortunately, that is clearly not the case in this instance. By this time in the process, I was finding it very difficult to listen critically and much easier to just enjoy the music.”

FiiO X5 3rd Gen Review


” Still, there’s a lot to like about the X5 3rd Gen: its sound quality is pretty good, it supports a number of different file types, it gives you easy access to the most popular streaming services, and it’s built well too.”

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