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“I would have been happy to purchase the McIntosh C49. Even my wife commented that she loved the way it sounded, and we spent many an evening exploring music together on the couch. I had time to contemplate what made my music sound this much better. Was it the DA1 DAC module? How much better was the DA2? Was it just the quality of the parts inside and the incredible attention to design and detail? Likely, it was all of the above. The McIntosh C49 is built to last a lifetime and is now more future-proof with its new modular design. Like Harley-Davidson, there is a mystique to owning McIntosh. They may not be for the beginner audiophile, but they are worth climbing the mountain for. Me? I’m back to my climbing, thanks in no small part to my time with the McIntosh C49 Stereo Preamplifier. Thank you for that, gentlemen.”


D’Agostino Progression Preamplifier Review

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“The Progression Preamplifier by D’Agostino is simply an excellent stereo preamp. While I was expecting a pretty strong performance, the Progression went above and beyond my sonic expectations. Expect the warmth of tubes without the headaches associated with tubes. Expect detail at a level that, frankly, I have never heard in 20 plus years of reviewing some of the world’s finest audiophile electronics.

In terms of fit and finish, the D’Agostino Progression Preamp is simply in a class of its own. This is a product for a very small group of people with the means to appreciate the best, and to those people I say that I am jealous. It is going to be hard to find a stereo preamp that outperforms this one.”

Allnic Audio L-7000 Preamplifier $16,500 Review

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“The transparency the L-7000 creates is beguiling and projects the most wonderful, tactile feeling—from the ‘reach out and touch it’ variety. Many friends who heard my system just before this review’s publication said they have never heard it sound so good, so musical, and, especially, so transparent”

Schiit Freya+

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Simaudio Moon 390 Network Player and Preamplifier $5300 Review

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“You, the reader, must decide for yourself if the 390 is right for you. For my own system, I require more balanced inputs, and already have an excellent phono preamp. Simaudio could make the 390 more modular so as to offer more flexibility to the customer, offering for instance different combinations of inputs. This would, however, make the 390 considerably more expensive. I would recommend that Simaudio consider some factory break–in for the units, thus alleviating some of the burden on the customer. I’d also suggest they improve their MiND app.


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“THD+N vs. Frequency yields the following graph. It always stays below 0.08%. The two channels are slightly different, but that is just the way tubes behave. Because the tube is electro-mechanical (filament, grid, plate), and because the tube gets hot during use, performance is slightly variable from tube to tube. These small differences are only measurable on a spectrum analyzer. They are not audible.

Cocktail Audio HA500H MQA DAC, pre-amp and HP ampc Review

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