I love a great entrepreneur story. A designer has a concept and the engineering chops to see it through to completion and then devotes years to perfecting that concept. I particularly love it when the engineer is also a military veteran who continues his work and passion between deployments overseas. Jeffrey Smith followed his dream for twenty years while on active duty or the reserves. Now that he has retired and has at the same time developed this best iteration of his research, it is time to get the word out about the Fidelium Cable. In the world of high-end cables, it is a steal. $995 USD for each 6ft. stereo set. These cables do compete with higher-priced cables. They also look terrific—a deep gold river running from your amp to your speakers.

Over time great values in audio reveal themselves. Gear that performs to an audiophile’s expectations yet leaves room in the budget for other gear or more music. Gear like an ELAC speaker or KEF LS50, a Luxman integrated or a VPI Scout turntable. Each find improves the system yet leaves some budget on the table for later. Seasoned audiophiles recognize these products for their performance versus their affordable prices. The Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables should join the conversation, and as an audiophile, you should take notice and find a way to schedule an audition. I suspect you will have some new cables in your system soon. Highly recommended. 


Dan D’Agostino Progression Integrated $23,000 Review

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It’s a taut and precise presentation; one that edges towards the lean side of neutral without going as far as to be criticised for being thin or lacking in tonal colour. It’s this balance that allows the amplifier to sound so nimble for something so muscular.

Stereo imaging is terrific. The Progression paints a broad and expansive soundstage and populates it with crisply focused instruments. The orchestra is convincingly layered and there’s a pleasing impression of depth. This positional grip isn’t compromised when the music gets difficult either.Advertisement

We switch to Massive Attack’s Heligoland and are floored by the D’Agostino’s low frequencies. They’re superbly defined, beautifully layered and punched out with rare agility. There’s plenty of muscle and authority of course, but that’s to be expected given the power output on offer. What surprises – and impresses – us the most, though, is the Progression’s articulate nature.

Drop X HiFiMAN HE-X4 Review

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Audiphile heaven

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Technics SU-G700 Integrated Amplifier $2,500 Review

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The SU-G700 has no negatives, and we haven’t even discussed the beautiful enclosure and attention to detail that goes along with this product. From the thick front panel, to the delicately lit power meters and even the high quality of the silk screening on the meters is in five-figure product execution range. If you are a build/style junkie, you’ll freak out by the level of overall quality present here. This is one beautiful piece of hifi gear – and it’s also available in black.

What the Technics SU-G700 does is provide you with a top-notch anchor for a great music system at an incredibly affordable price. It sounds great, looks fantastic, and offers an intuitive user interface too. Good as the remote is, the quality and feel of the controls just beg you to walk up to it, give the volume control a bit of a spin, and watch those power output meters come to life. Pairing it up with the SL-G700 and the speakers of your choice make for an incredibly high value proposition.

McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable REVIEW

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Top 20 Most Wanted Records

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ProAc K1 review

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While no one will see the plinth’s bottom surface once the speakers are on stands, it’s a shame that ProAc didn’t cover the base with veneer or give it some other treatment to make it look smarter. Currently, it looks a little unfinished with the plain wooden panel visible. This feels like cost-cutting that has no place in a product such as this. The way the plinth’s metal front plate is attached looks a little messy from underneath, too. Neither of these things are major issues, but at this price level, such small details matter.

ProAc makes 50cm-tall dedicated stands for the K1 that cost £995 ($1995). They require assembling and are held together by an oddly varied collection of screws and bolts. There are four columns in total for each stand and, thanks to pretty clear instructions, it doesn’t take long to put them together. The silver one in the front is solid aluminium (matching a similar piece on the front of the speaker), while the remaining three (all painted black) are hollow steel tubes. Once assembled, the stands are quite resonant, so a bit of mass-loading with sand or similar would help.


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The xDuoo XA-10 has Qualcomm’s flagship-tier CSR8675. It supports LDAC and aptX HD. LDAC is currently one of the best Bluetooth codecs, in terms of performance. It is good to see that the XA-10 supports this codec. You can hook this DAC & AMP directly to your active speakers and control the playback through your phone, over-the-air. Bluetooth is always nice to have on these devices. Bluetooth range is also quite good, I had no drop-outs or any stability issues during my time with it. I want to say a couple of bits about controlling the device here. You already know that I can trade sluggish navigation for aesthetics but I wonder why xDuoo did not implement remote support to this beautiful-looking DAC. It would make things easier for us. In the menu, there are two subcategories only. Filter and gain setting. Upon spending around 2 hours fiddling with the filters, I can say that I haven’t heard any difference at all. Note that I am using the balanced output and streaming MQA files. There is no auto-standby setting either. 

Ferrum Hypsos 5 to 30 volts DC Audiophile power supply

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